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KEN: David on from Dayton, Ohio. David, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

CALLER: Good afternoon. Thanks for having me. What I want to call about is the first time I ever heard of Rush Limbaugh. I grew up in Sacramento, California. I left there in the mid-seventies. My mom, still out there, always called and said, “Did you hear this guy on the radio, this Rush Limbaugh guy?” I said, “Mom, he’s local. The radio there, I can’t hear it.”

She was, “Oh,” she just went on and on about Rush Limbaugh. Well, first time I saw Rush was on one of his TV shows and, of course, I fell in love. What I wanted to say is what Rush has done not only for me, but my mom. My dad passed away. During the day, my mom liked sitting and listening to Rush.

And when he passed away, my mom’s heart was broken, as all of us were seniors. But he kept my mom alive, Rush Limbaugh. I know it. He kept my mom alive (choking up) because Dad was gone, and Dad was her whole life. So I want to thank him and tell him what a great man… (choking up). What a great person — and I’m sorry I’m getting emotional, but (choking up) there I am.

KEN: Thank you, David. He hears you. And God bless your family.

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