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RUSH: Hey, Mr. Snerdley, does the name Joe Ricketts ring a bell? You know who Joe Ricketts is? Well, he’s part of the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs. But Joe Ricketts also owns TD Ameritrade in addition to being part of the family that owns the Cubs.

And I saw a story that was either yesterday or the day before that he is starting a new news network. One of his kids is the governor of Nebraska. Another one of his kids owns the Cubs, and the network that he’s starting is called Straight Arrow News.

I think it’s a television network in addition to being a website, so I’m not totally up to speed on what it is. I know it’s a TV network and it’s a website as well. And he’s a billionaire, so he’s got some money to do this. And, you know, there’s a guy I think would be great as an anchor for one of these networks that’s bopping up.

J. D. Hayworth, a former member of the House who has always been a friend of this program, J. D. Hayworth would be awesome. He’d be legitimate, he’d be an objective anchor, but he’s just a great guy, a total patriot and is exactly the kind of person that I think would make a great anchor on a news network.

And the reason this stuck out at me is because Mr. Ricketts has made it clear that this news network of his is not gonna have any bias at all. It is going to be straight up objective as is possible to be. Now, I think that’s gonna be hard. I think it’s difficult. But that’s what he said he’s gonna try, and that’s why I think J. D. Hayworth would be ideal as an anchor in that setup.

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