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RUSH: For months, the Chicago Teachers Union has forbidden their teachers to show up at city schools because of the coronavirus. Despite the fact that schools do not contribute to the spread of the illness, according to the CDC.

So lately, the Chicago Teachers Union has been negotiating with school administrators, who want to begin the process of reopening the schools on a gradual basis. Something other cities and states have been doing for months.

But on Sunday, the rank-and-file Democrats – excuse me, the rank-and-file union members – voted overwhelmingly to give administrators the collective middle finger. They said they won’t return to the classroom, despite an order requiring 10,000 teachers to show up this week. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightweight is pleading with the union to return to work – to no avail.

Thousands of Chicagoans have been thrown out of work, and many evicted because of the shutdown. Scores of small businesses have closed their doors for good. Parents who can’t afford to pay someone to watch their kids are forced to remain at home; they can’t go to work – or look for work. All the while, these union members have been getting their paychecks and they still refuse to go back to work.

This is what your Democrat Party’s endless shutdowns are doing to America. And they couldn’t care less. This is exactly what they want to happen.

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