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RUSH: The former Senate Majority leader, Tom “Puff” Daschle (that’s a takeoff on rapper’s nicknames) just slithered out of his political cave to deliver a stern warning to his fellow Democrats.

Puff says that impeaching Trump is a big mistake. With control of the Senate so tenuous, it will hamper work on crucial issues and it will galvanize Trump supporters. Puff says that he would have preferred a censure vote.

This proves how out of touch Tom Daschle is with today’s Democrat party. The House Democrats who passed that stupid impeachment article last week don’t care about “working on crucial issues.” Nancy Pelosi held up a coronavirus package for eight months just to stick it to Trump. She didn’t care who got hurt in the process.

The last thing these spiteful Democrats worry about is what Trump supporters think. Democrats don’t care if the Trump base will be “galvanized” by this latest impeachment farce; it doesn’t matter a bit to them.

There are no grownups in today’s Democrat Party. The only thing Democrats are interested in is pursuing their abject hatred for Trump and his family. They’re not going to let anybody, or anything, get in their way. They want Trump gone now and forever. And they are intent on making sure he can never run for public office again and that nobody gets the idea to try what he tried. This is about satisfying blood lust hatred and making sure this never, ever happens again.

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