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RUSH: You know, what are these people afraid of? I think I know. But wait ’til you hear this. Did it print out here? Let me get this. This just reported in the Independent U.K. That’s the U.K. Independent newspaper in Britain. “Hundreds of Writers and Book Agents Sign Joint Letter…” Hundreds, now. “Hundreds of Writers and Book Agents Sign Joint Letter Demanding Publishing Industry Bans Trump Memoir

“More than 250 [people signed it and] say there should be no book deals for ‘an administration that caged children’ and encouraged a ‘coup.'” Now, folks, look. I’m finding it necessary to be very serious for much of the program, and it’s not a strange place. Don’t misunderstand. You know it’s not. What I mean by it is, so many people are calling, and they’re opening their calls by acknowledging that they are praying.

Their families are praying for me and my family over my medical circumstances, and I want everybody to know that I sincerely appreciate it when every caller does it. And I’m not trying to send a signal to any of you on the phones not to do it. Don’t misunderstand. But I don’t want to ever sound like it’s just expected that I would say thank you.

I want my gratitude to be understood, to be entirely profoundly serious and deeply appreciated. And just saying “thank you, thank you very much,” when people say that they’re praying, I have a little concern that it might not sound as I interpret it and feel it. It’s incredible to me, and just saying “thank you, thank you very much” runs the risk of making the gratitude sound pro forma when that’s the last thing it is.

‘Cause I believe that all of you who are calling and beginning your calls with the acknowledgment of prayer for my benefit and on my behalf, I know you mean it; I know you’re doing it, and I know that it’s deeply personal. Prayer is a deeply personal and serious thing to you. And I don’t want my acknowledgment or my way of saying “thanks” to sound like, as I say, it’s just pro forma. I’m deeply appreciate it of all of it.

And just like this: “Hundreds of Writers and Book Agents Sign Joint Letter Demanding Publishing Industry Bans Trump Memoir — More than 250 signatories say there should be no book deals for ‘an administration that caged children’…” That didn’t happen. You know, this is a very serious thing. That did not happen.

Donald Trump didn’t cage any kids. The pictures that were used to show migrant children in cages were taken in 2014 during the Obama administration. It was the Obama administration which set up holding tanks, holding pens that looked like cages. Trump did not do it! These people consider themselves to be manifestly brilliant and smart and educated, and they are ignoramuses.

They haven’t the slightest idea what they’re talking about — and if they do, if they’re knowingly lying, it makes them even worse. “Encouraged a ‘coup'”? When did Trump encourage a coup? Trump was the victim of a coup, a four-year coup that was started by his own administration. The Obama administration cooked it all up before Trump had even taken the oath of office, they tried to undermine his campaign.

Then they tried to undermine his transition period. And then they tried and are still trying to undermine his presidency. Four years and counting. They are the authors of a coup. They are the people who did everything they could — with no evidence whatsoever — to ruin Donald Trump, to ruin his life, to ruin his career, to ruin his reputation, to ruin his family.

I’ll tell you something, folks. I had a sense of foreboding on the night before inauguration. He looked like a man alone to me. He was with his family. They had a specific celebration planned, and they did it. They executed it. And it included one of my all-time favorite patriotic songs: The Battle Hymn of the Republic. I thought, “I would have played that.”

If I were being inaugurated president tomorrow, I would make sure this song was played at any celebration surrounding my inauguration. I thought it was uncanny that Trump had chosen this. He and his entire family were seated outside. I think it was the Lincoln Memorial where this song was played, and he and the family got up, and they walked, and they accepted the applause.

They weren’t alone, but they were. You could tell that the normal attendees at something like this were nowhere to be found. The Washington establishment was nowhere to be found. They were plotting already their continued steps to undermine Donald Trump. And I keep reminding everybody: Donald Trump didn’t need to do any of this. Do you understand…? I know you do.

Do you understand the profundity that this is? He didn’t need any of this. He lived what anybody would have called a great life. He was wealthy. He had everything he wanted at his fingertips. He was a media star. He was a television personality and star. He was a real estate magnate. He had everything in the world. He did not need any grief in his life, particularly at, what, age 70?

But he did it, and he knowingly did it, because his campaign was two years, 2015 to 2016. He knew what he was in store for, and he could have figured out a way to lose this. Well, maybe he couldn’t have. I mean, with the Access Hollywood tape and some of the other things that he survived, no other politician in history would have, but he did.

But, folks, he didn’t need any of this. He didn’t. Look at where he is. They are not stopping until they literally destroy his life and the lives of his kids, his family. They’re not gonna stop. Why? They ran whatever game they ran; they defeated him in 2020. What’s the point of going further?

Well, the point of going further is to make sure that nobody else decides to get this idea and try it themselves, because this is what awaits you. If you run against the Washington establishment and you think that you can beat them, this is what awaits you: Total human annihilation and destruction. You, your family, and whoever. We don’t care; we will ruin you.

And still, he fought back against it all. He didn’t need any of it. To me this is proof positive that he believed in every aspect of his agenda. He believed in American greatness. He believed that he could Make America Great Again, and what that meant — and it doesn’t mean white supremacy. It doesn’t mean anything to do with race.

It has to do with making America the greatest damn country on the face of the earth for everybody who lives here. Make America Great Again features no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, because it’s all in the Constitution, and we cherish and believe the Constitution. But he didn’t need any of this. I think that is the single greatest point that can be made.

Some people say, “Well, Rush, you know, you seek this kind of office, you gotta expect this kind of stuff.” Maybe so. I’m just telling you 99% of us, folks, we could not put up with this. We wouldn’t have been able to deal with this for two weeks, much less four years and counting. But Donald Trump never checked out. He never got afraid, never said, “Sorry, gang. I can’t keep this up.” He never abandoned anybody.

And he didn’t do anything they accused him of doing. He did not cage children. He did not encourage a coup. The letter that these book agents signed is entitled, “No book deals for traitors.” He’s not a traitor. He is the epitome of the exact opposite of a traitor. Man, oh, man. It’s hurtful to have to go through and chronicle all this.

Anyway, the night before Trump’s inauguration he and the family are — you could just tell. They’re happy, they’re doing a great thing, they’re celebrating. I don’t know how many of them thought they would actually accomplish by winning the presidency, but they were still all alone. And the program that they put together featuring the Battle Hymn of the Republic, I mean, the epitome of patriotic music. And it was just — I don’t know — looking at the televised account of it, it hit me how alone the Trump family was because of who wasn’t there to celebrate with them.

And you look at the Trump agenda, the Make America Great agenda, the things that it was oriented around. It succeeded in reviving the parts of America that had been allowed to fritter away into worthlessness, the American economy, American foreign trade deals and relations, rebuilt all of that, got a handle on the border, fulfilled every campaign promise and then some.

And now 250 book agents say nobody should ever grant this guy the right to publish a memoir because no book deals for traitors, he caged children, encouraged a coup. These people are dumbass ignoramuses. And if they know they’re lying, they’re even worse.


RUSH: Yeah, I’m just sitting here thinking about something. This story here from the U.K. Independent, 250 signatories say there should be no book deals for Donald Trump because he caged children, encouraged a coup. It’s fine, however, for the president who sat around and let four people get killed at our embassy in Benghazi write a book every three months and get paid millions to do television shows on Netflix. That would be Barack Hussein Obama. That’s perfectly fine.

You want to talk about caging kids, it was Obama’s administration that did that. You want to talk about Benghazi and four people who died because they would not bother to be defended. And you gotta throw Hillary Clinton on this pile of rot as well because she was right there, doing nothing about it, and she gets to write as many books as she damn well pleases, and they pay her more than would ever be generated by actual sales of those books, because nobody buys her books, other than unions who are making prearranged block purchases for the hell of it.

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