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RUSH: I don’t mean to pound this into the dirt, and I don’t mean to make a self-flagellation thing about it, but none of this — oh, I can’t say “none of this.” But the Democrats would not have had this easy a time if there had just been a better understanding on the part of the American people of what liberalism was and what it was on the way to becoming.

We’re full-fledged communism now. We got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now saying that she wants the social media companies to censor all conservative media. We gotta clean up media by getting rid of conservative media. We gotta clean up America by getting rid of conservatism, and she’s asking that the media be the people responsible for making this all this all happen. Which is not a surprise. The media is no different than a Democrat, is no different than anywhere else you find a leftist.

So, where are we? Well, the Democrats and 10 Republicans — and Pelosi just finished. She had a press conference, her live press conference. She was touting a bipartisan impeachment. Bipartisan impeachment. Liz Cheney was one of 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, giving Pelosi that talking point. A bipartisan impeachment. Man, the disloyalty that is on display here. Here we have a Republican president for the first time in 15 years that has actually gotten anything done, a Republican president who advanced a conservative Republican agenda for the first time in I don’t know how long — Reagan — and the party throws him overboard, can’t wait to be part of his destruction.

In exchange for what? Becoming part of the establishment and being permanent second-tier losers? With honor. Losing with honor, losing with dignity. Good Lord. Look at the record of achievement for Donald Trump in the first three years before the pandemic hit. The economy alone, and they’re destroying the guy, and they have to because they’ve got to destroy that legacy. They’ve gotta destroy that record ’cause it’s in direct contradiction to what the Democrats and Biden and all of them in the media are now promoting.

So the Democrats and 10 Republicans have impeached Trump a second time. And it means nothing. It’s no different than being called a racist by these people. They’ve done that so often that it’s lost its impact, but they keep doing it. They keep throwing the race card. It has about the same relevance these days as winning a Nobel Peace Prize has. The Nobel Peace Prize has been destroyed. The substance, the honor that it represents, that’s gone.

If I recall correctly, Pelosi once said the Democrats could impeach President Trump for anything at any time. And I think we just saw that proven. This impeachment article — there’s one article. It never really says what Trump did wrong. Everybody is out saying that he incited an insurrection. Never mind that the entire, quote, unquote, invasion of the Capitol began 20 minutes before Trump’s speech began. How does that work? If Trump’s responsible for this, how can it be — and, by the way, we now have evidence by way of admission that an Antifa operative was at the forefront of this insurrection. Antifa. Which the Democrats and the media claim had nothing to do with this. Got this guy admitting it.

CNN has unwittingly even admitted that that happened. The rioters began attacking the Capitol 20 minutes before Trump began his so-called insurrection speech. Now, we were among the first to point out here, Trump never said anything in his speech about attacking the Capitol. He never said a word about attacking the Capitol. If he had, as we said earlier this week, you would have never been able to miss this. They would have had it on an endless audio-video loop. But that loop doesn’t exist because Trump never said it. Trump never said anything in his speech about attacking the Capitol.

Again, if he had, you would be seeing it replayed in a loop over and over and over again by the Drive-By Media. Now we’re supposed to believe that Trump incited insurrection by saying the election was stolen. That’s what they want to get across. That’s the same thing kind of controversy that that Jack Rasputin guy at Twitter used to justify getting rid of Trump’s account because he said the election was stolen. Oh, no, that’s an incitement to violence, Twitter said. We can’t have that.

You know, one of the people that’s been saying the 2016 election was stolen was Eric Swalwell. Nancy Pelosi made him an impeachment manager. So he can say the 2016 election was stolen, all the Democrats can, and the FBI can work with the intelligence agencies to create a gigantic coup made up of one lie after another, and nobody calls it insurrection. Nobody’s worried about how it is motivating Democrats to act and behave. Nobody says a word about it. They make Swalwell an impeachment manager.

After that happened Swalwell has now compared Trump so Osama Bin Laden. This from a guy who has been bang-banging Fang Fang, Chinese spy – that’s her name, right? Bang Bang, Bang Fang, Wang Fang, whatever it is. Well, Swalwell was banging her. Swalwell was banging Fang Fang, and he’s running around talking about how Trump is Osama Bin Laden, and he’s out there Fang Fanging a ChiCom spy.

You know, totalitarians from Stalin to Mao Tse-tung — you know what I noticed the other day by way? Do you know Harold Ford? You know who Harold Ford is? Well, Harold Ford is a commentator, he’s an analyst from Fox. He shows up on Bret Baier’s hour. He shows up in a number of Fox shows as, what do they call them, contributor. And he’s like everybody else, he’s doing his remote shots from home because of COVID, the pandemic and all that. His camera shot the other night included a painting that he has above his fireplace in his home. Now, Harold Ford I think lives in New York because he’s got some things with Wall Street. Do you know who the painting is of?

Mao Tse-tung. (interruption) No. Why would I kid about it? (interruption) I’ll find the photo. I’ll find the photo. I’ll give it to Brian, we’ll put it on the Dittocam. It will take me awhile during the break to get it. (interruption) Yeah. (interruption) He’s got — and I’ve never seen this angle before. You know, Harold Ford, when he does his spots on Fox, you don’t see this portrait hanging above the fireplace, camera angle doesn’t get it. He’s got a portrait of Mao Tse-tung. It’s a gigantic portrait, just as big as the fireplace. The guy was only a mass murderer, cultural revolutionist.

Anyway, people like Mao, people like Stalin, the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, Xi Jinping, they’ve always accused their political opponents of leading an insurrection. That’s how they roll. That’s how they operate. And the same thing is happening here. I think this business of impeaching Trump — there’s a part of me that says I don’t think the Democrats could have done anything better than impeach Trump a second time because it proves how unhinged their jihad has been against him from day one. One impeachment’s not enough? You gotta do it a second time with one article that is about insurrection, which Trump did not do.

On the other hand, it requires the American people to have a certain degree of understanding and awareness, and they may not have that, so maybe the Democrats get away with this. But have you noticed, folks, there are fewer and fewer places where you can talk freely about what’s going on? And if the Democrats and Rasputin Jack and what’s-his-face over at Facebook, if they have their way, there won’t be any places left where you can speak truth to power.

The left used to pretend that was important to them. That’s when they weren’t in power. (interruption) That Mao painting is by Andy Warhol. Well, that means it wasn’t cheap. If the Mao painting above the fireplace at Harold Ford’s New York abode is by Andy Warhol, it means it wasn’t cheap and it might mean that there is a painting of a Campbell’s soup can on the other side of the Mao painting. You ever seen a guy get rich painting a can of Campbell’s soup? That’s Andy Warhol. He did that. So I guess blocking people from being able to express their opinions is what Democrats mean by healing. Anyway, it is breathtaking to observe what’s going on.

Try this headline: “25,000 Troops, Officers Securing D.C., Joe Biden Inauguration — 5x as Many as Stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan.” Do you believe this? You know, it’s too bad they didn’t try this in Seattle and Portland a year ago. Twenty-five thousand troops and officers to secure Washington. I thought Biden was popular. I thought this is what the American people wanted. I thought the American people voted overwhelmingly for Biden to be president. Why in the world do you need 25,000 troops and officers to secure Washington? And they’re not gonna allow anybody there.

“The pentagon’s putting 20,000 National Guard on the streets of Washington in the wake of the assault on the Capitol.” This is in support of the Metropolitan Police Department, the U.S. Capitol Police for the inauguration of Plugs Biden. “That’s in addition to more than 6,000 officers who are part of the U.S. Capitol Police who are officers with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.” So that’s more than 25,000 members of law enforcement personnel being deployed. That’s five times the number of United States military deployed at present in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Man. Is that not sobering, for the inauguration of a new president, something this country has, on balance, celebrated. I mean, up until 2016, we had had peaceful transfers of power. 2016 was the first time that that failed to happen. And it is still happening today. Yeah, here it is, a CNN story. Did CNN accidentally prove that Trump did not call for violence at the Capitol? Yes, they did.

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