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KEN: Closing the Keystone pipeline, the job loss, stripping us of our energy independence, the prices of meat going up. I talked about that earlier. Vegetables, have you noticed, are going up. Price of eggs are going up. Price of gas is going up. Price of lumber is going up. Price of steel is going up.

The borders are wide open. Child trafficking has gone up 34% the last 60 days. Businesses, many are still closed. Entire industries are gutted. The airline industry’s being laid off and furloughed again. Thousands of restaurants have closed this past year. Schools are still closed.

And he just signed off on $86 million to keep the people that that are here illegal in hotels. And the national debt, of course, is going up. But he is raising the awareness of dementia. So he has been getting things done. The question is (laughing), how much more damage can this guy do? It’s only been three months. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: If you get fossil fuel prices up to ten bucks a gallon, eight bucks, whatever, then green becomes more attractive and with government subsidies, they could get the price of green energy lower than gasoline if gasoline prices skyrocket. Mr. Snerdley, I’m not making this up. It was Obama three years ago, maybe four now during the campaign, four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline was fine with him.

The only thing he was unhappy about was how rapidly the price increased to get there. And Steven Chu, the energy secretary, said, (paraphrasing) “I don’t care how high it gets. We want people riding bicycles and taking mass transit.” Folks, these are leftists, they’re liberals, I mean, it’s who they are. The idea that Obama talks about energy independence, who was it that KO’d the Keystone pipeline?

Who is it that’s got a drilling moratorium still in place? Who is it that defied a federal judge who said the moratorium is illegal? It was that cowboy-hat-wearing energy guy, Ken Salazar, interior secretary. These guys are getting exactly what they want. This is who they are. They are gonna bring this country down. This country doesn’t deserve superpower status.

KEN: So interesting. That monologue was so on point, because when you think about President Trump — if you have ever had the pleasure of attending one of President Trump’s rallies and you hear the passion — the way he talks about this country, it’s so similar to the way Rush speaks of America, and it’s such basic common sense, and you just have to look at the left’s priorities.

For example, here in Pennsylvania, where I am, in central PA, our governor’s all excited. They signed off on a $190 million solar farm that, according to our governor — you know, the guy that says the election wasn’t stolen — it should be up and running by 2023. So in less than 2 years, half the government of Pennsylvania, according to our governor, should be running on solar energy.

Okay. This is the priority of the blue states. They take their marching orders from the left. We should be worried about our kids, their education, the damage that was done for the last year when these kids were traumatized. You know, for a party, the Democrats, that talk about the children, the children, the children.

The damage that has been done to the children in the past 12 months because of progressive policies — but, more importantly, lockdowns and mandates — I don’t know if they ever recover, some of these kids from middle school. How do you make that up, such a chunk? And the chunk that was removed of their socialization, their education and their academics, it was filled with fear.

And that’s another specialty of the left. You gotta be scared. “There’s a new strain coming — and when we get that strain done, there will be another strain. And then what you want to do, if you get that strain, you want to use your mask and strain it! Get a new mask, and put two masks on ’cause there might be another strain.” We gave up our rights, and this will continue.

And I think what Mr. Biden is doing… Not that I want to give him credit but whatever his handlers are doing, is they’re going right to the left… I don’t want to say “right.” (laughs) They’re going right to the leftist agenda. What was the first thing he did when he got in office? What’s the first thing he did? He opened the border. That’s the first thing he did, and then he started eliminating energy independence.

Who does that? Who does that? Our border was finally under control when for years Democrats and Republicans didn’t have the guts to do anything about it. President Trump finally got a handle on it. What’s the first thing he did? Open it up. Now we have a crisis in three months. But within that three months we also have the higher prices I mentioned and we also have a lot of people out of work, schools, et cetera.

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