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KEN: You know, we’ve been revisiting Rush’s thoughts on American exceptionalism, and he had no problem sharing that anywhere, anytime, and that has been intentionally, figuratively — well, literally speaking, sometimes.

If you’re at an Antifa rally, people try to pound that out of you. They don’t want you saying it. For some reason, too many people have been indoctrinated into, “You must feel guilt. You must feel fear, anxiety. You have to. You just can’t walk around with your head held high and say, “Man, this is a great country.” Just something as simple as, “Our military kicks butt.”

Think about that statement now in the wrong group of people. It’s absurd. An education — and this is by design. This is how Marx and Engels wanted to do it. They wanted to capture the education complex. It says it right in the Communist Manifesto. We have to replace God, we have to replace the family, and we — as in the statute, we — have to take control of education.

Rush, for years, he’s said how young people are more prone to a liberal ideology, and his explanation is brilliant. Here it is.

RUSH: One of the reasons why young people are liberal is because they’re children. Children are used to being taken care of, and liberalism promises to take care of you. The State is going to take care of you. Liberalism means being a child of the State. Liberalism means turning your life over to your rulers and so forth. It’s easier.

I once told you liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make. It’s the easiest thing in life you can do is be a liberal. Let somebody else take care of you? Let somebody else make sure that whoever treats you wrong is taken care of? Make sure that things are fair? And all you have to do is look at suffering and say, “Oh, that’s horrible,” and you’re considered a great person.

Liberalism is easy. It doesn’t solve diddly-squat. Liberalism makes things worse but, boy, it’s easy to be liberal. It’s easy to let somebody feed you. It’s easy to let somebody pay you not to work. It’s easy to be praised as caring because all you’ve got to do is look at suffering and say, “Oh, that’s horrible.” And you can even be more highly thought of if you say, “Let’s take somebody else’s money and give it to that person; it’s not fair!”

Oh, then you are a star liberal. See how easy that is? I will bet you, ladies and gentlemen, I could have five times the wealth I have if I had been liberal. I’ll bet you if I were as effective a liberal as I am a conservative, whew, look at all they would have done for me. I’d be the star of television shows, movies. It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t have any audience. I’m just telling you it would be easy.

I would be universally loved, adored, appreciated, and celebrated constantly for not doing anything. So easy to be a liberal. Children are used to being taken care of, used to being told what to do, what not to do, where to go, where not to go. They are used to their parents not treating them as adults. Some of them don’t like it, but in the end it’s really easy having somebody else pay the bills. It’s really easy having somebody else buy the car.

RUSH: Josiah in Fargo, North Dakota. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush, mega rocker dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, your last comment fit into it perfectly. The reason that you don’t like talking about yourself and the reason that, you know, we’re not looking for validation through other people.

RUSH: Uh, who? You or me?

CALLER: Well, anybody, any of us.

RUSH: Oh, any of us?

CALLER: Anybody who loves freedom is not looking for validation through other people. It’s like you just said, you know, going on about if you were liberal you’d be five times as rich and everybody would love you. But we’re not looking for everybody to love us —

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: — for what we produce.

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: We want to love ourselves first and be happy with what we do and what we have?

RUSH: Exactly. We are merit-based in everything we do.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: We’re achievement oriented.

CALLER: Exactly. And the reason children are liberal is because, you know, you want your parents to be proud of you when you — first you have to be proud of yourself.

RUSH: Well, but kids, they can’t take care of themselves.

CALLER: I understand that.

RUSH: You know, it’s not like a puppy you let go at six months and some adult buys it. The mother dog doesn’t care at six weeks and gets rid of the kid. Some sap adult comes along and takes care of the dog. But a human, even at age 21, most of them can’t take care of themselves. And they don’t expect to have to. That’s why it’s easy being a liberal.

CALLER: Exactly. And it’s jealousy run rampant. I work every day, I produce a product, I provide a service, and I don’t begrudge somebody who has a million dollar home who did the exact same thing who just happened to be more successful or took a bigger chance than I did.

RUSH: Well, that means you are well adjusted.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: A lot of people, a lot of people scratch their heads and they go, “Why? That’s just unfair. How come I’ve done everything right, I’ve played by the rules and look at these genuine social reprobates that are multimillionaires, how come I’m not?” And why do you think people are so into losing their identity? Facebook, tweet, whatever they do, they want everybody to know who they are because they think fame equals wealth, riches, happiness and all this sort of stuff. You can see it. You can see every day the seductiveness that liberalism is.

KEN: You listen to some of these calls — not just Rush, but the callers — and they’re well informed and intuitive, that’s what makes the show what it is. That’s why you walk away with a lesson. You walk away with content, you’re entertained, you laugh. But Rush was talking to that caller Josiah I think his name was, and you listen to that, and you go.

Oh, my God. It is true. And it is representative of the news media and of Hollywood. Think about it for a moment. Think about how easy it is to just talk about what you’re gonna do and your intentions are so well meaning, you’re rewarded. And let’s go to one step further, ’cause they discuss, Rush and Josiah discuss people aren’t looking for validation.

And I know this is a stretch, but I want to jump over to censorship for a minute. ‘Cause right now our entire country, as you know, the First Amendment is gone. It’s not completely gone, but pretty much it’s gone. And sometimes I say that, and people go, “No, no, it isn’t. We can say anything.” No, you can’t.

You cannot say what you want or what you think on any social media platform, on any major TV network, on any cable network, at the school PTA meeting in the teachers’ lounge. You cannot do it. You can’t do it anymore. Free speech is officially dead. There are some remnants of it remaining, but free speech is dead.

We let it happen collectively as a country. It started back pre-Obama and got to a fever pitch under President Barack Obama, because little things would change. “Oh, no, no, no, no! You don’t refer to that person like that. Oh, we’re not gonna tolerate that. If you say that, it’s hate speech. If you say that, it’s this speech.”

I guess my comment is what does it matter if you’re comfortable in your own beliefs and with your own speech, what does it matter, seriously? What does it matter if there’s some offensive idiot on Twitter and you think he’s all the things you hate? So what? Don’t follow him. Don’t interact with him or her.

It’s the same with TV and radio and everything else. We’re in a dangerous crossroads right now, losing the big two, First and Second Amendments.

And that is the key difference between the conservative ideology and mind-set which Rush had not only mastered, he believed it with every fiber of his soul. And he was comfortable in it. And he didn’t have to run around and say, “You know, CNN should be banned. That cable guy that had me on should be censored.” We don’t care. We just fix it and move on. And that is a traditional core value of conservatism.

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