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Nobody Could Hold an Audience Like Rush

CALLER: I can't think of a single personality, individual, who has ever been able to hold an audience of any size, let alone the size of his audience, for that amount of time.

Rush Takes Classic EIB Song Requests

BRETT: Here's a song request from a longtime caller hearkening back to the early days of the show and some of the memorable bits that Rush did.

Rush and Kathryn’s Favorite Song

MARK: It doesn't matter if you're the most famous guy in America as Rush was. When you're in love, you're just a courting couple like any other courting couple and you have your favorite song.

Rush Lesson: Go for It and Just Do It

MARK: That's one of the greatest and most basic of all Rush Limbaugh lessons. When there's something you want to do, you don't think of all the obstacles that are in the way to achieving it.

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