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RUSH: Yes siree bob, it’s a no-brainer. Joe Biden is a front man for Obama as predicted. I saw Susan Rice yesterday make some comments, a speech, whatever she was doing at the White House press briefing. She spent more time detailing what the administration has done and was gonna do than Biden has, including the time he spent on the campaign.

Now, Susan Rice has ties right back to Obama. These signing ceremonies of Biden’s executive orders? Have you seen ’em? Susan Rice and John Kerry ruthlessly explain to their media puppets why the president is destroying jobs and incomes — and he is! There have been 11,000 jobs destroyed on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Grab audio sound bite number three. I got this from Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft. Yesterday, one of the pipeline workers spoke out. On the admittedly conservative URBAN Project founder Henry Davis’s Twitter page, he posted a new video in reaction to the ending of the Keystone XL pipeline. Here is the audio from it.

DAVIS: Well, lost my job today at the stroke all of pen. I just bought this car. I had a six-year payment plan on it, so I’m probably gonna have to sell the car. And then, probably won’t be able to make next the month’s mortgage. This just doesn’t f(bleep)ing make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense! HOW did Donald Trump…? I know how. They took it. They didn’t steal the election. When you steal something, that’s when no one knows that you took it, but they outright —

RUSH: Ah, stop! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Stop. I need to protect Henry Davis here. He’s lost his way now. He’s headed down the pathway where Biden may not be the legitimate winner. (ahem) He’s making the point here they didn’t steal it. “Stealing is when no one knows you took it.” He said, “They didn’t steal it. They took it right out in front of our eyes,” but I can’t let him say that. We’re doing our best to protect Henry Davis here.

But he went on. He made a claim. He made a prediction. He said, “Joe, we are going to take this back from you.” Now, in a normal ebb and throw, that would be permissible speech in American politics. “We’re gonna beat you, Joe. We’re gonna beat you next time.” Oh, no, folks! You can’t say it! You cannot say it. That is upsetting. It is counter to “normalcy.” It does not promote “unity.”

No, no, no, you can’t say it. But I’m telling you, this business with the Keystone XL pipeline, it’s more than I think we have been led to believe, particularly when you look at the reaction to it from Biden administration people. I want to make a point here that I have made over the course of many years on this program. On MSNBC the other night, Senator Chuck You Schumer was a guest of Rachel Maddow.

She said, “Give me your legislative priorities in your own words,” and he answered, essentially, with one word. He said, “Climate.” Climate. Now, those of you who are regular, longtime listeners of the EIB Network will immediately flash back to the things I have said about this. I have explained many times — and it’s necessary to explain it many times for everybody to hear it.

Climate change, climate — however they term it, however they categorize it and discuss it — gives them control over everything in your life, ladies and gentlemen. Everything. The first way they do it is they start out and they blame you for it. They blame you for destroying the planet. “The planet is being destroyed! We’ve got 30 years to save it, but you are destroying the planet.”


“By virtue of the car you drive. By virtue of your job, the Keystone XL pipeline. Your home. Do you have adequate solar panels or are you using fossil fuels? Are you not being responsible with your thermostat? Your business, your wealth is to blame. The way you get around. Your movement. Your diet. Your car.”

It gives them control over everything. That’s why climate change is never gonna go away. It gives them the ability to regulate every aspect of human life, which is their objective. And by blaming you, they give you redemption opportunities. Oh, yeah! They blame you for it, but you’ve got 20 years to make amends. You’ve got 20 years to redeem yourself. How can you do it?

Well, you buy the car they tell you to buy, or you eat the foods, or you don’t support various industries. It’s all-inclusive, folks. You become a climate warrior yourself. You become somebody that is hell-bent on saving the planet, making amends for your transgressions. And it’s really simple the way it works because everybody wants their lives to matter.

Everybody wants to matter. It’s one of the biggest psychological hit points that marketing people use. Everybody wants to matter. Most people think their lives get lost in a massive shuffle of humanity, that they don’t stand out, that they don’t really matter. It’s caca because everybody’s life does matter. But it’s easy for people to think their individual life doesn’t, like their vote doesn’t count.

“I don’t care, Rush. You could tell me to vote, but my vote doesn’t matter.” You know people that think that. So everybody wants their lives to matter, and here come the climate change people with an instant way of making your life matter. “You can save the planet!” How could you get any more meaningful than that? So it gives them control over your job, what kind of job.

Your home, your business, your wealth. How did you earn it? How did you maintain it? Your movement, how you get around becomes subject to legislation and regulation. Your diet! Don’t laugh. They’re serious about this business of getting rid of meat and the kind of car you drive. It gives them control over virtually everything. They’re even lying about certain things.

Biden’s climate adviser is a babe named Gina McCarthy. Now, let me check something real quick. I want to check the audio sound bite roster. It just so happens that I often have audio sound bites from people I’m gonna share things with, and I want to make sure that I don’t before I tell you what she said. Okay. So Gina McCarthy said, “Climate is the most significant public health issue of our time.”

Climate is what, folks?

It’s heat, is it not?

I mean, basically climate change is the out-of-control warming of the planet that’s gonna result in rising sea levels and the drowning of cities and the drowning of your house if you live on the beach. It’s heat, is it not? So here are the stats, and the source for this is the Centers for Disease Control. Heart disease kills 33%.

Thirty-three percent of deaths in America are attributable to heart disease and 26% of deaths of all Americans are cancer related. Cold. People that die from exposure to the cold is 6.4% and increasing. The percentage of people killed by heat (i.e., they’re exposed to unhealthy high temperatures) is 0.3% and declining. Yet this babe, Gina McCarthy, went to the White House briefing room yesterday and said something provably false:

“Climate change the most significant public health issue of our time.” It’s not. It’s 0.3% and declining. Heart disease at 33% equals 923,000 people a year who succumb to heart disease. Cancer is 746,000 people. That’s 26%. People who die from exposure to cold temperatures is 6.4%, or 181,000 people. And people who die from heat — climate change — is 0.3%.

It’s not even one full percent. It’s just 0.3%, three-tenths of a percent, 8,600 people, and yet she goes to briefing room and simply lies her teeth off about climate change, and it’s because it does contain virtually everything. Now, yesterday at the White House during a press briefing, John F-ing Kerry, the special presidential envoy for climate, had his turn behind the White House microphone.

He said this about United States climate policy…

KERRY: President Biden is deeply committed, totally seized by this issue as you can tell about this executive order and — and by the other — uh, the initiative getting back in Paris immediately. That’s why he rejoined the Paris agreement so quickly, ’cause he knows it is urgent. He also knows that Paris alone is not enough. Uh, not when almost 90% of all of the planet’s emissions, global emissions, come from outside of U.S. borders. We could go to zero tomorrow, and the problem isn’t solved.

RUSH: “We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem’s not solved.” Well, if that’s the case, we go to zero emissions, which is not possible. Zero emissions tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved. So you see, there is no solution. There is only an ongoing effort which must require the regulation and control of your life. Then he got a question from the ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega.

Her question was, “You know, there certainly are oil and gas industry workers who are watching you both right now, gonna hear your message, and the takeaway to them is that they’re seeing an end to their livelihoods. You’re shutting down Keystone XL; you’re shutting down domestic drilling. What do you say to them, particularly those people who President Trump struck a chord with on the campaign trail when he promised to save their jobs, what is your message to them right now?” Now, get this answer.

KERRY: What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. Now, unfortunately, workers have been fed a false narrative. No surprise, right, for the last few years. They’ve been fed the notion that somehow dealing with climate is coming at their expense. No, it’s not. What’s happening to them is happening because of other market forces already taking place.

RUSH: Solar panels. Yes, the guy that we played the audio from who I had to jump in and save from himself, Henry Davis, Keystone XL pipeline worker, John Kerry is saying go make solar panels. You want to talk about a failing industry, solar panels? These people on the Keystone XL pipeline were making good money. And as the audio from Henry Davis illustrates, they were able to be purchasing new condominiums, homes, cars, and so forth. Everything was fine. And plus, the benefits to the country were unparalleled.

The Keystone XL pipeline was contributing to the United States becoming energy independent. So here comes John Kerry: Biden wants to make sure those people have better choices. They can be the people that go to work to make solar pan. Better choices. What’s wrong with the Keystone XL pipeline? Why do you take that choice away? Better choices? So, see, you have no idea what’s good for you.

But the bottom line is this. The Keystone XL pipeline was so successful, it runs counter to the political desires and energy efforts of the American left, so it’s got to be shut down, not to benefit the American people, and not to benefit those workers shut down and fired and then told to go build solar panels. It’s to benefit the people that make solar panels and to subsidize them because it’s not a profit generating industry without the subsidies that come from the federal government.

And all of this is happening under the guise of saving the planet because you’re destroying it. This administration is destroying jobs quicker than you could ever destroy this planet, which is something you cannot do. Now, folks, I want to tell you. This is what losing looks like. Even though you’re being told you’re winning, this is what losing looks like. And I wonder how long it’s gonna take before a lot of you get fed up and tired of losing.


RUSH: It’s patently ridiculous. John Kerry, laid off oil and gas workers got better choices? No, they’re not. They just had the Keystone XL pipeline taken away from their choice. It’s literally been taken away from them. Their choices are not being expanded, they’re being limited. Then Kerry says zero emissions won’t make a difference in climate change? What more proof do you need, then, folks, that this thing is nothing more than an issue designed to give them total regulatory control over your life?

I spent 30 years. It’s why I often say that I consider myself somewhat of a failure. I’ve spent 30 years trying to explain all this to people, and they still voted for it. A bunch of people did, millions and millions voted for it. And furthermore, now that we’ve got a Democrat in the White House, now the Pentagon is free to be who it is. You know, we’ve talked about the makeup of the kind of people in the Pentagon.

We have warrior generals; we have politically correct generals; we have generals who are used to fighting wars, defend and protect the United States; we have generals who believe everything is political correctness. So the story from TheHill.com: “Pentagon Declares Climate Change a National Security Issue.” See? Climate change is everything. Now even the Pentagon, which is charged with defending and protecting the American people, the American way of life, whatever it’s to become, now claim that climate change is a national security issue, along with domestic terrorism?

Not Antifa. Not ISIS. Don’t be confused. Domestic terrorism are these people that attacked the Capitol building on January 6th.

Biden has called a halt to border wall construction. That’s another 5,000 jobs lost. Billions of dollars in salary and wages just lost. I mean, wave the magic wand and lose American jobs.

Here is Jim in Enterprise, Alabama. We head back to the phones. I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you here. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Limbaugh. It is an honor to talk to you and listen to you for 30 years.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I was calling about the XL pipeline. I think it’s twofold. One, is probably 80% of those people are union members and those people normally vote Democrat. I think that’s gonna hurt the Democrats in 2022. But the other thing in the conspiracy is that much of the transportation of that before the pipeline is built is by railway. And who’s the biggest railway owner? That would be Mr. Warren Buffett.

RUSH: You’re talking about the railway to handle the pipeline getting oil to and from it?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. So I think it’s twofold. I think it’s gonna hurt —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. You’re saying that Warren Buffett’s in on this. You’re giving as a conspiracy theory that Warren Buffett is gonna be the big winner here because he owns the railroads that are now gonna become the method of transportation. Possibly. What worries me is that they’re not going to move this oil, that they’re gonna shut it down, not gonna move it at all, at least through the United States, in order to protect against damage, overflows, leakage, what have you.


RUSH: We have another Keystone XL pipeline worker who wants to respond to John Kerry’s claim that they can go make solar panels, that they’re giving them more choices for jobs. It’s a great thing that Kerry’s doing. By shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, the people that work there are having their job opportunities expanded like never before. Here’s this guy named Anthony Fetters, his reaction to it.

FETTERS: I think that’s great. But let’s not shut out thousands of American families that are working now waiting on those jobs to happen. Can’t we do both at the same time and —


FETTERS: — once that infrastructure gets in place, then maybe we can transition into that?


FETTERS: But in the meantime, you know, this is our livelihood. We don’t consider it a temporary job. We consider it as our career. The pump stations that we were constructing for TC Energy this year alone employed several hundred people with several hundred more to come, and once the pipeline got started — the main line — it would have employed several thousand more. So the impact to us pipeliners is huge.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. And, by the way, grab audio sound bite number… What is it that I want? What number is Jay Inslee? I thought I had it. Well, it was right in front of me; I can’t find it. (interruption) It’s number 6? Naturally the one I’m looking for is not here. Jay Inslee. Listen to him talk about this. He wants to talk about, “Well, we want to give people future job choices” or some such thing. Listen to it.

INSLEE: The other side wants to shackle people to a past in an area of declining jobs. We do not want to shackle our children to the deadweight of jobs that aren’t gonna exist 30 years from now.

RUSH: “The other side wants to shackle people to a past of an area of declining jobs. We don’t want to shackle our children to the deadweight of jobs that aren’t gonna exist…” What do you mean? You’re gonna take a job that you admit would be lasting for 30 years, and you want to take it away from people on the basis that it’s temporary?

You think that the people that worked in the horse and buggy industry would have been happy for 30 more years once the automobile was invented? For crying out loud! So this guy says, “We don’t want to shackle kids to jobs that won’t exist in 30 years.” So you’re gonna put ’em out of work. You’re gonna make them wards of the state.

You’re gonna eliminate the jobs that they have on the basis that they’re just “temporary,” 30-year “temporary” jobs. I am in my 31st or 32nd year here at the EIB Network, and Jay Inslee is saying that I shouldn’t have started this job ’cause it’s a temporary gig that was only gonna last 30 years. And, by the way, I had to work pretty hard to make it last that long. It’s a highly competitive business that I’m in. Ditto Fox News and the rest of them.

Thirty years? “We don’t want to shackle kids to be in a temporary job that’s gonna be taken away from 30 years”? In the meantime, this Keystone pipeline worker, Anthony Fetters, is right: Why can’t you do both? Here’s John Kerry back again. He’s flabbergasted that he hasn’t been greeted with bouquets of flowers for his performance yesterday at the White House press briefing.

KERRY: You can’t have an ostrich policy where you put your head in the sand and pretend that nothing (sputtering)_ going on around you matters. We have to address this. You know, God gave us the ability to be rational and logical, and as President Kennedy said, “Here on earth, God’s work is our own.” We have to do this, and we have to undertake to listen to the scientists. Respond. This is so logical; I don’t understand the opposition.

RUSH: The question was asked is, “How do we get our credibility back, Mr. Secretary, with China, Russia, and the rest of the world, because they could simply say, ‘We’ll wait ’em out. We can’t trust America anymore.’ How do you get them to take us seriously and reengage?” He’s talking about reengaging in the Paris climate accord, reengaging in the Iran nuke deal.

He’s talking about reengaging in climate change, and he thought that he was brilliant yesterday in his performance, that he would have been greeted as such. He can’t understand that there’s anybody in opposition to what he said, which is classic of the arrogance these people walk around with and routinely display.

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