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RUSH: Lo and behold, wait ’til you hear this audio sound bite. CNN is reporting — it’s miraculous — the virus numbers are improving in 43 states, folks, since Biden was inaugurated yesterday. It’s a miracle! Oh, my goodness, are we so happy!


RUSH: It’s impossible not to be cynical, particularly when you predict these things. And I’m not alone. You probably joined me constantly in predicting that either shortly after the election or well into the Biden transition and certainly after the inauguration, why, the news media would be filled with stories of how bright it is now. Despite Plugs talking about it’s gonna be a dark winter, which he did, he warned all of us that it’s very dark out there and there’s no light in sight. We nevertheless predicted the Drive-By Media would take care of that.

And, lo and behold, I have a couple of examples here. And some of the stuff is so saccharin sweet that if you read it on your own, you would need to take diabetes medicine to lower your blood sugar. I have here a replica today of the front page of the New York Times. And I just want to share with you the headlines, and I want to ask you, when was the last time you remember any stories with headlines like this about the American president?

The top headline above the fold: “‘Democracy Has Prevailed’: Biden Vows to Mend Nation.” I don’t know what the headline was on the day after Trump’s inauguration, but I know that he was given no credit, he was given no understanding, he was given no praise whatsoever for wanting to make America great again. In fact, the news media was filled with how dangerous that was and how irresponsible it was and how impossible it was.

Democracy has prevailed. When has it not? Democracy prevailed when Donald Trump was elected president. They had to make up a four-year just destructive, damaging campaign to try to convince people that Trump stole the election with the Russians. Okay. Here’s some of the other headlines. “A President Forged by Setbacks as Much as By His Successes.” Aw. Joe Biden, man, he’s had such a tough road, such a challenging road to get where he is. Very few could have done what Plugs Biden did. “A President Forged by Setbacks as Much as By His Successes.”

“Take a measure of me and my heart,” he asks of America. So we’re supposed to look at Plugs and we’re supposed to take a measure of him, and then we do it again with his heart. Another headline. “Taking Reins of Country Torn by Crisis and Strife, Historic Leap for Harris.” Oh, yeah. Because, you know, my friends, the day is coming where she is going to be president. And they’re not talking about it, obviously, but the day is coming, and it’s arguably sooner than later. “Taking Reins of Country Torn by Crisis and Strife, Historic Leap for Harris.”

Another headline. “Transfer of Power Brings Respite to a City Where a Mob Held Sway.” We’re all safe again. The peaceful transfer of power putting Joe Biden in the Oval Office has brought a needed respite to a city where a mob held sway. Another headline. “A Call for the Return of Civility and Truth as a Guiding Light.” You remember any such headlines as these during any period of the Trump presidency? No, you don’t, because they didn’t exist.

Here’s another, Wall Street Journal. “The Biden-Harris Inauguration Fashion Signals a Strong Commitment to American Fashion.” We didn’t get one story in four years about Melania Trump and her fashion, which every first lady gets. She didn’t get a single story. She didn’t get a single magazine cover. Not Vogue, not whatever the hell they are. I don’t read ’em. But she didn’t get one. In fact, whenever it was mentioned she was usually ripped and criticized for not knowing how to wear clothes and that she was Slovenian, anyway, she had this really thick accent. She really wasn’t a good first lady. We couldn’t understand what she was saying. She didn’t want to be married to Trump anyway, they told us.

So, yeah, right here it says, “The American fashion industry is suddenly abuzz again.” Bzz bzz bzz, bzz bzz bzz bzz. Really? The American fashion industry is abuzz again? All of this is so predictable. The fashion industry is gonna be doing stories on Jill Biden. Now, to be fair, they did a big piece on Hillary and Jill Biden and Michelle (My Belle) Obama and who else was in there? Don’t remember who else. But they’re making up for lost time. Oh. Kommie. Kommie Harris. She got thrown in to the fashion coverage too.

“The American fashion industry is suddenly abuzz again. For today’s inauguration, President Joe Biden, first lady Dr. Jill Biden -” don’t forget the doctor, “– Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Douglas Emhoff have all chosen to wear the work of American designers or labels, including Ralph Lauren, Christopher John Rogers and Markarian.”

We actually have a second gentlemen who’s fashion conscious? Ahem. Okay. Fine and dandy. See. What else do we have here? There are countless stories like these. I’ll dredge them up.

Grab sound bite 24. This is CNN. This is just like moments ago within I guess last 45 minutes. John King. He was standing there at his gigantic interactive map. You know, the one they use when they counts states and electoral votes and all that on election night. Now they’re counting COVID cases and so forth. It’s just a miracle, folks, it’s just a damn miracle. And we predicted this. We predicted that after Election Day, COVID would start, start to fade away as a dominant factor. Here’s how CNN reported the fact that virus numbers, why, why, 43 states, they’re getting better. Look at all the green here on the map, he said.

KING: Green means fewer new infections now compared to a week ago. You see a lot of green on the map, 43 states trending in the right direction, meaning fewer new infections now compared to a week ago. The map does look better as the new administration takes over. This map looks good. But, again, you’re starting from a pretty horrific level when it comes to new infections. Some encouraging numbers if you’re Joe Biden.

RUSH: Ah. Which is what matters. So encouraging numbers if you’re Joe Biden. Not if you happen to have COVID. But really encouraging numbers if you are Joe Biden. See how it works? You can predict it. And it’s so predictable, they don’t even try to screw us up who are making predictions. They don’t even try. They just go ahead and do what we predict they’re going to do.


RUSH: You know, I opened the program joking about this. I opened the program joking about this, but CNN just had a little graphic on the screen: “Incoming Biden Administration Says They Can’t Find Any Evidence of Vaccine Program for COVID-19.”

Here we go. Here we go. The Biden team, like every other incoming Democrat administration, is going to point out, “Why, there’s no program! Why, there isn’t any vaccine program. Why, there’s nothing. Trump didn’t do diddly-squat!” So that’s the page that they’re trying to get everybody on and they’re trying to set now. “Man, this Trump bunch, they didn’t do jack! There isn’t a vaccine program.”

Well, if there isn’t a vaccine program, then how is anybody getting vaccinated? But that’s what it said. “Yeah, it’s not happening. There’s no vaccine program. We can’t find it.” Maybe you’re not looking hard enough. Here’s the thing. This is a big difference, and I don’t know if people remember. When Trump took office in 2017, he didn’t start out with a bunch of complaints about what he had found.

He might have referenced the fact that the Obama economy was a mess, which it was, but that was part of his campaign. He didn’t start out making excuses. Donald Trump did not begin his administration by pointing out that a bunch of people had lied to him about how bad it was. Now, I shared with you some of the New York Times headlines that ran yesterday morning and today heralding the new presidency — and Joe Biden and how syrupy, saccharin they are.

How you need diabetes medicine to avoid going into sugar shock, insulin shock. Well, I went back, and I looked at the headlines from January 21, 2017. This would be the headlines for Donald Trump’s inauguration, and the top headline above the fold: “With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift.” “Women’s March Highlights as Huge Crowds Protest Trump: ‘We Are Not Going Away.'”

That also a New York Times headline. There was this: “Defiant Voices Flood U.S. Cities as Women Rally for Rights.” The New York Times. Another headline from the New York Times: “In Trump’s Hometown a Clear Message of Defiance from Women.” The women were out in force in Queens, which is Trump’s hometown: Queens (Manhattan, maybe).

But those were the headlines. “With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout,” meaning how big the crowd was. “Women’s March Highlights as Huge Crowds Protest Trump.” (crumbling up papers) Nobody wanted this guy. Everybody voted against him. We don’t know how he became president, but everybody doesn’t like this guy! That was the message that the New York Times headlines heralded on the day after his inauguration.

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