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RUSH: Folks, we simply cannot overlook how much Trump went through, how much he endured for the people and our great country when he didn’t have to. I keep making this point. Donald Trump — whatever you think of him today, whatever you think of his personality, whatever you think of his countenance, his morality, whatever, he didn’t need any of this.

He did not have to do any of this. He had what anybody would consider to be a pretty great life before he decided to seek office. (Pardon the sniffles again. They’re permanent, folks. Sorry, but they are.) He and his family were treated horribly every day for four years. Now, you can say, “Rush, they did ask for it. They sought power.”

Okay. I’ll grant that anytime in any country like ours where freedom is supposedly the name of the game, if you seek power, yeah, they can examine you. I fully understand it. But they didn’t have to put up with what they put up with. I mean, it was so far beyond the pale. They were given a media anal exam the likes of which has never been seen, including by Richard Nixon and Ronaldus Magnus.

And in all of this noise, I won’t forget, nor should you, the good that was done under the constant incoming fire and criticism. He did put America first. He put belief in people, that our country is special and worth building up, first. He didn’t waste any time on cutting down America or saying we need to be equalized with the rest of the world.

He renewed people’s belief that they can better themselves simply because of where they live. He renewed people’s belief in the entrepreneurial spirit that anybody… This is the thing” Anybody in this country can overcome odds, anybody. You don’t have to be born elite in this country. Now, we’re trending in that direction. But the past four years, you didn’t have to be.

You could overcome anything. And this is what Trump demonstrated and illustrated. It was one of the principal, primary conservative tenets. Whether he knew he was doing it or not, I don’t know. But he did it. And he hung in with it. He governed by “find a way to make it work.” I never heard him make excuses.

Well, I take that back. He did make excuses. And that ending, the Capitol, that whole thing, it was such a terrible ending because it overshadowed everything else. And I’ve got a list of these achievements and I’ve got a list of some of the criticisms as well.


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