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KEN: Now, yesterday you saw Biden get cut off after he said something that very few people could believe he said. I never thought I’d see Joe Biden say this without Jill saying it for him: “I’ll be happy to take questions.” Joe Biden said that yesterday at a virtual event, and then they shut down the virtual signal. Something else that Mr. Limbaugh predicted long before it happened. Here’s the cut.

RUSH: Now, here’s my take on this, folks. Biden seems to be failing now at a geometric rate. I mean, it’s pronounced. His incoherence, it seems like it always goes racial — and this can’t continue. They can’t continue to have to come up with ways to explain Biden’s obvious fixation with race. There is no question that he is fixated on it, and not just because of these two examples this week.

Throughout his career, when Biden attempts to be funny or tell jokes, there’s very often a racial component, such as when he talked about how you can’t go into a 7-Eleven anymore unless you can speak Indian ’cause there isn’t anybody in there but Indians. And that’s years ago. “That’s just old Joe. That’s just Joe.” That’s how people excuse him.

But look at what he’s done. He’s insulting Asians. He’s insulting Latinos. The past two days, he has literally really insulted blacks. It’s quite incredible. They continue to cover up for him. They send Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians out there, but they can’t keep doing this. And what it means is they can’t let him loose.

They can’t just open the door to the basement, say okay, Joe, hit the great outdoors. They can’t do it. They’ve got to try to keep him under some semblance of control. So that means — it has to mean — that they are desperate to run out the clock in a virtual election with a virtual candidate. That’s what they are attempting here.

That’s why no debates. That’s why Plugs doesn’t go anywhere. He might leave the basement for the living room and they might put a teleprompter in there, and he might go to some Knights of Columbus hall or some such place to do a speech where there is no audience. It’s a virtual candidate with a virtual election.

He cannot debate. He cannot go on the stump. He can’t. They can’t let him do any of these things that are almost required. They’re almost de rigueur for American politics. So the plan, I guess, is to sit on this lead, which I don’t even think they’re confident is real. But that’s the plan, to sit on the lead through the fourth quarter. I’ve never seen a candidate that doesn’t exist.

This is the first phantom candidate I’ve ever seen seeking the presidency. It’s like he doesn’t exist. They put him on TV now and then. They have him address groups virtually, but he does not interact. (interruption) What are you laughing at in there? I know I’m a naturally funny guy, but… (interruption) I’m telling you, it’s like he doesn’t exist.

It’s a phantom, except his face is not disfigured. But he’s, you know, phantom of the campaign. Maybe that would be a great ad. A play off of The Phantom of the Opera. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get Biden out of the basement. Because to do so will lose him the election.

KEN: And the other part of this equation — and Rush had mentioned this, too — if the news media did its job to inform us… You know, how they always say, what, they’re the fourth estate, they’re gonna bring truth to power, they’re gonna give us the facts so that we can decide? No. Joe Biden knows, just like Obama did, just like Hillary, just like Cuomo, they will always be protected by the news media.

So they have a little edge. They have an edge over conservatives. And this is the same here in Pennsylvania. It’s anywhere you go. It’s anywhere you go. Democrats know they can get away with a little more. Imagine, if you will, imagine — if you will, in a far-off galaxy. But can you imagine if President Trump just disappeared from press conferences for 41 days?

Or he never met with people in person; he just stayed in the basement. Could you imagine what the press would be saying and doing? My God! He had one of the greatest records of the U.S. presidency, and what they were saying and doing was just false rhetoric. But Joe knows… Well, Joe knows very little, but he knows he can do or say anything.

And whether it’s Geraldo, or anybody at CNN, or almost everyone in a college, he knows that there will be excuses made. He doesn’t even have to defend himself because there are enough puppets out there that will do it for him. So he was never questioned. he’s still not getting questioned. This is a dangerous time. The control of information that you and I need to make decisions about the future of our republic is being held from us and manipulated.

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