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RUSH: There’s a guy writing from the U.K. Guardian. His name is Fintan O’Toole, and I want to read just an excerpt from what he wrote yesterday. This guy is a classic hate-filled, radical leftist. “If Biden were to write this now, it would read as a heavy-handed political metaphor. He is about to fulfill an ambition that has driven him for half a century by assuming the presidency of the United States.”

So you see, we’re to believe that what is going to be happen to Biden is he’s gonna be inaugurated as president, and it is a lifelong dream. It’s a passion. It is something that Biden has devoted himself to. It’s an honorable thing. It’s a great thing. Joe Biden is about to accomplish… This is not true! Biden has never thought this was possible.

He ran for the presidency twice because it was the next thing to do, but he has never really believed that he was gonna be elected, including this time, I don’t believe, unless they advised him on the methods that they were going to employ to secure his election. But the guy didn’t campaign like he thought he was gonna win.

He didn’t do anything that made anybody believe that he literally even thought he was a serious candidate in all of this. So that’s the first thing this guy, Fintan O’Toole, tries to make us think is that Biden is the result of a lifelong dream, which, of course, legitimizes a lifelong passion, something that Biden has devoted his political life to, sacrifice and everything, blah, blah, blah.

“Donald Trump’s demented last days have washed away the illusion of the U.S. as a stable, settled democracy.” The illusion. “Donald Trump’s demented last days have washed away the illusion of the U.S. as a stable, settled democracy.” We’re none of this. We never have been. And now the world can see the truth as it’s always been. We are not “a stable, settled democracy.” It took Trump to prove it.

And then this: “On 6 January, a date that will live long in American infamy, all the entitled rage of the white nativism that Trump has channeled finally burst through the seawalls that protected the illusion of a healthy, functioning republic.” So, in other words, you Trump supporters are white supremacists, you’re white nativists, and everything you’re doing in support of Trump is because you are white supremacists first.

You are white nativists. In other words, you hate people of color, and you don’t want people of color anywhere in your country, and you are doing what you can to take this country back from all of the people who are not white that you hate and can’t stand. Folks, this is so beyond the pale. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of Republicans.

I do not know a single one of them who is informed by, motivated by, inspired by anything sort of like white supremacism, supremacy, white nativism. I don’t know anybody who believes any of this. It’s made up. To the extent there might be some people, they are such a small number, it’s not even worth paying them any attention. They have to be lied about in daily news reports to get people to even be frightened of it.

It’s simply not a factor in defining the Republican Party or Trump supporters or the MAGA movement. It’s not even a factor. And yet here’s this guy, Fintan O’Toole, “all the entitled rage of the white nativism that Trump has channeled finally burst through the seawalls that protected the illusion of a healthy, functioning –” All that happened on the 6th of January when there was, of course, the protest at the Capitol.

And the protest at the Capitol, which we now know was organized by leftists and promoted by leftists, that supposedly was nothing but a bunch of you people, you white supremacists tried to take your country back. This is sick. But it gets reported unchallenged at most places. It’s just allowed to sit out there and stew a pot of hate and fear which otherwise would not exist were it not for the lies in these kinds of reports.

I think it’s sick. It is absolutely sick that there are people who look at traditional American patriots as white supremacists, as white nativists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyway, I’m sorry to sound so irritated by it, but I literally can’t pretend that it doesn’t bother me. Here’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Audio sound bite number 22. This is back on Friday. She had a virtual town hall talking about Trump supporters.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: There are people who are radicalized right now, and it is going to take a very long time, um, and it’s going to take a long time and a lot of effort, um, to deradicalize those people.

RUSH: Yeah. See? See?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Now, that is not to say that all hope is lost.

RUSH: Oh, good.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: We probably need to —

RUSH: Good.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: — double, triple, quadruple, um, or increase funding for these —


OCASIO-CORTEZ: — deradicalization programs.

RUSH: We need more money. We need to increase funding. The magic words for every Democrat idea, we need to increase funding, we need to spend more money, we need to be given more money. It’s gonna take a very long time, a lot of effort to deradicalize. She’s talking about white supremacy here, folks. She’s talking about white nativism, the same people that this Fintan O’Toole of the U.K. Guardian’s talking about.

This is just an abjectly sick bunch of garbage these people are putting out there, and it’s designed to scare Millennial kids, predominantly Millennial women who have been hijacked and have bought this notion that white America is guilty, that white America needs to pay a price, that white America is white supremacy and white nativism. It’s the ultimate playing of the race card. Nothing could be further from the truth than all this.

Let me get started on the phones. I meant to get to phones in the previous hour. Didn’t happen so gonna make up for that now. Carolyn in Mayfield, Kentucky, great to have you. You are up first today. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking me on the phones today. And you were talking about the fear. As a more conservative person, I find that these people are causing a lot of fear. And the fear is something I’m feeling because I see where the country is going. Between the media given the one side, the freedom of speech going out the window. And people are forgetting what actual patriotism is. People are forgetting what our country was meant to be. And if the Democrats had worked with President Trump, we would have been —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Let me correct you on one thing, Carolyn. They’re not forgetting anything. It’s taken them two generations to get us to this point, and they have done it in the public education system as well as the American higher education system. There has been almost a plodding, patient effort to propagandize young people, starting in middle school, even earlier than that. You could even say back into kindergarten.

But there’s been an effort to reprogram them into thinking America is a racist hellhole, that it always has been, and that white people present the greatest problem in an ongoing America. And they have succeeded. Millennials today are the first group of generational people to actually sign on to this in majority numbers. But it’s not that people are forgetting anything. They’re being taught this, and they’re accepting it. They’re believing it.

CALLER: I know teachers that are afraid to teach or even speak to their fellow teachers about any conservative
viewpoint —

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: — because they will lose their jobs. They will get called out on social media.

RUSH: That’s right. No, that’s exactly right. That’s a form of intimidation, to silence people. They’ve done the same thing with teachers and parents. They’ve got parents afraid to complain. And this is not new. Parents are afraid to complain about anything being done to their kids in school. They’re afraid that their grades will be hijacked, their grades will be damaged, they won’t be able to get into college.

And so parents are just standing idly by and letting this propagandizing happen because they’re deciding that “better that than my kid not being able to get an education.” Which, of course, is counterintuitive, but that’s how they look at it. It’s not a nitpick. It’s not that people are forgetting anything. It’s that they’re being lied to, Carolyn. They are being propagandized into believing something totally untrue about their country. And that’s something they’ve been, as I say, plodding patiently toward for 50 years and it’s ongoing.


RUSH: Here is James in Edison, New Jersey. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Okay, thank you. And I’d just like to comment on what happened on January 6th in the morning. And since I’ve been listening, I have my son and all his friends, you know, they’re all homeschooling. And they found you live streaming; so they’re all listening in a room, listening to me speak to you. They do have your book. I hope they read them, or if they haven’t yet, maybe, guys, you can read them. ‘Cause they’ve been listening to you for part of their homeschooling day.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. I really do. That’s cool.

CALLER: Well, you can buy his books and —

RUSH: Let me jump forward here because I’m the pro and you’re the amateur in this arrangement. I mistakenly misread the clock. I’m down to 15 seconds left, and what James is calling about here is what happened on January 6th. He’s very worried of the long-term stain that this is going to put on the Republican Party, on us, and he wants to know where the movement is going as a result of this. He doesn’t think that there’s anything good in this. And James, I’m gonna answer this on tomorrow’s program. I’ll make myself a reminder and a note. I’m glad you called. Thank you very, very much.

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