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RUSH: We have often shared with you the near-lunatic rantings and ravings of the New York Times columnist Thomas “Loopy” Friedman. We have a couple more from last night. CNN’s Anderson Cooper 195. “Loopy” Friedman was on as a guest, and Anderson Cooper said, “Hey, ‘Loopy,’ what does it say that the FBI feels the need to vet 25,000 National Guard troops to make sure there’s no internal threat?”

They’re scared. They want you to think they’re scared. They want you to think that the National Guard really has been infiltrated, that Trump loyalists are in there, that QAnon’s in there, and they’re gonna wreak havoc, and it could blow up the whole inauguration. “What can we do, Thomas? What does it say the FBI feels the need to vet the National Guard people on duty?”

FRIEDMAN: Ideas don’t just win. They require power to win. You know, bin Laden was powerful. And what we’re gonna need here is Republicans, conservatives, to take on these ideas. There’s got to be a war of ideas within conservatism to actually root this out. And it’s gonna take a real war of ideas within the conservative movement. The Liz Cheneys. We have to defend them, we have to protect them, we have to enable them, because they are taking the risks. They’re the Muslims, the democrats who took a risk and took on bin Laden and his ideas.

RUSH: Holy smokes. Folks, are you following this? You are no different than the people in radical Islam looking up to bin Laden. Trump is bin Laden, Trump is ISIS, and Thomas “Loopy” Friedman has been fighting these people his whole life. He understands that there needs to be a war of ideas within the conservative movement and Liz Cheney has to be defended.

We gotta protect these radical conservatives — we have to enable ’em — ’cause they’re taking a risk, just like Muslims who denounced bin Laden. Any of these people denouncing Trump, we gotta give ’em cover. So he’s calling for a war within conservatism. He says that the left must back conservatives that fight Trump just like Muslims who were against bin Laden, and the next bite, I want you to listen to him describe the American media.

FRIEDMAN: Rupert Murdoch, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg. What the hell are you people doing? What do we have to do to get the you to realize that these ideas have been mainlined into people now so far, so deep that we’ve had to check the National Guard to see who has been infected or not. The liberal press — you, I — we’ve been mobilized. We are so mobilized against Trump. And if everyone’s just been just on total edge, we’ve got to all calm down. We’ve also got to understand the stakes. If you are purveying conspiracy theories, you are an enemy of the nation — and if I see you on the street, if I see you at a conference, I am going to call you out.

RUSH: Oooh, man, am I frightened. I might be called out by Thomas Friedman! What could that mean for my career? What could it mean for yours, to be called out by Thomas “Loopy” Friedman? So what he’s doing here in that bite, he is justifying the way the liberal media has been mobilized against Trump.

He’s justifying what the media has taken on as its responsibility and to hell with objectivity. To hell with fairness. None of that. No. Trump is so bad and his supporters are so bad, we have to destroy them no matter how we do it and no matter what we do. That’s our new calling. To hell with journalistic principles. To hell with fairness. To hell with any of that. These people pose a very real threat. And we gotta take ’em out however we do it.

He’s asking Rupert Murdoch — that’s Fox News — Sheryl Sandberg and Zuckerberg of Facebook, where the hell are you people? Why aren’t you on the same page as Thomas “Loopy” Friedman? Why don’t you get it? What do we have to do to get you to realize these ideas have been mainlined into people now?

So again, folks, it’s the same thing they’ve been saying since this program began. Since August of 1988 you in this audience are nothing more than mind-numbed robots. You are incapable of thinking for yourself. You do not know what to think or do or how to vote until you get your ideas from me. You don’t know who to vote for, you don’t know how to talk, you don’t know how to say things until you get marching orders from me.

They’ve been attempting to establish that as a norm, as a reality since August 1st of 1988. They have failed miserably. The audience has continued to grow and is continuing to grow at geometric proportions. But they have convinced a whole lot of American leftists not to even try the program. They have convinced people that this is just mind-numbed robotville for a number of years. It hasn’t stopped our audience growth, but it has limited it, I have to admit.

So for 30 what, 31, 32 years they have been attempting to destroy the reputation of this program by destroying the reputation of people that listen to it, by destroying the reputation of the host. That would be me. And they have failed. But they’ve not given up. You heard “Loopy” Friedman say that it remains the number one objective, that they must continue to try.

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