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TODD: So, remember Joe Biden’s dementia… Incidentally, I don’t say that out of a sense of cruelty. I’ll explain that in a bit. But do you remember when Joe Biden’s dementia said that they were going to place Kamala Harris in charge of the noncrisis at the border over which they have complete control? (laughing) This is a woman who has contended that the Department of Homeland Security…

She suggested that they are interchangeably storm troops and the KKK. So, I imagine that the professional law enforcement on the border said, “Oh, good. We’re getting someone who hates our guts to help us work on this whole thing.” So, she’s employing the word “diplomacy,” which is a way of saying, “Come on. Come on, man. I’m not doing anything with this.”

You watch from — in my contention — March of last year, you will observe a flipping of society. If you ever feel mentally on a carnival ride, you are on a carnival ride, and you are watching, and you’re seeing a flipping of society. And I think it started in March of last year. Compare two headlines here. One is from the Epoch Times.

“Majority of Families Crossing Border Are Released into United States.” There’s your control of the border, and you can add to that the bunch of kids in California — unescorted minors, illegal immigrants — are now testing positive for the covid flu. You can add that to the conversation. Now, here another headline. “San Diego Public School Teachers to Give Migrant Kids,” read: illegal immigrant kids, “In-Person Instruction Before Their Own Students.”

Got that? You’re a taxpayer in San Diego, an American citizen; your kids still don’t get to go to the government schools, and maybe that’s best for them. But the illegal immigrant kids, they can’t wait a single day. They’ve gotta get taught. You see the flipping of society. You’re watching it.

As they talk about another $1.9 trillion plan to borrow money from China and to invent it and print it on printing presses and send it to people, you’re watching them do this with all sorts of selectivity. Such as black farmers get 120% of their “loans” forgiven — 120% — meaning they get paid more money for borrowing money! White farmers, nothing. It’s a flipping of society, a return to racism.

There’s a commonality to the borrowing spree to the response to the covid flu, to immigration. It’s more control for them, less control for us, and a flipping of society. And all of this is happening, we’re to believe, at the behest of a man who lives behind a militarized institution, a walled-in institution guarded by people with guns who is telling us, “Walls don’t work, and I’m gonna take your guns.”

If you feel on a psychological carnival ride, you’re on one, and it can be crazy making sense of it.

So we ground ourselves in facts. We’re not the crazy ones. I know that sounds weird, but we’re not. We’re seeing what we’re seeing. And Joe Biden made a statement yesterday. We’re gonna play part of this in the third hour. You gotta hear this whole thing. I mean, you just need to hear this. When I refer to Joe Biden as “Joe Biden’s dementia,” it is not my intent to be cruel or to mock people with dementia. It’s to point out that the emperor is sadly naked.

Here’s Biden proving my point.

BIDEN: Reiterating my call for every governor, mayor, and local leader, “Please! This is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down. The failure to take this virus seriously, precisely what got us to this mess in the first place, risks more cases and more desks — deaths.

TODD: Desks. I’m looking at maybe three lines of text, and he can’t get through it. Desks! They’re going back to we need to wear woke masks, double woke masks. He’s wanting states to shut back down. But not everything. Mind you, the “woke corps,” they stay open. The pot stores, they are essential. Churches are not.

Anything that engenders growth in people is not essential, or health. Anything that doesn’t, is. It’s flipping of society. I contend it started in March of last year. And he says that not taking this seriously got us into this position. No. “Virus gonna virus.” Alex Berenson formulated that statement. I like it. “Virus gonna virus.” One man…

I’m sure there were other people, but Donald Trump was obsessed with saving lives. Was there a political component to that? Of course. He was president of the United States. He was given ridiculous models by a ridiculous modeler named Neil Ferguson, a guy who got covid and then went walking around London.

Donald Trump was obsessed, and he had nowhere to turn but to swamp rats like Fauci. And when he figured out, “But wait. This isn’t working,” Donald Trump brought in nonpolitical scientists, medical professionals like Scott Atlas. The president’s instincts on the covid were 100% correct, and the lockdowns have proven deadly.

The masks are useless — and they may even be harmful. But now we need to put these back in place. President Trump was obsessed with saving people, as he should have been. And you go back to listen to Biden, that man does not know what’s going on. Rush himself asked, who is doing this to Joe Biden?

RUSH: I have oftentimes on this program asked, filled and overflowing with compassion, “Who is doing this to this poor guy?” You know, Trump has even started referring to the fact that Biden is a Trojan horse, that there are dark — what’s the phrase Trump — dark forces, dark something or other behind all of this.

The people that are actually pushing the Biden campaign are actually gonna be the power behind the throne were he to ever win. But I think that’s looking more and more like a really far-fetched thing, Biden win. Anything can happen and we don’t know what’s gonna happen between now and Election Day, and there’s still a whole lot that could. But he’s on a prompter. And here. Listen. He was at the Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute. And here’s just a portion of what he said.

BIDEN: Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump? COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year — look, here’s, the lives — it’s just — it’s just, I mean, you think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.

RUSH: Come on, man. Come on. That was the prompter. He was on a teleprompter. And they are still sending him out to appear and do these things. He also asked, “Do I look like a radical socialist to you?” Well, let me ask you this. Does AOC look like a radical? What does a radical socialist look like? Did Marx look like a radical socialist? Did Mussolini, Stalin? I mean, what is a radical socialist? What you look like?

Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look like a radical? So what kind of question is that? It’s words that matter. It’s not looks, which is subjective. Biden has embraced the end of affordable energy and fossil fuels. We have the audio. We just played it for you. Biden has signed on to AOC’s insane Green New Deal. We have the audio. Biden is pro-open borders. We have the audio. We pro-abortion up to the moment of birth.

We have the audio. He has endorsed defunding police departments. He’s promised to dramatically raise taxes during a tough economic time. We’ve got the audio. He declared a national mask mandate when he takes office. He called Trump a xenophobe for closing travel to China. And he’s out there now saying that if science tells him to shut down the country, then, by golly, by gosh, he’ll do it.

TODD: And to Rush’s point about looks, of course, it’s words and actions that matter, and the left merchandises the skin of people all the time, the melanin level of people all the time, the sexuality of people all the time. So they look at Biden, and they cast him in the role of president during a time in which we’re watching a societal flip in nearly every capacity of society.

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