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TODD: The Daily Beast has a story about what they call an “unlikely team of prosecutors” who intend to go after President Trump, and they write, “It’s practically unheard of for a regional prosecutor to target a former U.S. president. But this is Donald Trump. Manhattan’s district attorney and New York State’s attorney general have active investigations. And so does the DA of Fulton County, Georgia. The case in Georgia may be the strongest.”

This is their words. “There’s a trove of evidence–documents, phone calls, witnesses–that Trump personally interfered with and pressured elections officials in Atlanta as they recounted votes.” Now, pressured; Bezos’ Washington Post had to walk that back. They lied for months about that. They simply can’t let Trump go unpunished.

He threatened their “precious.” He outed them for what they are. The deep state simply cannot allow Donald Trump, the man who showed them and their mockingbird members for what they are to ever stop being chased and harassed, and Rush Limbaugh warned us all this would be the case.

RUSH: They’re not gonna stop trying to destroy Trump. My friends, I can’t impress upon you any more than I already have this effort to get rid of Donald Trump is as focused and as intense and as purposeful and as energized as it has ever been. There is and has to be a literal hatred for the man, all based on one thing: that he ran for and won the presidency.

Donald Trump would not be facing any of this so-called legal jeopardy that he’s facing today had he never run for the presidency. And if he had lost, he wouldn’t be facing any of this. But this encompasses the Department of Justice. That’s the SDNY. U.S. attorney, Southern District New York, that’s the Department of Justice. Robert Mueller, special counsel, Department of Justice, the FBI, intelligence community, they are still unified, and they are working hand in hand to destroy Donald Trump. They will not stop.

If they have to destroy his business, they will. If they have to destroy his family, they will. They want to. They are pursuing Donald Trump with more fervor and energy than I have seen them pursue terrorists. I have seen Department of Justice terrorists argue for leniency for terrorists and take terrorists’ side against waterboarding or so-called torture.

I have seen people in the DOJ and the Obama DOJ have more solicitousness and more tolerance and more understanding for people who participated in 9/11 than they have for Donald Trump. It is flat-out amazing. And then you add to that group of people the entirety of the mainstream media, and I’ve never seen anything like this.

I was alive during the pursuit of Richard Nixon, and I’m telling you officially now that the pursuit of Richard Nixon pales in comparison to what is going on here. It’s personal and professional, like it was with Nixon. They despise Donald Trump personally. And it’s over the most childish things. They don’t like that he tweets. They don’t like what he says when he tweets. They don’t like that they think he’s stupid! They don’t like that they think he’s unsophisticated.

What they really don’t like is that he doesn’t know his place. And his place is Queens. He’s not even qualified to be in Manhattan society. He’s an interloper in Manhattan. His family’s from Queens. He’s not even in the upper strata of New York society. And he doesn’t deserve to be, and he’s pretending top, and he did everything he could to succeed and become a force in Manhattan, and they resent the hell out of it.

The fact that he then took that success and entered the political sphere, that’s theirs. They own it. They determine who succeeds and who doesn’t. They determine who profits and who doesn’t, and they haven’t been able to lay a glove on him so far, and they can’t believe it, and they are frustrated to no end. They have thrown everything they have, from fake news to phony allegations from anonymous sources from the intelligence community for a year and a half and every major newspaper and cable network in this country. They have lied, they have blasphemed, they have impugned, they have done everything they can to cast Donald Trump in as inhuman a light as they know how to do.

He has survived it. They think the Democrats winning the House is step one in getting rid of him. But they’re not gonna leave it to elections. They’re mad at you for electing him in the first place. They have as much resentment for those of you who voted for him as they have of him. It has gone beyond a simple political objective to get rid of somebody they think is a political opponent. It is now deeply personal with every one of these people involved.

They are pursuing people on the basis of criminality that they ignore, behavior they ignore in 99% of the population. They are calling acts that Donald Trump has engaged in that people all over this country engage in multiple times a day, they’re calling it criminal, and in some cases, the worst crime in American history. The crime is that Trump won. The crime is that he outsmarted them. The crime is that he has not sought to include them in his administration.

He has not sought their counsel. He’s not sought their advice. He has not asked them to become part of what he’s doing. He continues to criticize them open and in some cases by name. And this is simply not permitted in this club. Donald Trump apparently represents an even greater threat to the elites of Washington and New York than we even knew. And it obviously goes beyond whatever policies Trump believes in. It goes beyond immigration issues and the wall and travel bans and this.

If some of you been asking, “Can’t Trump do something to make these people -” No! He can’t do anything to make them like him. There’s no a matter of behaving presidentially that’s gonna change this. These people have to be stopped and defeated.

TODD: I remember Rush’s monologue about the response to the covid flu where he said all these things fit together too neatly. I think we… Last time I was on, EIB, I think we played that. There’s a lot of things that fit together very neatly, like continuing to go after Donald Trump at the same time as they go after election integrity, at the same time as they repeat the mantra, “safest and most secure election in history.”

And that always, to me, leads to a question: Which was second place? Remember we were talking about postmodernism and the fact that they just find logic to be a bothersome thing? When the mockingbird media types stated that this was the most safe and secure election in history, that leads to me a logical question. Oh, okay, what was second place?

They won’t have that because we don’t measure things this way. But Rush, in that statement, also was prophetic. And he talked about people getting rewards for going after you — you — by way of Donald Trump. People who chose to go after you, even Republicans who chose to go after you by going after Trump, by going after people who had a deep sense and still have a deep sense that, man, our society is being flipped.

Man, we’re getting close to this weird, China model of corporate authoritarianism.

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