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TODD: Rick Moran writing in PJ Media notes that Baltimore, Maryland, will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, and other, quote, “low-level crimes.” If you’re a cop, you know that those are low-level dealers and traffickers, that you know that there are upper-level cartels on top of this. You know about the human trafficking. You know that that is Big Business.

Look, I recognize Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, is an anti-Trump liberal Republican. I happen to be a little bit, I guess, emotional in that I count the lieutenant governor, Boyd Rutherford, as a friend of mine and I count him as a moral man. I think that they’ve tried, on a statewide basis, to approach heroin addiction and dealing, and yet Baltimore — Baltimore — is deciding to be lawless.

And if you’ve observed lawlessness as those of us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Louisville sometimes — if you’ve ever seen lawlessness and you’ve seen little no-go zones where you would never let someone you love go into a neighborhood — then you know the results of this. This isn’t low level. This is one by high level people.

And Rush had his finger on Baltimore’s post — or pulse of Baltimore six years ago during the Freddie Gray case, and the dynamics that Rush is gonna discuss here are tearing to the ground cities like Louisville, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, and Oakland.

RUSH: All hell is breaking loose in Baltimore again. And Marilyn Mosby, the state’s attorney, the mayor, it’s an absolute mess. Crime is just out of control, running rampant. The cops are sitting idly by, not doing anything, which is what the administration wants them to do. The cops, starting in Ferguson — well, started before the modern era of Ferguson, the cops, everybody’s been told the cops are the reason all this crime is happening ’cause there really isn’t any crime.

The people of Baltimore are peace-loving people, don’t commit crimes. It’s just the cops make ’em do all this. The cops are provoking all this stuff. So the Regime gets hold of the cops, pulls ’em back, new guidelines. Six cops indicted, arrested, various degrees of murder and manslaughter. The city is supposed to say, “See, we’re looking out for you, we got the bad cops off the street.”

And ever since that happened, there’s utter, out-of-control crime and mayhem in Baltimore. And the cops aren’t involved. The cops have been pulled out of the way, out of sight. Who’s benefiting from this? Who’s benefiting from street anarchy in Baltimore? Who’s benefiting from the residents being fearful? Who’s benefiting from a rash of homicides that are going unreported?

Who benefits when the cops have been eviscerated, disemboweled, and basically ordered out? Who benefits from all this? Somebody is or it wouldn’t be happening, folks. Somebody is benefiting from this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

Now, common sense tells us — common sense and just a modicum of desire for civilization, basic civilization, basic sophistication — would tell you that whatever it takes to stop this, move in and stop it. This isn’t helpful to anybody.

You’re not supposed to talk about this stuff. Somebody’s benefiting from this. Now, you may think, “Rush, who in the world…?” That’s my question. But somebody is or it wouldn’t be happening. This has been going on in Baltimore like this ever since those six cops were indicted. That was supposed to stop this.

It’s only gotten worse. It’s only gotten more intense. (interruption) That’s who you think is benefiting? (interruption) The White House could stop it? Obama? What can he do, fly down there and have a meeting? (interruption) Of course not! He doesn’t go to these kind of neighborhoods. He wouldn’t be caught — he wouldn’t be seen going there.

This is an abject failure of what Obama and the Democrat Party say they stand for. They’re not gonna get anywhere near it. Yet they might be the primary benefactors in this. Now, don’t shake your head at that. What are people gonna demand? They’re gonna demand what? More federal control over it.

The more it’s made to look like local officials are a bunch of idiots and incompetents and can’t handle it. You basically beg the federal government to come in and fix a problem you can’t deal with, primarily ’cause the federal government’s been the one that’s presented you with the problem in the first place.

Which they have with these new silly guidelines on the behavior of cops and the structure of cops, the overall perception of cops. If you’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna take rampant city crime and you’re gonna literally seriously blame the police departments across America for it, where do you go from there? If the police departments are for it and in the process you say, “Okay, let’s pull the cops back.”

So they’re not seen because we’re told that the cops in uniform, “That’s provocative, that’s like declaring war. You gotta get the cops out of these people’s eyesight. You get the cops out of there and they’ll be nicer and they won’t care and they won’t be provocative. They won’t be violent.” That’s what Baltimore did and look what happens. Exact opposite.

Arrests are down 50% while crime is running rampant. And the reason the arrests are down is because the cops have been portrayed as the problem there, from Obama on down. From Eric Holder on down. From Loretta Lynch on down. From the ASA, the SA, the mayor. They’re all blaming the cops. Ferguson, Missouri, they blame the cops.

Arrests are down 50%. Cops have gotten out of the way. Now crime, murder, rampant gunfire is up across the board. Arrests are down 50%. The cops have been blamed by the DOJ, by the state’s attorney, Mosby, by the mayor, by Al Sharpton, by the media, by everybody who commented. The cops were said to be to blame, and so the police commissioner there has been told by the Department of Justice, “You gotta pull back because it’s your presence that’s the problem.”

The cops have pulled back. The unrest continues, and it become more intense, and it increases in volume. The cops do show up now and then. They don’t answer every call now. Arrests are obviously 50% down. But even when the cops show up, they’re not looked

at as a positive sign, they’re not looked at as a positive step to stop it. The cops show up, even now, and they are sounded by citizens. They’re sounded by a mob videotaping them with their phones, hoping to get them on tape doing something that they can accuse them of police brutality or whatever.

Just like if the private sector can’t do health care right, then we must. We must move in with Obamacare in the name of fairness and equality and take it over. And, “If local cops actually can’t do the job anymore, somebody has to,” Obama will say. And why not us? Why not the federal government? Everybody loves the federal government.

Everybody trusts the federal government. Everybody turns to the federal government. So why not turn to the federal government for community policing? And then we get our own national police force without a coup. I’m just thinking here. Obama has already got 25 police departments under the thumb of the federal government. Cleveland is the most recent.

It was it was during the campaign of 2008 now, I remember, that Obama proposed a civilian security force, and he compared it to a national version of the military. He pointed out that we can’t use the military for local police forces, but maybe we should create a civilian security force.

He was talking about a national federal police force. He didn’t use that terminology ’cause people would have revolted at that but he’s thinking maybe not. The way they’re going about it is they’re taking over via these consent decrees from the DOJ. It’s basically blackmail. “You want money from the government to help run your police department?

Well, you gotta accept our guidelines on how you’re gonna do your jobs,” and they’re all accepting, because they’re being forced. St. Louis, Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland is the latest, Oakland, Newark. I mean, there’s 25 of them now that are actually have been taken over by guidelines from the DOJ to run these local police departments. I find it just all happening right there in front of our faces.

TODD: That was Rush in the Obama era, and what he’s talking about now you can play to the massive mass murder at the school in Florida, that Federal Rules punished schools for putting guys like that killer into the system — 40-some visits to the home — and he went and did what he did. He took all those lives, and they’re gonna blame the guns.

This 13- and 15-year-old girl carjacked an Asian-American, a Pakistani-American; CNN pretends it’s accidental that he’s killed, and these girls… When this man dying on the street because they carjacked him and caused an accident, one of the girls is concerned about her cell phone because they’ve been taught:

“Take what you want, because it’s being taken from you.” When you are weak when you should be firm, you’ll eventually cruel when you should be kind, or you will watch cruelty. That’s what’s happening in the cities, and the Democrat politicians graduating the results they want or they will change their approaches.

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