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RUSH: Another question, ladies and gentlemen. Is it fair to think that what is happening to conservatives on social media…? I mean, we are being censored out of existence. We are being silenced out of existence. We are being pummeled, we are being threatened, we are being intimidated out of existence. So is it fair to think that what is happening to conservatives on social media is the same thing that happened to their votes?

I mean, if it can happen in one area, in one place, can it happen in others? You know, my old favorite philosopher, Blaise Pascal, said, “It’s much easier to believe that something that has been can be again than it is to believe that something’s never been can be.” Well, I’m telling you, we are being summarily suppressed, eliminated, wiped out on social media.

Isn’t that the same thing that happened to many of our votes? Democrats make things they don’t like disappear. If they do it once, they can do it again and again and again, and they are making us disappear. They’re trying. What’s happening on social media reinforces beliefs that Trump supporters were cheated, that votes mysteriously vanished into thin air, and we’re not supposed to talk about this. Some people aren’t.

I’m just doing a little exercise here in philosophical logic. Because nobody needs to wonder about election integrity. Democrats don’t want to talk about that. So there must not be a problem. Anyway, my friends, that’s it. I have a bunch of other little observations like this as the program unfolds, and explanations for things that have gone on previously to today.


RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen…? I’m sure you do. Every couple of months for the past five years the Titans of Tech — (chuckles) “Titans of Tech” — like Rasputin Jack and all of these girlie boys that run these tech outfits will be called up to Congress. Members of various House and Senate committees were gonna get real tough on these dudes!

They were gonna get real demanding, gonna threaten them with Section 230 removal, gonna threaten them with all kinds of horror if they don’t get it right, if they don’t stop messing around, if they don’t stop “stoopin'” around in their stupid tweeting and their infiltrating and all this. They were threatened left and right, the Titans of Tech every couple of months for five years.

And in the last year, they didn’t even have to go because of COVID. So they did it via Zoom or whatever other high-tech was acceptable to the various tech entrepreneurs. Didn’t even have to show up! But they hauled ’em up there, questioned them to death, tried to make it look like they were gonna bring down the hammer on the Titans of Tech — and then what would happen, ladies and gentlemen?

Well, the Titans of Tech would smugly leave wherever they were. They would either leave the Capitol if it was in the four years previous for this past year or they would leave their basement/media room and go back to wherever they hang out. After having appeared remotely, they’d go back to the little offices where anybody can wear what they want, drink endless supplies of Red Bull, play on the company-provided video games/ping-pong tables, and face no recrimination whatsoever.

Congress never did one thing to stop them. Oh, they huffed and they puffed. They made it look like they were gonna bring down the hammer on the Titans of Tech, didn’t they? Every time there were hearings, it was made to look like these guys had better straighten up and straighten up fast or the mighty United States Congress was going to finally be heard. But it never was, never has been. Do you know why?

Congress never did one thing to stop them, never did one thing to get in their way, ever. Not a single thing. Still haven’t. You know why? Scared to death. No. You know what those sessions really were? Those hearings were opportunities for our elected officials to relinquish their authority and power, their authority and power to regulate in exchange for something. You know what? It was so cheap. The Titans of Tech got off so easy.

All they had to do was make campaign donations and promise to never stop it. And even more importantly, all the Titans of Tech had to do was promise members of Congress great search results! You put the name Congressman X Murgatroyd so-and-so and the search results would come back, and this is the greatest congressman there’s ever been. That congressman would gladly pay for that by not punishing the Titans of Tech.

The Titans of Tech run the world. The Titans of Tech are running the United States. The Titans of Tech are running the United States government because the United States government is made up of people who would rather, uh, get good search results or get really fine campaign donations. Titans of Tech have to play along by making it look like they’re nervous, making it look like they are worried about what the Titans of government might do to them.

But they know there’s nothing to fear. They know there’s nothing to fret. They know there’s nothing to worry about. Five years and nothing has happened to the Titans of Tech, except they’ve gotten wealthier and more powerful and more influential, as illustrated by the fact that they just canceled the president’s Twitter account based on made-up allegations that he’s inciting violence, and what happens?

The Titans of Congress join the Titans of Tech in suggesting that Trump is the problem and he needs to be impeached. They don’t realize that they’re gonna be next at some point down the road unless they maintain their current trajectory of total support, phony opposition, phony threats to the Titans of Tech. It’s amazing to see, and it’s so obvious.

So obvious.

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