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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 30. This is a two-part element of a point that I want to make. This afternoon on CNN’s Newsroom, the anchor John King had as his guest California representative Democrat Karen Bass.

John King’s question: “Some of your colleagues — some activists around the country — remember what happened in June when there were Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington. The Capitol was very well protected by police and other law enforcement in riot gear.” Now, do you see where this is going? Do you remember…? In fact, one of the narratives today is outrage in media, “Where was the Capitol Police?

“Where was law and order yesterday? Where was the stopgap? What the hell happened? How come these reprobate Trump protesters were allowed to even get inside the building?” You’ve seen that, right? (interruption) Oh, it’s all over the place. “How did it happen? How did these Trump protesters find their way even beyond the barricades? Who let them succeed to the degree that they did?”

Oh, there’s livid outrage out there.

So, now John King is asking Karen Bass, Democrat, California (summarized), “You saw that, right? And you saw last summer when it was black people protesting, why, there wasn’t any shortage of cops. There wasn’t any shortage of Capitol Hill Police. They were armed in riot gear, and they were waiting for you, and they were ready for you. Do you see any difference here? Do you have any explanation as to why that didn’t happen, why what happened to you last summer didn’t happen yesterday?”

BASS: It’s just an example of — of the double standard. Obviously Black Lives Matter’s protesters were perceived as very threatening and for some reason these weren’t. But it is so demoralizing the people, in particular African-Americans and other people of color, who know if you can even imagine if tens of thousands of young, old, African-Americans, uh, attacked the Capitol like that, what would have happened. We are just sick and tired of seeing the same type of double standard.

RUSH: So she knows there’s a double standard, but she totally blows it. She thinks the double standard is that the cops were told to stand down ’cause it was a bunch of white Trump supporters and that the cops were told to let the Trump people have their way around the place. But when everybody knew that it was Black Lives Matter coming, why, here come the racist cops with their barricades and their billy clubs and the rest of it.

Imagine how frightening. “We are just sick and tired of seeing the same type of double standard.” Meanwhile, the truth is that nobody even reported the property destruction, the fires, the looting that occurred in blue city after blue city last summer — Portland, Seattle, New York City. I could go on. She thinks that there were massive anti-black protests, massive anti-black cop attitudes.

The truth is that the narrative makers didn’t even report these riots last summer. So if you don’t watch Drive-By Media, you don’t know that they even happened, and I’m not exaggerating. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a profundity. This is something… This is really important. This is all part of the narrative here that Trump’s a bad guy, that Trump supporters (you) are bad people, and that somebody was on your side letting you commit mayhem.

Somebody in the Capitol Hill Police defied Nancy Pelosi and allowed you to get inside the Capitol and break windows and who knows whatever else. It was horrible, it was rotten, and everybody knows that if those protesters would have been black that would have never been allowed to happen. So that’s the double standard? No! It isn’t.

That which happened yesterday for a hundred days in a row last summer was never even reported. It was never condemned. Remember Trump going on television every day begging the mayor of Portland, the governor of Oregon, “We’ll come fix it. It will take us 30 minutes. We’ll come fix it. We’ll bring the National Guard.” The governor said to Trump, “(Raspberry!)”

Same thing in the state of Washington, same thing in the state of Minnesota. They weren’t happening. The riots weren’t happening. The looting wasn’t happening. Don’t talk to Governor Cuomo about it. He doesn’t know what you mean. “What riots? What looting? There wasn’t any of that. I didn’t see it on TV, so it didn’t happen.” Now, I take you to a popular sports website which makes the same point as Karen Bass.

“For many of us, today’s events represent the realization of vague fears and concerns that have rattled around in our brains, our beings, and our souls for the last four years. The violent insurrection against our Capitol during the certification of our most recent presidential election may not be the end, but simply the beginning of the end. The images have created shock. The response by the uniformed authorities has created confusion.

“As many have argued, if the insurrectionists were Black or Brown, they would have cuffs on their wrists at best, tags on their toes at worst. So where does the sports world fit into this? At a time when players and (some) reporters have moved beyond the ‘stick to sports’ mantra used by those who don’t want to hear opinions that differ from theirs, players and (some) reporters have been willing to use their platforms.”

This goes on to essentially demand that NFL corporate and that NFL owners step up and finally condemn Trump and Trump supporters — and do all the other things they want like hire Kaepernick, take your pick. “Similarly, the league’s official website has posted an article with reactions to today’s events from various NFL players. It is proper. It is appropriate. It is necessary.

“But it is hollow without the voices of the men and women who own sports teams,” most of whom, by the way, are thought to be Republicans, i.e., donors and supporters of Trump. Not known but thought to be. “Not just NFL owners, plenty of whom have supported Donald J. Trump with voices, votes, and financial devotion, but all sports owners, in all leagues. Where are they?

“What do they have to say? … Our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, has incited insurrection in a last-ditch effort to remain in office and, in turn, immune from arrest and prosecution from past alleged crimes.” I’ll tell you who wrote this. He’s a good guy. I know him. His name is Mike Florio, and he has built a business out of nothing.

NBC Sports Talk is, I think, the go-to sports website now, even way beyond ESPN. It is just the best. When it comes to reporting on the NFL and keeping fans up to date on the absolute latest, there’s no better place to go than NBC Sports Talk. But, as is the case in all journalism, there are liberals there, and they’re making it clear their opinion on all this.

So that’s the author of the piece. And it’s nothing new, by the way. I mean, Florio has been consistent in this. And I am not doing any of this to be critical or any of that. I’m doing it to make a point here. Here you have Karen Bass, the Democrat congresswoman from California looking at what happened yesterday as a double standard. And we look at something and see it totally different. We had a summer’s worth, we had in Portland 156 days in a row of riots that were never condemned, that were never even talked about.

The governor made not one effort to stop them. Trump was offering. Same thing in Seattle, same thing in New York, same thing in Minneapolis. And yet we’re told that the double standard is that if the protesters had been black yesterday, why, heads would have cracked. Well, all of the protests last summer were black. In fact, you know the truth of the matter is that so many Black Lives Matter protesters are white women. But the leadership of the group is African-American. Same thing with Antifa. But people look the other way at it for that very reason.

One act yesterday, and it’s the target that causes or gives everybody the freedom here to react to it, and that is it’s the U.S. Capitol.


RUSH: And just to make sure everybody understands the analysis here of Karen Bass, Democrat from California, and Mike Florio and his really great website, ProFootballTalk, I’m not being critical here. Anybody can say what they want to say about anything, particularly if they run a website — well, today maybe not be the truth of that on one side of the aisle.

But my point is to point at the double standard that exists, I think one of problems is, as I have said, one of my failures over the course of my career here is the lack of success in convincing people – no, that’s not the right word — in properly informing people the true nature of today’s American left. And so I continue in the quest.

And so here we’ve got a great example of a couple people on the left who think there’s a grand double standard in the reporting of what happened yesterday, and you and I think there is, too, but we think it’s a completely different double standard. And that’s all I’m attempting to point out with it. An educational outreach, if you will.

In the meantime, I’ve heard all these people in Congress talking about they were scared for their life yesterday. Have you heard that, Mr. Snerdley? Did you hear that, Dawn? You know, try losing your paycheck for nine months. And try having your family business shut down. Imagine you own a restaurant in New York. You’re coming up on nine months, buddy, where you haven’t been allowed to open your doors. Ah, you’ve been allowed to serve outside, patio and all that.

But, I mean, were people’s lives on the line yesterday? I guess even if they think so, maybe they were, I don’t know. But try losing your paycheck for nine months or 10 months. Try being one of these people that doesn’t care about anything other than the COVID-19 relief bill. Imagine your life is nothing but paying attention to the politics of the COVID-19 relief bill because in that relief bill is a $600 check for you. That’s fear, if you ask me.

I remember driving around this country back in March, April, and looking at all the closed small businesses — and some of them were not small businesses. They were named like small businesses, but they were actually corporately owned and they were franchises, but still, they must have been small businesses even at that. And it broke my heart. And I don’t mean to be redundant in telling you this over and over. It just broke my heart at what was happening, locking down the whole country for one reason, to delay the inevitable, that is, the impact of COVID-19.

We weren’t gonna stop it. We weren’t going to eliminate the impact of COVID-19. We’re just gonna delay the inevitable outbreak, which we did? I remember being scared for the country back in March and April. And I became vocal on this program for the need to open back up and let people make their own decisions. We’ve never locked down the country in the face of a pandemic before. And we haven’t, folks. And we’ve had flu strains that are, on a per capita basis, apparently much deadlier than COVID-19. But, see, we have vaccines for the flu. Or we think do. We actually don’t, but we have flu shots.

But I don’t know. I felt scared for the country as I drove around. I felt scared for people I didn’t know. I felt deathly afraid for people who I thought had invested everything they had into their little business. And here it was being destroyed right out from under them, with the best of intentions at the time, I’m certain, but it just ripped my heart out. So, yeah, I understand being scared for my life or scared for your life. But as usual the elected officials among us think if it happens to them it’s worse than to anybody else.


RUSH: Well, the president-elect just made my point on this double standard business. He’s out there making a speech, and he said that black rioters would have been treated much differently than the Trump rioters yesterday. I swear, folks, this disconnect… You know what? It isn’t a disconnect. They’re just saying this. They know damn well what they are doing.

Some of them do. They know damn well that they’re engaging here in just distortions of the truth and reality. What is this? African, black rioters would have been treated much differently than the rioters yesterday? You know what this is? This is an offshoot of the news narrative that started yesterday, “How the hell did they get so close? It was an attack on the Capitol Hill Police!

“It was an attack on the white Capitol Hill Police! Who the hell…? What were they thinking? How did they let these Trump supporters get so damn close?” You know, I, for one, am not convinced that these protesters yesterday were Trumpists. I think there’s plenty of Antifa people in there. I think there’s all kinds of Black Lives Matter people in there. That’s what they do.

They infiltrate. They impose themselves. Wherever there’s a riot, they show up. Sometimes they start one. How about Ferguson, Missouri? How about Baltimore, Maryland? I mean, they’ve got rent-a-mobs, and they show up everywhere, and part of the modus operandi is to see to it that people other than them get blamed for it. But here’s Biden:

African-American rioters would have been treated much differently yesterday. So the promulgation of this supposed double standard is underway, and it’s all about rewriting the truth of what happened yesterday. In fact, the real effort may be to prevent the truth of what happened yesterday from taking hold and taking root, ’cause the truth of the matter is, what happened yesterday is not what Republicans do.

Now, it is true that Trump supporters have showed up in Washington at random times to engage in protest movements and rallies, but they’ve not destroyed anything in the process. They’ve not burned anything down. That’s not who we are, if I may use the personal pronoun. It’s just not who we are. Everybody knows this is how the left operates.

They’re the ones that start fires and conduct riots and engage in civil unrest. They’re the ones that participated in 150-days plus in a row riots in Portland, nearly that many in Seattle, and yet all of that is now being laid off on Trump supporters.

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