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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Feb 4, 2021

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • FOXNews: AOC faces backlash as critics point out she wasn’t in Capitol building during riot
  • FOXNews: Nikki Haley hits AOC for ‘dangerous’ call to rein in media, says it’s a ‘clear shot’ at non-liberal outlets
  • BizPacReview: Liz Cheney takes ‘gloating’ victory lap after House GOP reportedly votes by Secret ballot to keep her as chair
  • JustTheNews: Democrat-led House votes Thursday on removing GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees
  • FOXNews: Maxine Waters says Trump should be charged with ‘premeditated murder’
  • Reuters: Stolen election? Republican lawmakers paralyzed by Trump’s false fraud claims
  • Washington Post: The Greene-House gas effect is toxic. Republicans won’t crack a window
  • FOXNews: McConnell to force Democrats to vote on paying illegal immigrants, funding schools that refuse to open
  • Washington Post: House vote unlocks partisan path for Biden coronavirus relief bill
  • JustTheNews: Former CBP Commissioner: Biden creating ‘catastrophic’ post-pandemic border crisis
  • Florida grocery store captures country’s divide over wearing masks
  • BizPacReview: Cuomo office lashes out at Republicans calling for subpoena over nursing home deaths
  • FOXNews: Chicago teachers union, district fail to reach deal as K-8 students lose first week of in-person learning
  • JustTheNews: Poll shocker: Almost 40% favor firing or suspending no-show teachers
  • Washington Times: Biden accused of ‘war on energy’ with ambitious orders to combat climate change
  • GOP state senators sponsor resolution to declare Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt
  • Washington Post: Republicans want more voter suppression. Here’s how to make elections more fair — not less
  • FOXNews: China’s coronavirus cases: Is the communist regime lying to the world?
  • BizPacReview: Pro-Trump Christian beauty vlogger dropped by Sephora launches ‘Make Makeup Great Again’ line
  • FOXNews: Could Gavin Newsom really get kicked out of office? Fox News talks to a recall expert
  • Washington Post: U.S. infection rates are dropping; now just ‘lay low and cool it’ during Super Bowl, Fauci says
  • Reuters: Union leaders backing Amazon election in Alabama discuss effort with White House
  • JustTheNews: Jen Psaki off to rocky start as White House press secretary
  • The Hill: Romney: Disingenuous to criticize Democrats after big spending under Trump
  • FOXNews: Biden administration to open overflow shelter for migrant children in Texas
  • FOXNews: Republicans in key battlegrounds push to tighten voting rules in wake of Trump’s defeat
  • ABC: Georgia Senate GOP introduce bills to limit mail voting
  • The Hill: Whitmer wants attorneys in Michigan election challenge suit disbarred
  • Washington Post: Biden brother’s role in Florida law firm complicates White House ethics message
  • ABC: Washington state eyes ‘billionaire tax’ on the ultra rich
  • BizPacReview: University considers creating ENTIRE academic department for ‘critical race’ studies
  • The Hill: China sending 10M vaccine doses to developing nations
  • Epoch Times: Pompeo: China Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Harm United States
  • Epoch Times: Sen. Josh Hawley Only Senator to Vote No on All Biden Cabinet Picks
  • Undocumented anchorman Mark Steyn filled in for Rush. Check out Mark’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • SteynOnline: When Free Speech Becomes a Right-Wing Fetish
  • MRC: Trump Resigns: Tells Screen Actors Guild ‘Who Cares!’ After Union Threatens to Revoke Membership
  • The Hill: Hunter Biden to release memoir in April
  • The Hill: Greene apologizes to GOP colleagues — and gets standing ovation
  • New York Times: ‘It’s Embarrassing’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Tests the Limits of Some Voters
  • The Hill: Omar slams GOP ‘whitewashing,’ false equivalency with Greene
  • Reuters: In uneasy truce, House Republicans fail to punish Greene or Cheney
  • New York Times: The Senate Has Become a Dadaist Nightmare
  • Politico: What Ulysses Grant Can Teach Joe Biden About Putting Down Violent Insurrections
  • New York Times: My Country Suddenly Turned on Me
  • The Hill: Senate braces for chaotic session as Democrats pursue coronavirus bill
  • The Hill: Trump helipad at Mar-a-Lago to soon be demolished
  • Frontpage: When Resistance Became Sedition and Sedition Became Resistance
  • RedState: AOC Wasn’t Even in the Capitol Building During Her ‘Near Death’ Experience
  • Washington Free Beacon: Left-Wing Dark Money Groups Unite to Undo Trump’s Judicial Legacy
  • Daily Wire: If Democrats Want Unity, They Must Push Back Against Their Radical Base
  • Daily Wire: The Lie Of ‘Systemic Police Racism’ That Kills
  • Breitbart: Democrat Lawyer Marc Elias Claims Faulty Voting Machines in New York Election Lawsuit
  • PJ Media: Will a Hard-Left Turn Lead to Pushback? – Victor Davis Hanson
  • PJ Media: Biden SecDef Issues Military-Wide Stand-Down Order to Fight ‘Extremism’
  • Federalist: Why Democrats Will Never Stop Talking About ‘Insurrection’
  • Federalist: Why Joe Biden Will Probably Do More Than Congress Does In The Next Two Years
  • American Greatness: San Francisco School Board Declares Acronyms Racist
  • Gateway Pundit: Renowned Mathematician Edward Solomon Determines the 2020 Election Results at a Precinct Level Are “Impossible” and “Cannot Occur Naturally”
  • Gateway Pundit: Democrat House Working on 2021 Fiscal Year Spending Bill of Nearly $6 Trillion Leaving a Deficit of $4 Trillion
  • Townhall: Joe Biden’s ‘Wimpy’ Jobs Plan – Derek Hunter
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