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RUSH: So I’m here (in a sporadic way) able to catch some of the Democrat impeachment filing against President Trump — and that he threatened the constitutional system, and the fact that he did this in the month of January is no reason to forget about it, that he threatened and almost destroyed the U.S. constitutional system.

Now, all of that is an abject lie.

None of that is true.

They are lying about his role in the January 6th “uprising,” or whatever you want to call it, at the U.S. Capitol. And they know they are. And they’ve got in guardrails. There’s no reason for them not to. They don’t have a media that’s gonna call them out on it, so they’re literally free. All of this is about making sure that Donald Trump can never, ever again have any role in American public life.

There is a column today in the Washington Post. In fact, I intended to get to this a little later, but let me get down to this, since I brought it up. Actually, it’s in the Entertainment section. “Trump Wants a Library. He Must Never Have One.” That’s the headline of the story. It’s a long story. It goes on. It’s filled with blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

They are abjectly, they’re deathly afraid that Trump is going to triumphantly return to public life — and I’m not saying, “triumphantly return to the presidency.” But they’re not gonna be able to stop this. They’re not gonna be able to stop Trump from having a public life if he wants it, and when that happens — and they are waiting in abject fear for that. They don’t know how it’s gonna manifest.

They don’t know if it’s gonna be a press conference from Mar-a-Lago or a golf club. They don’t have the slightest idea. So they’re trying to ram through this impeachment business so that they can discredit anything he says anytime he says it, because they’re worried. You know what they’re worried about here? “Trump Wants a Library. He Must Never Have One.”

Who are these people to decide whether an ex-president deserves a library or not? If he can raise the money for it, then he can do a library. That’s how it happens. Do you know who bankrolled many ex-presidents’ libraries in the, shall we say, 2000s and the 1990s? Do you know who did it? Do you know who the primary funders or bankrollees were? (interruption)

No, it was not Mr. Soros. It was Prince Bandar bin Sultan and his friends from Saudi Arabia. Do I need to remind you that the king of Saudia Arabia — the late king, King Abdullah, Abdullah Abziz Dell al-Saw or whatever, came over and visited George W. Bush for barbecue and stuff at the Texas ranch, and while he was here…?

You know, the ambassador to the United States from Saudi Arabia was Bandar bin Sultan. I think that was the name. He had homes all over the place, and the Saudis were worried the guy was becoming too Americanized and wouldn’t go back to the home country, Saudi Arabia. I don’t know if he did or not. But, no, the king of Saudi Arabia was…

For Clinton, I think. I don’t know if it was major, but I know he was a participating fundraising, donor. And the same thing for George W. Bush, and maybe George H. W. Bush. That’s one of the reasons for the alliance that we’ve had with Saudi Arabia. The point is, if you can raise the money for your library then it’s not up to the Washington Post whether you get one or not.

What they’re worried about… Can you imagine a Trump presidential library? We have the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. Can you imagine what the traffic is to the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor? Not much, because you have to have a special admission ticket for the massage parlor part. That’s not open to the public. It’s a special little buzzer.

You know, you put on in the palm of your hand, and you have to tell the right person, “I’m here for visit the massage parlor.” And if it buzzes, you get in. If it doesn’t buzz, you don’t get in, and… (interruption) No, I’m making that up. But wouldn’t that be funny? I mean, “I’m here for the massage…” (interruption) I don’t think there’s an Epstein wing.

A Jeffrey Epstein wing of the Clinton library? (interruption) No, no. Not here. There may be a Clinton wing at some Epstein property somewhere, but I doubt that it’s at the Clinton library. No, they’re worried that it would become the biggest tourist attraction in the country. That’s what they’re worried about — and it would. It would! They are scared to death of any picture, any video, any image that would confirm or testify to Trump’s popularity.

Because that’s what they’re really trying to destroy, and they don’t know that all they’re doing is really cementing it. Seventy-four, 75 million people voted for Donald Trump. The Democrats may think that they have the ability to convince 74, 75 million people that the guy they voted for is a reprobate and that they shouldn’t have voted for him. But they tried that for four years, didn’t they? How’d that work out for ’em?

They’ve been trying. They tried for four years. We talked about it yesterday. There was no truth to it whatsoever. They had a free rein. They could make up anything they want about Donald Trump. Think of it this way: Here you are the Democrat Party, you have the FBI, you have the CIA — at least, you have members of both that are sympathetic to the Washington establishment.

And you have basically the knowledge that for the next four years you can make up anything you want about Donald Trump, and the media will amplify it. In other words, you don’t have any limits. So your objective is to destroy Donald Trump. You want to reverse, if you can, the election results of 2016. You want him out of there ’cause you’re scared to death what he represents.

He represents an uprising of the people of this country against Washington, against the establishment, and it had been building for a long time. It had been building since Perot in 1992. Oh, yeah, it predated Trump. The Tea Party was part of this. Trump was just the first guy to come along and actually weaponize it, in a political sense.

But the Trump movement existed before there was Trump, and then he built it and grew it to the point of 75, 74 million voters. But stop and think. These Democrats going, and the FBI, CIA, all these conspirators — MI5, MI6 in the U.K.; the intelligentsia from Oxford and Cambridge in the U.K. — they had a free run. They could make up anything they wanted about Donald Trump.

All it had to have was some link to credibility. They could make up anything they wanted — and the mainstream media would not only amplify it, the mainstream media would act as members of the team — and they chose Russian collusion. They thought they had set it up. They thought they had built a believable case about it.

And they spent four years, even after the no-choice Mueller report. The Mueller report had to report no collusion. That was the Maginot Line, if you will. They couldn’t go beyond that. This was always an effort to sway public opinion, and that’s what they hoped they had done by the time the Mueller report was filed and came out.

But they couldn’t actually conclude that Trump had colluded because he hadn’t and there wasn’t any evidence for it. So all they could do is get close, get close in the effort of shaping public opinion — and more and more people believed it. “Mission accomplished,” in their minds. So, four years of this, folks, and they remain scared to death of the guy. They are very much aware of his popularity. They’re very much aware that he beat them back.

So, they’re doing everything they can.

It’s the same cabal now.

It’s the same kind of people, same bunch of people with the same mind-set who are now on this second impeachment and doing what they can to maneuver and manipulate public opinion against Trump because they are scared to death of a public reemergence. They’re trying to destroy whatever credibility he has remaining — and this library business?

They’re deathly afraid that it would become the biggest tourist attraction in the country.


RUSH: We’re gonna starts on the phones, and we say hi to Darlene, Parker, Colorado, great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak to you. Finally got through. Hey, I have a quick question for you. I’ve been really thinking about this whole scam, hoaxy impeachment. If the Democrats know that this is going nowhere, and they’re so afraid of Donald Trump and, you know, everything that comes out of his mouth, then why would they give him such a grand platform? I mean, the whole world is gonna be watching this.

RUSH: Because they think their platform is going to be bigger.

CALLER: Hmm. Interesting. Even though they know they’re gonna lose and they’re gonna be able to get to say what they’re gonna say, but it definitely gives Donald Trump —

RUSH: They don’t look at it that way. No, no. No, no. Wait a minute. Why do you think they’re looking at this as a lose-lose thing?

CALLER: Well, I think… (audio drops)

RUSH: Is it simply ’cause he’s not gonna be convicted?

CALLER: Well, I think… (audio drops)

RUSH: Did we lose her connection?

CALLER: — on him, I get that. But Trump… (audio drops) Trump’s Trump. He’s gonna (audio drops) do.

RUSH: Darlene, we’re having all kinds of trouble with your connection. Let me try one more time. Why do you think the Democrats know that they’re gonna lose this?

CALLER: Right. I think they… Well, because they are gonna lose it. They said… They can’t acquit him, right? That’s been pretty much —

RUSH: Okay. So, that… Okay. So, they don’t have the votes to acquit — convict. They don’t have the votes to convict him. So he’s gonna be acquitted. But that’s not why they’re doing this. They’re not doing this to actually convict him. They’re doing this to continue the smear. They’re running the show.

They determine all of the rules, and they’re looking at this as an opportunity. Look, their first impeachment was a joke, and they still went through with it. They had no idea how that boomeranged on ’em. They think they won that. They think they won with Adam Schiff and his committee and all this garbage on the phone call to Ukraine.

They’re looking at this as an opportunity to shape public opinion even more against Trump. They have an opportunity here to continue to impugn, to criticize, to make up whatever they want about the guy. They’ve got the mainstream media in their back pocket to amplify whatever they say. So this is just an ongoing effort — and, by the way, there’s another thing here besides that.

It’s all about sending messages to anybody that might be thinking of doing what Trump did. “Don’t try it! Don’t think that you can get away with it! We’ll treat you just like we’re treating Trump.” There’s all kinds of reasons for them doing this, and the fact that they’re not gonna get a conviction is way down on the list. No, they’re doing this to continue the smear.

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