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RUSH: This is Bakersfield, California. Earl, welcome, sir. I’m glad you called. Glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. How are you doing? And blessings to you and your family. But I want to get in that the Trump ticket will never diminish. We are here forever. And it doesn’t have to be Donald J. Trump Sr. I would like to see Donald J. Trump Jr. run. And anybody that the Trump family supports, you will have millions and millions of followers and voters.

RUSH: Interesting. Interesting. So you think — well, who among the Trump progeny would you prefer? You’ve got Ivanka. You have Donald Trump Jr. You’ve got Eric Trump. You’ve got up-and-coming Barron Trump. You have the wife of Eric Trump, Lara Trump, who is, believe me, a brilliant political strategist. So who among these people would be your preferred carrier of the ring?

CALLER: I think Donald would be the best at this particular time simply because he has been out there and he has been voicing his views and supporting the many millions of voters that follow his father. And so anybody that the Trump Organization will support, we will be right there. And I would like to see it be Junior if Senior doesn’t run. And that’s the very reason that Pelosi put in that thing to never run again, why do you think that, as you have been stating? They’re afraid. They know there are millions and tens of millions of people that support their beliefs. And they know that they will follow with what they say they’re gonna do.

RUSH: Oh, I know that they’re afraid of ’em. I know they’re afraid of Trump. They’re afraid of the MAGA agenda. They’re afraid of anybody who can lead the MAGA agenda. Interesting. You’re the first guy that’s brought up that, Earl, and I appreciate it. I mean, the first caller. There are a lot of people speculating about members of family and what their political aspirations might be.

You know, at the top of the list is always Ivanka. And people have been speculating what her desires might be. And then, of course, her husband, Jared Kushner, is already quite involved in an advisory capacity for the president. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric are next. So, it’s quite fascinating. The MAGA agenda, they all believe in it. It’s an amazing thing. And it ain’t going away, 75 million people don’t give this up, 80 million, whatever. Thanks again, Earl. I appreciate it.

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