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RUSH: Murray in Livermore, Colorado. Great to have you, Murray. I’m glad you waited. How you doing?

CALLER: Oh, thank you. Bucket list done. Talking to the greatest broadcaster in American history.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that, Murray. Thank you very much. I really do appreciate that. I don’t take those compliments lightly at all. I really do appreciate it. Thank you.

CALLER: And free radio is where it’s at. I’m calling you today as a brokenhearted free American. And I did note this morning when I got up it was Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday and birthday. And I lament the fact that it’s hard to find anybody, let alone to acknowledge it, but to play any of his talent on loan from God speeches, which did more for America in eliminating racism than any man in the history of our country other than Abraham Lincoln and General Grant.

But I am really broken. You know, Morgan Freeman, like you, put his finger on it. The only reason that racism exists in America is because people like the Democratic Party and all of these demagogues keep talking about it. The black actor Morgan Freeman put his hand on it. The interviewer couldn’t believe it. And all we can do as brokenhearted Americans is call each other and say I think the only solution is to keep on praying for Donald Trump and Darryl Strawberry and all of the great Christian men and women who supported this great country throughout the generations.

RUSH: What is it that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said that you don’t think people remember or understand or got in the first place?

CALLER: Well, his whole basis was as a Christian pastor and minister, legitimate, was that he derived his inspiration from God and was not afraid nor ashamed, nor did he depart from that example. That is taboo in the leftist society. Anybody that gets their inspiration and tries to use their platform from God and references thereof does not gain any credibility. They want to put it down. That’s our only hope, is what Dr. King was promoting and doing by example.

RUSH: Well, I have to agree with you. Dr. King, one of his most famous passages was that he hoped that his kids someday would grow up in a country where — I’m paraphrasing — the content of their character was the single greatest determining factor about the kind of people they were, rather than the color of their skin. Now, Dr. King — and I have no problem saying this at all — Dr. King would not recognize the modern iteration of the Democrat Party. He did believe in nonviolence. And he might have had a political motivation now and then of playing, throwing down the race card, but that was not who he was. It was not the defining thing about Dr. King. And so much is being done in his name that he never supported. I think he would be shocked, probably is.

But it’s kind of like saying the same of JFK. JFK would not be welcomed into the Democrat Party today. JFK believed in tax cuts, for example, and a whole lot of other conservative economic principles. And yet all of these things that the Democrat Party supposedly believes in are being done in the name of people like JFK, but more importantly, Dr. King. And I’m telling you Dr. King would not recognize the Democrat Party today. And I have no compunction saying that he wouldn’t want any part of it, or a large part of it.

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