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RUSH: I went back, folks. I want to get a… Just to show you what I’m talking about, we went back to a flashback. January 20th, 2017. This is Inauguration Day. I want you to hear this. This is a World News Tonight report, David Muir is the infoguy. He’s the anchor. He’s talking to correspondent David Kerley about the protests against Trump and his inauguration.

Now, when you listen to this, what you have to notice is the support to the protesters in these two guys reporting on it. You have to notice the sympathy they have for the protesters. There’s not one bit of concern about any of this. Here we go…

MUIR: Not everyone gathered here in Washington today came to celebrate President Trump’s inauguration. Protesters lined part of the parade route and in some parts of the capital there were confrontations with police. And tomorrow here in Washington a women’s march and demonstrations planned across this country. ABC’s David Kerley witnessed the protests firsthand!

PROTESTERS: (unintelligible screaming)

KERLEY: The anger reaching a boiling point in the nation’s capital after President Trump took the oath of office.

POLICE: (gunshots)

KERLEY: Police in riot gear facing off against the protesters just six blocks from the inaugural parade!

RUSH: You hear any concern? Do you hear any real worry? Do you hear any reporting that we might need to bring out the National Guard, we might need to bring out the military, we might need to bring out people to stop this; this has gonna gotten out of hand? No, no, no, none of that.

What you heard here is support for the protests. What you heard here is support for the Women’s March.

These are the women wearing the vagina hats and the demonstrations planned across the country. They were planned. It was just the women waiting for the marching orders, waiting for the go signal, and they got it within minutes of Trump being inaugurated. They didn’t waste a second of time to make it look like this country wanted no part of what had just happened at the ballot box, they want no part of Donald Trump being president.

And this report promotes that, promotes that way of thinking. There’s not one bit of concern. Nothing in this report that would make you think they think there needs to be National Guard rolling out, that there needs to be razor wire fences around Trump and his inauguration. None of that.

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