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TODD: Speaking of that let’s talk to Ken in Livonia, Michigan, Ken, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program, Todd Herman sitting in for our departed friend. Welcome, Ken.

CALLER: Yeah, I just wanted to call and give one of many examples of why I would see Rush Limbaugh as an American patriot. We are now living in a time where all of his enemies want to keep throwing mud at him. But I want to show some light on how he’s actually changed my life and I believe so many others.

At the time that I met Rush Limbaugh, which goes back to when he was on television, without a doubt I was a socialist. Now, some people that say, “Well, how do you know you were a socialist?” Well, I was a 100% strong supporter of the Democrat Party. I had read their platform. I approved of it. I had read the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. I agree with it.

Yeah, and I said at that time, “Hey, I’m a socialist, man,” just like all the Democrats are today, socialists. Now, because of the education that I got from Rush Limbaugh, education on economics, education in history, and talking about the U.S. Constitution, why it was created, everything I learned from Rush Limbaugh, and then I went out on my own and investigated to make sure what he said was true.

Today… Where I was an atheist/socialist, today, because of Rush — the influence of Rush Limbaugh — I’m a Christian who’s a constitutionalist, who believes in the free market system. And here’s the difference that I saw thanks to Rush. Any country that follows the belief system, the worldview held by the Democrat Party and, unfortunately now, even many of the Republicans have joined in.

We end up being the former Soviet Union. We end up today being Venezuela, China, Cuba. Well, I believe in freedom. I want to live in a nation where I’m a citizen under a small government, not a servant — a subject — under a big, fat, bloated government like we see here in Michigan, what we see in Washington, D.C., because here’s the big thing that I learned.

And I’ll apply that to today. And there again, I’ll attribute this to Rush Limbaugh. God gave me intelligence, and intelligence tells me Dr. Fauci and the CDC, they’re not my God, and I’m gonna follow my God that has given me intellect, and so since I know that all the research scientists who come out and said that wearing a mask is 100% useless —

TODD: Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

CALLER: — I’m gonna steer away from wearing a mask —

TODD: Good.

CALLER: — ’cause I know that they’re no good.

TODD: You know what you’re doing — and I hate to cut you off. The clock becomes our enemy. What you’ve said here, first of all, let me say: God is great and that Rush helped bring you to that. But your recognition, Ken… Your recognition is that being a big person requires a small government. You said that so well. This is why I describe myself as a “small government, big person” person.

It’s why Rush so often, as you just said so well, talked about the bloat, talked about these people and organizations who feel themselves godlike. And I remember Rush talking about the amount of water Congress should allow in toilets or lightbulbs that Congress would deem to allow us in our homes.

And now we’re on the edge of government now deciding what’s true, literally having truth czars. They’re proposing this. Rush was right on that, and I’m just so pleased to know that he helped turn your life around, and now you’re a functioning member of society completely. Thank you so much for the call, Ken.

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