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RUSH: We have Fred in Cleveland. Fred, you’re next. It’s great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Good day, Rush. I’d first like to thank you for the free education, for your commitment to America, and for the memories.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You’re the best, and Godspeed to you, my friend.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay. My question for you is, we have two lines of defense left, as I see it, the church, which is fading fast, and talk radio, which is holding strong. How do we keep those two entities from being destroyed in the next year?

RUSH: All right, now, the church. I am so glad you mentioned these two. I am an expert in one of them.


RUSH: That would be talk radio. The church, you’re gonna have to get to the ministerial level, and just like I informed people just now about the phoniness of a phishing attack that is designed to get you to open up your computer to hackers, you’re gonna have to get to the minister and beg him for a spine to maintain the principles of the church’s religion, that they are nonnegotiable and that they are not to be changed under pressure, and that’s why you’re a member of the church. Because the church and its teachings reach you. The church and its teachings are what give you comfort. They help you to answer questions to which there are no answers as human beings on earth. And you need the church to continue to fulfill that role.

You don’t need the church to be woke. You don’t need the church to be any part of the earthly social justice movement. That’s not why you go to the church. You’re not looking for the church to have a role there. In talk radio, there’s a single thing that everybody who listens to talk radio can do. Let me ask you a question. What is the most often used attempt to destroy a talk radio show on radio or TV? What is the most often used technique?

CALLER: You’re asking me?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Holy cripe. I don’t know.

RUSH: It’s sponsor boycotts.

CALLER: Oh, right, right, right. Okay.

RUSH: Sponsor boycotts.


RUSH: Well, you should know by now as a regular listener that it’s all made up.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We have proven that sponsor boycotts are made up. We’ve told you, I’ve told you countless times the people running those scams are 10 people making themselves look like 150,000 people, and they’re sending out form emails to advertisers claiming that they’re never gonna buy the product again, and they never have bought it in the first place. They don’t live in the state or city where the business is. They’re simply using intimidation. And they’re trying to get businesses to feel guilty about being associated with the so-called reprobate host. It’s all lies. It’s all made up more often than not.

And so if you’re serious about protecting talk radio, the next time you hear of any host who’s being targeted by way of a sponsor boycott, do not participate in it. And, in fact, mobilize yourself and your friends to oppose it, to give people the strength and the confidence to oppose it. That’s the most often used technique. I think there will be additional techniques used based on what I’m hearing about how they’re going to try to deplatform people on Facebook and Twitter and so forth, but for now avoid the sponsor boycotts.

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