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JASON: I am Jason Lewis, the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Lewis from the great state of Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes and Riots, where the rest of us are locked down. That continues, by the way, with Governor Tim Walz, who continues to be every bit as left-wing as Mark Dayton who proved that we haven’t won the war on drugs yet.

You should have seen this governor. We’ve had a couple doozy in Minnesota. I can’t figure out why everybody’s leaving Minnesota, New York, California, and moving to Florida, Texas, Arizona. It’s kind of amazing. But if you look at the U-Haul figures, real estate figures, there is an exodus going on, and that is the beauty of what Justice Brandeis used to call federalism.

The laboratories of democracy. And that is why the left wants to federalize elections in H.R. 1. They want a national economy. They want a national government, not a federal government, because they cannot allow people voting with their feet. By the way, this is a longtime goal of the liberal left.

If you live in a major urban area in America — I don’t care where you lived in Charlotte, Denver, or Minneapolis/St. Paul — there’s a regional government there (in our metro area it’s called the metropolitan council) that wants to eradicate local suburbs, municipalities, local autonomy. They want one big, regional government so you can’t flee.

Now Nancy Pelosi with H.R. 1 wants to make certain we federalize elections so that you can’t root out fraud, that you can’t have voter ID. In Virginia they just announced they’re gonna allow felons to vote. “Why, I mean, come on. Let’s be honest, people. Why, if you don’t allow people in prison to vote, that’s a disparate impact on people in prison. We can’t have that!”

It’s not just… By the way, don’t think it’s just people that have paid their due to society. It goes way beyond that. It’s 1-800-282-2882 as hour 2 underway. I want to get to the border issue. Rush has a got a great comment on that. I want to talk a little bit more about small business. Covid cases continue to decline. They have dropped like a rock since the first of the year, prior to any vaccination — and this is key.

The last word on this has not been written, but if we know anything, we know the emperor has no clothes when it comes to Dr. Fauci, when it comes to the experts, when it comes to the epidemiologists who have been wrong since day one on this. You could not have thought up — unless this was deliberate — a more deleterious policy on covid or any particular virus.

If you go back to 1968, when there was a bad outbreak; you go back to H1N1, I think it was 2009; Eisenhower had a horrible winter in ’57-’58; the Spanish flu, we have never, ever quarantined the healthy in this country. But this time we quarantine the healthy, the young, the school-age children, the college-age kids who had little chance of getting the virus, let alone getting seriously sick.

But what did we do to the elderly, the infirm? We deliberately infected them. We did it back-asswards. We didn’t quarantine the people in nursing homes or congregated living facilities. We infected them, thanks to Andrew Cuomo, who was busy infecting every staffer he could find, apparently. And we locked down the most vulnerable. Let me tell you something, friends.

The pain — psychology, physical — that we have caused young people in this country is something that should never be forgotten, obviously never repeated. But the people who are culpable of that — primarily the blue state governors getting bailed out in this latest covid bill, $350 billion worth, so they can pay their teacher unions not to teach.

They should never be forgiven. God might forgive them. I will not. The mental anguish, the suicides, the drug abuse, the self-harm, you name it. What we’ve done to socially isolate the most vulnerable in our society, from the young to the elderly, is unconscionable — and they did it for political expediency.

Covid lockdowns allowed the left to punish small businessmen and women they didn’t like. Attorney General Keith Ellison here in Minnesota was going after rodeos while BLM was burning down 1500 buildings in the metro area. It allowed them to rig an election, albeit legally, by signing false consent decrees that should have been challenged by statehouse members and the courts, usurping the power of state legislatures to write election law.

“Election Day is Tuesday? Don’t worry! Get your ballot in by a week from Tuesday. It’s good. Mail-in ballot? No problem. Proof of identity? We don’t do that anymore.” You couldn’t have crafted a more obvious policy for Democrats to consolidate and concentrate power. That’s what the covid has wrought. That’s what the lockdowns were designed to do, and that’s why they don’t want to lift them.

But that would be the best thing for small business. About 8 or 9% of this $1.9 trillion covid stimulus bill was for covid relief. The rest of it was bailing out the government unions: AFSCME, American Federation of Government Employees, National Education Association. That’s who this is about, and now Biden says he’s gotta raise taxes on people making more than $200,000 a year.

Well, that’s a lot of small businessmen and -women who pay their taxes, business taxes on a pass-through basis. But don’t worry, gang. The new Homeland Security secretary, Mayorkas, says the border is closed. Maybe we haven’t won the war on drugs. The border is closed? (Snort!) What is this guy Thinking? This is gaslighting on an epic scale.

That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for quite some time: Gaslighting the American people on covid, on the lockdowns, on cancel culture, and now the border is closed? You gonna believe me or your own lying eyes, said the Homeland Security director, or secretary. We got a crisis on the border. A hundred thousand came through in February, the largest in a number of years.

And I’ll tell you why we’ve got it, and it’s pretty simple. This is one thing Obama was right on: Elections have consequences. And here’s what Joe Biden and company have done since they took office. They’ve undone the Migrant Protection Protocol. That’s the MPP or Remain in Mexico” policy that ended catch-and-release.

They undid the Muslim travel ban. They undid the emergency wall funding. They undid the sanctuary city crackdown. They undid the census count so they can reapportion, according to illegal immigrants who now have a vote, they’re undoing DACA with Nancy Pelosi’s bill. And, surprise, surprise, people are listening.

And then they’re telling people, “Come here! You’ll get tuition. You’ll get free health care.” This is shocking. The MPP… The “Remain in Mexico” policy was really crucial that President Trump put in place. It was designed to make certain that the catch and release wouldn’t overwhelm system. We had so many people coming that you can’t process them.

So they would release them to sponsors. But you want to add insult to injury, friends? The “sponsors” themselves are illegal. So we get a flood at the border. The Department of Homeland Security says, “We don’t have the detention facilities to house them,” so they have to release them to their sponsors, who are also illegal! This is what the Democrats want.

I want to be clear about this. This is not a byproduct of a misguided policy. This isn’t an accident. This is what they want, and that’s why we’ve got kids either in detention centers, flooding the border, or released to illegal sponsors. Rush talked about this not too long ago, and here’s what he said.

RUSH: I have a theory. I have a theory. You know, the Democrats’ concern for the children in the detention centers. I think that the supposed concern and compassion for these children actually is more like they are the equivalent of the homeless. The Democrats have a problem now with homelessness, but it’s only in Democrat cities. They can’t talk about it, as previously discussed. Democrat candidates can’t talk about the record homelessness in LA. LA is run by Democrats. California is run by Democrats. The LA council is worried, mad, the Democrat candidates aren’t talking about it.

Why would they ever? They’re not gonna sit there and talk about something that’s an exclusive Democrat problem. Besides that, Democrats are gonna vote en masse in California for Democrats. They don’t have to do a damn thing for California to get Democrat votes. They don’t have to appropriate an additional dollar for anything. They don’t have to ever mention California. They don’t have to do diddly-squat to get California’s votes. So why should they?

Now, when the Republicans are in the White House, homelessness is always a cornerstone issue. It’s always a fundamental attack point for the Democrats. But they can’t because it’s a Democrat city problem. Ergo, here come the kids in the detention centers. Voila! The Democrats have their homeless issue. They’re calling it something else, but it’s the same opportunity to blast the Republicans for no heart, no compassion, mean-spirited extremism. Except it’s backfiring on them because the Republicans — i.e., Trump — have put forth legislation to fix the problem. And the Democrats won’t go along with it. They want the issue.

JASON: You know, that just nails it, doesn’t it? I mean, that’s exactly what the Democrat left has done.


JASON: Understand the Democratic socialism we’re up against is exactly that: You eradicate inequality by making certain everyone is equally miserable. You bail out zombie companies. They drain capital. You run up debt so that even if you have the right policies, you can’t grow because people are cleaning up their messy balance sheets. Socialism never, ever works.

Not only is it contrary to economics, it’s contrary to human nature. But the point is, there’s only one way to allocate resources, labor, and capital in the most efficient way, and it has zero to do with government. Rush understood that, and that’s why he said people do not want socialism. You know, it’s frustrating how many times we have to reinvent the wheel, but we do, and you would have thought we would have known it by now.

Here’s what Rush had to say about folks in socialism and why they don’t want it.

RUSH: All of this eventually — I don’t know when, and I don’t know how — but all of this is going to backfire. And you know why? Because the Democrats are Wile E. Coyote. They always blow themselves up. They always step in it. I can’t predict when it’s gonna happen here. But they always do. The media will always cover it up for them as well. But they’re gonna blow this because they blow everything. They blew the Wellstone memorial. They’ve had any number of chances to totally take over and co-opt this country.

I’m, frankly, surprised that there is still, given everything that’s happened, that there is still a viable opposition which is made up of people like you, Tim. You’re not at your wits’ end yet. You’re not without your options, and you certainly have not lost all of your power. They’re scared to death, Tim, of what you could still do. They’re scared to death of Trump. They’re scared to death he’s gonna run again. They’re scared to death. They don’t think that they have vanquished Trump. They hope they’re able to down the road, but they don’t believe they have now.

But people that have visions of authoritarianism are quite dangerous, and they’re not to be taken lightly. So don’t misunderstand. But they are going to blow this. It’s gonna blow up on them one way or another. It always does. And the reason it does is because of the people of this country. The people, the majority of this country is not socialist. The majority of the population doesn’t want socialism or communism. And they realize it’s being forced on them against their will.

And I’m gonna tell you something, Tim. We have a more active, engaged opposition to the Democrat Party today than at any time in my lifetime. And it manifests itself in any number of ways. I have been frustrated over the years, as I have shared with you, that we don’t seem to engage in any real opposition. We just complain. We go vote, we complain, we talk about this or that. Well, those days are behind us.

I think there are a whole lot of people doing a lot more than complaining. And I’m not talking about the conspiracy side of things. I’m not talking about the QAnons, whoever the hell they are and whatever else. I think there is a genuine degree of anger in this country over the specifics of what happened in this election. I think there is a legitimate amount of anger among the American people who voted for Trump who realize or strongly believe that he was cheated.

They are livid over the way he was treated for four years. They are livid over the efforts that have been made to destroy him. They are not going away. You have, I think, every reason in the world to remain confident. Now, having said that, Biden is gonna be inaugurated tomorrow. And he’s gonna be president. And the Democrats are gonna run everything for a while. And in that, they’re gonna blow it. Look at what they’re doing in California. They’re forcing people to leave California. Tech people. They’re forcing people out.

Now, it’s got its downside. Those people are going to other states. They’re going to our states, and they’re bringing their corrupted policies with them. But the people that have brought liberalism to their states can’t even stay to live there. So we’ve got plenty of opportunity that’s gonna be presented, that’s gonna be right in front of our faces each and every day. It’s gonna require action. It’s gonna require voting. It’s gonna require any number of things.

JASON: Yeah, it sure is. Rush hit it on the spot right there, didn’t he? And it’s gonna require us to push back against this emerging socialist left. We absolutely have to do that at every single turn.

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