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RUSH: This is Lynn in West Caldwell, New Jersey, as we start with you. This is where the Sopranos lived. West Caldwell. Yeah, that’s where the Sopranos were. That’s where the Bada Bing was, and, Lynn, it’s great to have you with us on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon. Let me tell you that you’re in my prayers every day.

RUSH: Thank you. I need them. I appreciate that.

CALLER: My comment, as I said to your screener, was that yesterday — just accidentally, I’m sure — all of that hubbub occurred when they started to debate the electoral count. That strikes me as —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. What hubbub?

CALLER: All the invasion of the Capitol Building.

RUSH: Ah. The invasion of the Capitol when Trump started to talk about it, you mean?

CALLER: No. When the Congress started to debate —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Yeah, yeah —

CALLER: — about whether to accept the electoral votes.

RUSH: Arizona, right.

CALLER: And they moved their focus away from what it should have been, on whether the electoral votes were valid. They moved it to denying any involvement with what was going on. They got rolled. In New Jersey that’s a term: They got rolled.

RUSH: You mean the Republicans got rolled?

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: I agree with you. Where do you think it keeps happening? You know, you could almost say, Lynn, that that entire day yesterday was President Trump getting rolled.

CALLER: Yes. Orchestrated. Very much so.

RUSH: But why? Why? Why do we keep falling for traps when…? See, I make the mistake of assuming that everybody knows these people on the left like I do. But we’re not there yet. We still have people that extend to them good intentions, benefit of the doubt. I do not… Look, I need you to hang on. I got a break coming up. I can’t move it. I’ll look forward to chatting with you on the other side. Still on the right side of the grass; don’t misunderstand.


RUSH: We return now to Lynn in West Caldwell, New Jersey. I really agree with you on this that we keep getting rolled — and I know a lot of people in this audience, probably the thing that frustrates them the most is that very fact, we keep getting rolled.

So let’s go to yesterday for me to illustrate this. And I think you agreed with me on this. Let me reset the table to make sure you understand what I’m setting. So Trump has this grand day planned. He’s going to address his supporters, both from the White House and then outside. And he’s gonna motivate them, he’s gonna try to inspire them to stay engaged, to stay involved. He’s not trying to promote violence. That’s not who he is. It’s not who any of us are. We do not do that. It is the left and the media, which for the past four years has done that, particularly the last nine months.

I’ve got a story here from The Federalist. This story prints out to 10 pages. “Twenty-eight Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists.” That’s who does this. So here Trump has this grand plan. It’s his last gasp. And he’s hoping to make a big smash with it. And part of it is that there’s going to be a march on the Capitol. People are going to leave wherever they are, they’re gonna go to the Capitol. There isn’t a thought given to breaking into the place. Not by our side. There’s nothing to be gained by that. They’re just going down as a show of force. The rally was Wednesday, not yesterday. Days run together and I’m still getting my sea legs here, folks.

But they were doing what they could to be heard, to be noticed. They were hoping that there was one last-gasp effort to change the outcome of the Electoral College. Nobody was thinking violence. They know that’s not how you do it. Yet what happened? They show up down there, and then there’s violence, and there’s people breaking in the building. And there was nobody to stop them from breaking in. It didn’t make any sense. And then the event happens and you pull back from it, and you realize that we got set up again.


RUSH: That may not be the right term, but they knew we were coming, and they had a little surprise planned. Somebody, somehow was going to engage in activity, behavior, that was unbecoming, that was not productive, that would be very, very negative if attached to anybody. And yet we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and all excited. This was something we really hoped was gonna have legs. And now look. Two days later and everybody’s running around trying to be the first to get to the microphone to condemn violence when they didn’t commit it. Is this what you mean, “we were set up, we got rolled”?

CALLER: Yes. They took the focus of the Congress off evaluating the electoral vote process.

RUSH: Then why do we not know this is who they are, Lynn?

CALLER: You know, I can’t answer that question. I shake my head a lot and I scratch my head a lot, and I think to myself, why is it that people cannot see what’s right in front of their nose? And I have to deduce that people are not that stupid, that people do see it. But for reasons other than I know, they allow it to happen. I don’t know why.

RUSH: I don’t know that — they see it when it happens. I’m asking why don’t they see that it is the left’s stratagem, it’s their objective to — look at all the — I can give you examples and not stop. Gabby Giffords gets shot. Who did they blame? Sarah Palin and a Web page because it has a gun sight on it and then everybody starts blaming Sarah Palin for the fact she got shot. The guy that shot Gabby Giffords never heard of Sarah Palin. But it doesn’t matter. It survives. This is who they are. This is how they operate.

And for four years they have been lying about and mischaracterizing Donald Trump. And it seems if you’re gonna have a big rally planned, if you’re gonna have some last-ditch effort that you’ve got to anticipate based on knowing who these people are, that they’re not just gonna stand aside and let you go to the Capitol and have your protest. They’re gonna make you pay a price for doing it. And for the life of me, this is why I get so frustrated that there seems to be an ongoing level of surprise or ignorance about who our political opponents are and how they operate.

CALLER: What I think Republicans need to do is they need to start pulling in people who have been disenchanted with the Democratic Party and who have the mind-set of Democrats.

RUSH: The Republicans that you’re talking about don’t have the mind-set to do that. They don’t have the mindset to fight the Democrats. If you’ve noticed —


RUSH: — the objective now is to make sure every Democrat understands, “Hey, we didn’t do it. I condemn violence. I didn’t want any part of the violence. Don’t lump me in.” Like I said yesterday, if you want a life in Washington, if you want a career in the Washington establishment, you have got to dump all over Trump and his supporters. If you don’t, you’re finished. This is what they know and this is what we’re watching. That’s why Palin and others are calling for a third party.

CALLER: Maybe what they should do set up the kind of government aside that Obama set up in his mansion in Washington where strings are pulled and people, you know, dangle on the end of a string.

RUSH: No, no, no. Is my point. When the Democrats win the White House it’s time to nominate Supreme Court justices, what do we do? We vote for them by 98 to 97%. We give the Democrats what they want on the theory that they won the election, they should get their judges. We don’t set up satellite power offices and try to run operations to undermine the newly elected Democrat administration. It’s not who we are.

CALLER: There was a movie I watched several years ago about Churchill.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And he made a very profound statement. He said, “You cannot negotiate with a tiger when your head is in his mouth.”

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: People need to remember that.

RUSH: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. But why would you put your head in the tiger’s mouth?

CALLER: Because you’re stupid.

RUSH: Well, that would take a lot of work. First you gotta break through a cage, then you somehow gotta go find a tiger. Then you gotta open a tiger’s mouth, you gotta put your head in there, then you gotta hope the tiger doesn’t bite down, then you gotta tell the tiger not to bite you.

CALLER: Well, I think we’re halfway there, don’t you?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. It’s hard to say. That’s the whole point. Your phrase is “we got rolled.” If you want to say that, stick with it, that’s fine. My point is that here we all were bright eyed and bushy-tailed, we’re all excited on Wednesday with, we’re looking forward to this. We don’t really know what to expect. Some of us think there’s no way this is gonna actually happen, but we still want to participate. We support Trump, want to give him every shot here. And the event ends up getting sabotaged somehow, some way, and we end up getting blamed for things that we don’t do.

Yet, “Twenty-eight Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists.” Here’s how this piece begins. “Democrats and their allies in the media -” that’s not even correct. See, it’s Democrats in the media. The Democrats are everywhere. They just disguise themselves. Some of them are journalists, some of them are think tank thinkers. Some of them are elected officials. Some of them work at nonprofits. They’re all Democrats. They just assign themselves various jobs to do, various occupations.

Anyway, “Democrats and their allies in the media are ready to condemn riots now that the turmoil has shifted to fit their narrative. On Wednesday, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building. It was an astonishing display of anarchic protest that delayed congressional certification of the Electoral College vote formally handing former Vice President Joe Biden the keys to the White House. The scenes from the dark day of disaster demonstrations illustrated a deteriorating country, repulsed millions, and traumatized a nation still recovering from the death, despair, and disruption that came to define the dystopian months of 2020. Above all, what happened Wednesday served as a grim reminder that the institutional stress test of 2020 has followed us into 2021.”

And it goes on. It prints out to 10 pages, and details “28 Times Media and Democrats Excused or Endorsed Violence Committed by Left-Wing Activists,” in Seattle, in Portland. You know the locations. Minneapolis. Manhattan. Brooklyn. Queens. You know where this all happened. You know the Democrats either ignored it and denied it or promoted it, advocated for it.

By the way, the attendance at that rally on Wednesday — I don’t know if you noticed. It was huge. The pictures from that rally indicated a huge attendance. I’ve never seen conservatives and Republicans turn out a crowd like that. It completely covered the Mall and the streets bordering it. I don’t mean to be putting anybody down here. The conservatives that have shown up in various protests have shown up in great numbers and at Trump rallies.

But this looked to be like something I haven’t seen before. It’s why… Folks, it’s why you haven’t really seen any photos from it or heard any estimates of the numbers attending, ’cause it was damn big. Which argues that it was supplanted — that it was “enhanced,” if you will — by people that may not have been sympathetic to the original purpose of the rally. At any rate, a little long. I have to take a brief break. Thank you for calling and holding on, Lynn.

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