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Guest Host Todd Herman

Feb 15, 2021

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • Federalist: Decades Before The Civil War, Lincoln Saw An Approaching Storm. Every American Should Read His Warning
  • FOXNews: Trump still might face punishment for Capitol riot even after Senate impeachment acquittal
  • FOXNews: Trump acquitted in second impeachment trial on charge of inciting Jan. 6 Capitol riot
  • Breitbart: Biden’s DHS to Release 25.6K Migrants into Texas, California Communities
  • Washington Free Beacon: Union or Woke Activist Group? New York Times Employees Raise Questions About Guild’s Role in Recent Dismissals
  • TIME: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
  • National Pulse: NYT Updates Capitol Police Officer Death Story After National Pulse Report
  • Daily Wire: CDC Director Admits: It’s Not Just Science That Affects Our Guidance On Opening Schools
  • NPR: Village Teacher Wins $1 Million Prize For World’s Most ‘Exceptional’ Educator
  • Daily Wire: Liberal Writer Compares Gina Carano’s Firing To Hollywood Blacklisting Communists; Fans Start Petition To Get Her Rehired
  • UKDM: Hero family cat named Arthur dies trying to protect two young children from Australia’s most dangerous snake
  • NewsBusters: Flashback: Celebs Gushed Over ‘Truthful’ Cuomo’s Emmy for COVID Briefings
  • KTTH: State funneled federal COVID relief to radical political groups, all based on race
  • WomenAreHuman: The Prison System is Transphobic and Must be Abolished, Say Transgender Activists Continue
  • New York Times: Pennsylvania G.O.P.’s Push for More Power Over Judiciary Raises Alarms
  • Federalist: The ‘Sound And Fury’ Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Signifies Something Sinister For America
  • Vanity Fair: “I Will Destroy You”: Biden Aide Threatened a Politico Reporter Pursuing a Story on His Relationship
  • Legal Insurrection: NY Times Revises Its Racial Slur Standard After Spiking Column Critical of How Reporter Was Forced Out
  • Forth Worth Star Telegram: Will the North Texas deep freeze cause power outages? Here’s what you should know.
  • Washington Post: If Republican senators acquit Trump, they will own the violence that follows
  • JustTheNews: Treasury Secretary reportedly looking to hire ‘climate czar’
  • Baltimore Sun: Maryland’s financial regulator nominated for Fed job
  • Politico: McConnell’s next chapter: Guiding the post-Trump GOP
  • Washington Post: Trump’s acquittal further polarizes factions within the GOP
  • The Hill: North Carolina GOP to vote on Burr censure after impeachment vote
  • The Hill: Cassidy pens column explaining vote to convict Trump
  • The Advocate: Bill Cassidy: I voted to convict former President Trump because he is guilty.
  • Politico: Dems buzz about breakout stars of Trump’s impeachment
  • ABC: Trump impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen’s home vandalized
  • AP: Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Tech company pulls Bay Area job posting that listed ‘non-Asian’ as requirement
  • San Francisco Chronicle: The Californians are coming. So is their housing crisis
  • Epoch Times: White House Reassures Gun Control Groups It Will Fulfill ‘Ambitious’ Gun Control Agenda
  • CBS: Bill Gates: How the world can avoid a climate disaster
  • PJ Media: This Is Why You Never EVER Apologize to the Woke Police
  • Gateway Pundit: Creepy Bill Gates Now Pushing Corona Vaccines and Radical Global Warming Policies to Ruin US Energy Sector
  • Todd Herman filled in for Rush. Check out Todd’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • The Hill: Juan Williams: Bring sanity back to the GOP
  • ABC: Impeachment trial solidified views on Trump conviction: POLL
  • ABC: Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal
  • The Hill: The swift death of the media darlings known as the Lincoln Project
  • FOXNews: Tump still might face punishment for Capitol riot even after Senate impeachment acquittal
  • Washington Post: Biden is winning Republican support for his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan. Just not in Washington
  • FOXNews: White House lawyers tell Meena Harris to stop using aunt Kamala to build brand: report
  • Federalist: Biden’s Domestic War On Terrorism Seeks To Criminalize Political Dissent
  • Politico: The Problem Isn’t Just One Insurrection. It’s Mass Radicalization.
  • Washington Post: The agency founded because of 9/11 is shifting to face the threat of domestic terrorism
  • BizPacReview: Unruly mob pelts Portland cops with ‘icy snowballs,’ engages in vandalism
  • FOXNews: Minneapolis push to defund police backfires after residents complain of slow response times, increase in crime
  • BizPacReview: House Dem Congressional Campaign Committee hires fmr. violent gangbanger, triggerman for top post
  • New York Post: Half of New York Times employees feel they can’t speak freely: survey
  • New York Post: Ugly truth about ‘Honest Joe’ – Miranda Devine
  • FOXNews: Cuomo aides reveal New York laws have gone too easy on nursing homes: report
  • FOXNews: Cuomo brothers accused of showboating while thousands of seniors died
  • The Hill: Biden calls for ‘commonsense gun law reforms’ on anniversary of Parkland shooting
  • FOXNews: Chicago’s Lightfoot suggests teachers union behaves like a ‘political party’
  • The Hill: Fauci: Stimulus bill needs to be passed for schools to reopen
  • Politico: CDC director: Too early for states to roll back mask mandates
  • Politico: Doctors bring the fight to anti-vaxxers online
  • BizPacReview: Hey, factcheckers … Kamala tells debunked story that Trump left Biden no vaccine plan
  • FOXNews: Trump’s impeachment attorney goes viral after exchange with CBS reporter
  • New York Post: Jay-Z, Jack Dorsey launch fund to develop bitcoin in India, Africa
  • AP: Anatomy of a conspiracy: With COVID, China took leading role
  • AP: Nebraska Sen. Sasse bets political future on opposing Trump
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