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RUSH: Ted in Lynchburg, Virginia, hi. Great to have you. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, you never sounded better, Rush. God bless.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that because I feel like I’m about to lose my voice here so I’m happy to hear you say that.

CALLER: I think they’re rushing through this impeachment so they can get a disqualification vote. They’ll twist a lot of RINO arms, and then they’re gonna use that to challenge putting Trump’s name on every state ballot in 2024. They have —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Run this by me again. What do you think they’re doing?

CALLER: I think they’re trying to get a disqualification vote from the Senate that he’s disqualified from ever running for president again.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And then they’re gonna challenge every time they try to put his name on the ballot in every jurisdiction, every presidential election the party has to get his name on every state ballot.

RUSH: You think that’s why they’re hustling through with the second impeachment?

CALLER: They’re gonna try and litigate in every single state; they’re gonna challenge his name on every single ballot.

RUSH: Well, I wouldn’t disagree with that.

CALLER: And that’s gonna cost a hell of a lot of money, and it’s a huge, huge problem. I think they can twist enough RINO arms so that they think they’re within shooting distance of that; that’s why they’re gonna schedule this thing.

RUSH: Well, yeah, they have scheduled it for Monday but the one thing that… I don’t know. I guess they ignore it, or they don’t think it’s a factor. There’s always… There are always gonna be that 75 million that voted for Trump, and they’re watching all this, and they’re not just gonna sit idly by. They’re gonna be a factor in future elections.

CALLER: But that’s gonna be… See, this is gonna be litigated. This is gonna be in the court. They’re gonna challenge putting his name on the ballot in court, and you know what kind of support he got from the courts this time around.

RUSH: Well, speaking of that, I… (chuckling) So your point is that it’s not gonna be the Democrats that will have done it; it will be the courts and that it will be, therefore, legal to keep Trump’s name off ballot?

CALLER: Exactly, they’ve got a pretext. They have a pretext if the Senate passes a disqualification vote. They can’t remove him from office but they can say he’s disqualified from running again. And that’s a bogus thing. He’s got due process and equal protection claims to try and knock that down, but they’re gonna bring it up in every single state every time the Republicans try to put his name on the ballot they’re gonna challenge it in court.

RUSH: Interesting. I think that’s probably — as I listen to some of these comments that the people involved in this, like the Turtle are making, that makes sense. In fact, grab sound bite number 3. Thanks for the call, Ted. I appreciate it. I’ll keep this in mind.

Here’s McConnell. This is this morning on the Senate floor. And the Turtle is speaking about the impeachment trial against Trump. He said this.

MCCONNELL: Two dozen Democrats signed a bipartisan letter in 2017 saying our Republican majority should not break this rule by brute force. I agreed. I didn’t do it. President Trump was not happy with that. He tweeted against me numerous times because I didn’t do — put an end to the legislative filibuster So we’ll continue to request that our Democratic colleagues reaffirm this standing rule of the Senate which they have been happy to use on many occasions, I can attest.

RUSH: All right. So we’re set up here for the Democrats to steamroll the Republicans again. The Turtle here is saying, “Look, Democrats, don’t eliminate the filibuster. I didn’t do it even when Trump was tweeting mean things about me. I stood up to him, I didn’t do it; so you have a duty now to stand up too. You shouldn’t do this.” They’re gonna do it. They’re being urged to do it all over the media by no less than Ezra Klein, who left Vox and went over to the New York Times.

I have a blog post here. I think this is Hot Air. Not sure which. Headline: “How Long Before Biden’s Executive Orders Are Met With Nationwide Injunctions?” This is a piece recalling how every Trump executive order was met with a federal judge somewhere in America serving up an injunction and shutting it down, claiming Trump couldn’t do it.

“Joe Biden has been busy signing executive orders yesterday and today. During the Trump era, Democrats streamlined a process of blocking Trump’s executive orders through national injunctions,” by these federal judges. “Here’s how it worked: State Attorneys General from left-leaning states would file lawsuits in friendly courts where left-leaning and judges would promptly issue injunctions that applied to everyone.

“This started with an injunction shutting down Trump’s ban on entry for certain countries which became known as the ‘Muslim ban.’ Trump revised that executive order but that too was met with a nationwide injunction. When Trump tried to limit funds going to ‘sanctuary cities’ that was met with a nationwide injunction. When Trump wanted the Census to ask people if they were citizens, that got an injunction.”

You remember all this, right? In the first year of his presidency, every one of his executive orders the Democrats found a judge, even as far away as Hawaii, to impose an injunction and basically tell Trump that he couldn’t do what he was doing. And Trump played along with it. He tried rewriting the executive orders. He tried submitting them in friendly courts. And the Democrats kept filing injunctions, they kept finding friendly judges.

So the question is, will there be any injunctions filed by Republicans to stop any of Biden’s executive orders. Now, the person writing this blog post thinks that, yeah, this is gonna happen. The Republicans are gonna get into this, and they’re gonna give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine.


RUSH: Look at this. This is a piece at American Greatness. It’s an increasingly prominent website. Paul Gottfried here. The title of the piece, “The Mock Inauguration – Conservatives should treat the Biden-Harris Administration exactly the way the Democrats treated Trump.” And here’s a couple of pull quotes. “In brief, we are dealing with a Left that has taken decades to emerge and seize the power it now possesses. If Pat Buchanan is correct when he says, ‘the Left has it all,’ that grim success did not happen overnight. Revolutions are not single events but processes, and the Left has been moving for decades in the direction of its present ideological hegemony.

“Conservatives in Congress should treat the Biden-Harris Administration exactly the way the Democrats treated Trump’s presidency, by totally dissociating themselves from any of its actions. This resistance could have started … by ignoring the ‘mock inauguration.'”

So it’s on the table now that what ought to happen, conservatives ought to just: there’s no legitimacy to Biden, no legitimacy whatsoever. Don’t treat Biden as legitimate in any way, shape, manner, or form. That’s how the Democrats did it, and nobody got on their case. The media, the Democrats, one and the same, never once acknowledged the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. What do you think of that? Do you think they — (interruption) A quid pro quo is what’s called for here?

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