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KEN: Savannah, Texas. Sarah, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you. I’m really glad to get to be on and share my poem with you.

KEN: I’m thrilled that you’re here. Go ahead.

CALLER: It’s called “Remembering the Name Rush — My mommy’s in tears, and I am too, and everyone’s gonna miss you. We’re praying for your family. But even though you’re gone, you left a big legacy. I never knew you in person, but I wish I did. My daddy knew of you since he was a kid. And even though you’re no longer alive, you’re still alive as a brother in Christ.

“You spoke to everyone like family, and your words reached so many. I only wish you could have seen America become the MAGA dream. But no one knows when that day will come to pass, because for now not many know of our past. The way America used to be seems like a long-lost dream. And your death won’t be in vain, because so many people know your name.”

KEN: That was beautiful, Sarah. Let me ask you something. Can I ask you something?


KEN: You sound like someone that reads history.

CALLER: (giggles) Yes, I do.

KEN: Do you read history? Do you have any reference books you’d like to recommend? ‘Cause you sound more intelligent than most college professors. How did that happen? Is that your parents or just reading?

CALLER: Yes. My mother home schooled me and so I get to learn all sorts of things that I like to learn about history, and basically I’m open to everything there is. In fact, an interesting fact that my mother told me was when my mother was in school, there was a transfer student from Mexico. And in Mexico, they teach you that instead of us paying Mexico for the parts of the states during the Alamo, during that war, they teach that we stole it from them, which is I find it very interesting fact to get to know.

KEN: Wow. Let me ask you, what are you, about 19, 20 years old? How old are you?

CALLER: I’m 13.

KEN: Oh, I —

CALLER: I turned 13 last year. (giggles)

KEN: You sounded like you’re out of college now and you’re looking for work.

CALLER: (giggles)

KEN: But God bless you, Sarah, and thank you for calling. I know that right now Rush Limbaugh enjoyed that, and he’s probably laughing and having a good time.

CALLER: (giggles)

KEN: So God bless you, and thanks for calling, okay?

CALLER: Thank you.

KEN: All right. Take care. 800-282-2882. Wow. That was great a great poem.

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