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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked henchmen are revealing the real agenda behind the Democrat party’s ridiculous second bite at the impeachment apple.

Impeachment Manager, Congressman Joaquin Castro, Democrat, Texas, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that one of the reasons behind the re-impeachment of President Trump is so he can’t “run for federal office again.” So he won’t be able to “seek the presidency.”

Another Pelosi henchman, Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin — this guy is a real oddball. He told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the Constitution “talks about conviction, removal, and disqualification from holding further public office.”

Apparently, these Democrats don’t have the attention span to actually read and comprehend the Constitution. Because there’s no provision for what they’re trying to do. The Constitution provides the mechanism for sitting presidents and other officials to be impeached while they are in office. Nothing allows someone who’s out of office to be impeached retroactively. Impeaching a private citizen was never contemplated, and the mechanism doesn’t exist.

Normally, that would mean something. But Democrats look at the Constitution as a bunch of suggestions, instead of as the framework of our laws. They twist and bend it – or just ignore it when it doesn’t give them the outcome they want. If they keep going with this fake impeachment, it should end up at the Supreme Court where, hopefully, the Constitution still has meaning. Hopefully. We don’t even have any confidence in that, sadly.

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