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TODD: So tonight, Joe Biden will… I don’t want to say give as much as read or perform a speech that I’m gonna just take a wild wag of guess at that he’s rehearsed, I don’t know, three times a day for three months. I don’t do mental math on the air. I proved that yesterday. (sigh) But it’s not a press conference. He’s not gonna answer questions. We played the audio of him doing this PR stunt in a hardware store.

I think it was just a Joe Citizen saying, “I’d like to ask the president a question,” and Biden’s staff started screaming. “Press! Press! Press! No! We’re leaving, we’re leaving,” ’cause they don’t want any chance that Biden, you know, shows that he’s in a state of cognitive decline. We’re gonna get to Rush’s thoughts on this which, of course, profound. Because Rush asked the skeptical questions.

Intelligence guided by experience. This is our role. I don’t make fun of dementia. I truly don’t, because it’s not a funny thing. I’ve had loved ones that have suffered from it and perhaps I’ll suffer from it. It’s not funny. What’s funny is we’re supposed to pretend it’s not happening. That’s what’s funny (laughs), and I mentioned this book from time to time because I think it is an important bit of learning.

There’s a book called What Washington Gets Wrong. They just think we’re all hopeless. What they did is they turn polling around and they polled people in Washington, D.C., the elites, and they asked the elites about us. And the elites think we’re broke and hopeless and uneducated and they have a wild misunderstanding about how many of us are LGBT, just wild misunderstandings, never more so than when you see them try to pander to us.

Last hour we had a call from Tristan in Richardson, Texas, who was talking about now that Texas has opened up the CDC is running this pandering ad, “I go out and chute my AR-9-1/2 on my Ford F-116-3/4.” That guy has no idea what he’s talking about ’cause he’s a voice actor, and they pander, and they’re pandering to us about Biden’s health. The mockingbird media class, they are.

I remember when the media said that Ronald Reagan was a doddering old fool as Ronald Reagan danced tiptoe circles around the bureaucrats at the State Department. Had he not, the Berlin Wall would stand — and he did. President Trump outwitted these Foggy Bottom State Department careerist deep-staters, or ISIS would still be running around and running entire countries.

So in a way — in a sad and scary way — Joe Biden is sort of a dream placeholder for deep state apparatchiks and just young staffers, because they get to hide behind him and my guess is they get to run him, and we’ve heard Biden say, “Oh, I’m happy to take questions, if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance. If that’s what I’m supposed to do…” That’s the man who’s running things.

“If that’s what I’m supposed to do,” and then they cut the stream. Just cut it. ‘Cause they don’t want to see that happen. Dementia’s not funny, but it’s funny that they think they can hide it from us, just like they think they successfully hide their true intent from us. The serious part of this is, I would very much like a reporter to say, “If he can’t answer questions from us, how does he answer questions from world leaders?”

Oh, incidentally, why is he not sharing…? He was gonna be this transparent, you know, person in the White House. Why is he not sharing his virtual schedule? He was gonna share the visitor book to the White House but won’t share the virtual schedule? Why? Maybe because it’s lot of rehearsing the speech tonight. Now, of course Rush Limbaugh was willing to point directly at the naked emperor and demand that everyone else stop pretending.

RUSH: Now, yesterday, Biden came out of his hole, gave a weird speech and had an even weirder town hall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was a town hall without a town. He looked like he was sitting in the garden of a nursing home talking to the grandkids. And he had that stupid black mask on, and it was around his neck. And he claimed that over 120 million were dead from covid-19, 120 million dead.

That’s a third of the population, 120 million dead. Did anybody say, “No, that’s just Joe. He’s got a heart of gold. Don’t worry about old Joe. We know Joe”? This is noteworthy because it’s the first time in 83 days that anybody has really seen Biden live. He gave a teleprompter speech later in the day on health care in a room all by himself, took no questions from the press.

While he was flubbing this Big Health Care event, it was reported — did you hear this? — that he had a large cancer nonprofit raising money for cancer cures and cancer research. It was nothing more than a money-laundering operation right out of the Clinton mold. Sixty-five percent of the money raised went to Biden family members. This is how the left does it. This is how minorities and others on the left get rich in Washington.

They set up foundations or nonprofits. They seek donations and everybody donates money ’cause it’s just what you do and they hire their families to run these shill operations, which don’t do much of anything. And that’s how they end up becoming independently wealthy. That’s how they end up on a congressional salary of whatever it is, end up owning massive amounts of property and having six- and seven-figure net worths.

The Plugs cancer charity raised $4.8 million in two years.

Not one dollar went to anybody with cancer, or very little of it did.

He’s really concerned about changing health care in America. But nobody’s reported this. Nobody has reported this. There are very few Democrat voters in this country who know anything about what I just told you about the Biden cancer fraud operation or the fact that he thinks 120 million people have died from covid-19. Because the Drive-By Media hasn’t bothered to report it. And they will not report it. They’re not gonna report anything that might make Biden look like the guy he is.

If Trump had said 120 million people dead, if Trump had set up a phony foundation to basically launder money to make his family wealthy, you wouldn’t hear the last of it. James Carville was out yesterday. He said (impression) , “Oh, Biden’s gonna be Biden. He’s gaffe-prone, but he’s got a heart of gold, heart of gold out there. You can’t say nothing bad about old Joe. Joe one of the greatest guys in the Democrat Party. Leader that we need. He’s the exact kind of leader we need. He’s the kind of leader that the world need. Joe Biden.”

And guess what? Now there’s an official move on to make sure that we don’t have any presidential debates, and it comes from Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post. Headline: “Time to Rethink the Presidential Debates.” Damn right it is, because there is no way that Joe Biden can do one. The day Biden came out of that hole, 120 million people dead from covid-19 and the news hit about his phony cancer charity, Karen Tumulty sits down and starts the Drive-By Media push to cancel presidential debates.

Now, her piece, by the way, barely mentions Biden. Oh, yeah. Barely mentions the fact that he can barely stand up. It barely mentions the fact that he doesn’t know where he is half the time. No, it’s not about that. It’s that they’re just boring. The presidential debates have become so boring.

They’re glorified, dull and boring press conferences. There’s no reason for them. The country has moved way past it. She didn’t even put anything about Biden in her piece. So the rest of the Drive-Bys right on cue begin picking this stuff up. “Yeah, we need to get rid of presidential debates.” And this, as you well know, is how all of this happens.

TODD: Now, there’s so much substance there. But I’m a little bit distracted by hearing Rush imitate Jimmy Carville. I have this memory of a conversation he, Rush himself, did being both Carville and himself and Bill Clinton. Does anyone else remember that?

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