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TODD: Rush talked to us a lot about the Democrat Party and the trick of making it seem like they’re for the working people and how that was just illusion. And here we are now a week after we say good-bye to our friend, and there’s this Vivek Murthy. He is one of the Obama darlings, a surgeon general type, but then there’s this.

He took $400,000 from Carnival Cruise Lines, 400,000 in cash, and another 400,000 from Airbnb (all this is for, quote, “consulting”), and then 600 grand from Netflix. Now, I wonder, did Netflix benefit from the selective lockdowns of small businesses and small theaters that was cheered on by people like Vivek Murthy?

Right? Is that a problem anymore?

Rush has warned us and talked to us about that. Look, they are the “them” in us versus. So it doesn’t surprise me that Obama and his boss, Michelle, are being handed all this money from Netflix, because they’re supposedly filmmakers. They’re cohosting a new podcast, and they’re gonna go talk about this and that topic, marriage and fatherhood and of course race, the state of America. Rush once told us why libs flock to podcasting, and he was of course right on the money.

RUSH: Do you know what podcasts are, Snerdley? What are podcasts? (interruption) Now, that’s… (interruption) No. (interruption) That’s technically what they are. But I mean in the real world, what is the purpose of a podcast? The podcast is the liberals failing to do talk radio, so they go to podcasts. That’s what podcasts are. Now, we were first with podcasts.

We were first to podcast this program. We were listed when Apple first introduced podcasts to iTunes. We were on the list of first original offerings. We date back to the beginning of podcasts.

But I’m telling you, the left has infiltrated the entire podcast meme because they can’t succeed on talk radio. I mean, more power to them. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just telling you what it is. There’s a lot of conservatives that do podcasts too. But I’m just telling you: For the left, that’s an attractive thing. That’s why they promote ’em all over the place.

TODD: Yeah. And for every podcast, for every film that is supposedly put out by the Obamas, there are starving filmmakers who are good Hollywood leftists. Aren’t they asking themselves, “Wait a minute. They don’t make films! Why are they getting money I should get?”

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