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Guest Host Todd Herman’s Stack of Stuff

Feb 24, 2021

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Click to Send Your Messages And Photos To The Limbaugh Family
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Governor DeSantis Blasts Media, Earns Limbaugh Institute Degree – 05.21.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Worry What People Think of You? Remember Two Words: Tiger Woods. – 04.15.19
  • RushLimbaugh.com: The Regime Survives on Good Intentions – 05.21.14
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Remembering Rush’s 1992 “Endorsement” of Clinton – 06.21.19
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Bloomberg’s Buying the Democrat Party – 02.18.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Flashback: The “Smart” People Loved Obama’s Iran Deal – 06.12.18
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Cutting Edge of Societal Evolution: Turn Off Drive-By Media, Be Happy – 04.02.08
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Pointing Out the Hypocrisy of the Infallible Dr. Fauci – 01.22.21
  • LA Times: Some Diners Get a Rush With Limbaugh Piped In. Several Restaurants Offer the Conservative Talk Show as a Lunchtime Treat for His Devotees. One Eatery Even Has Fax Machines for Patrons Who Want to Send Off Their Opinions – 10.10.93
  • JustTheNews: California Rep. Says ‘We Don’t Want’ Small Businesses That Can’t Pay $15/Hour Minimum Wage
  • The Hill: Biden Pick for Surgeon General Made Over $2M on COVID-19 Consultations and Speaking Events: Report
  • Breitbart: Podcast Odd Couple: Obama, Springsteen in Spotify Series
  • CBS News: Tiger Woods “Awake” And “Responsive” After Surgery For Injuries From Rollover Crash
  • Breitbart: South Korea to Unlock $7 Billion in Iranian Assets After ‘Consultations’ with Biden Admin
  • Todd Herman guest hosted. Check out Todd’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.

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