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RUSH: There’s this story from Axios not too long ago. Here’s the headline, and the headline pretty much says it all: “Business Leaders Weigh Cutting off Funds to Republicans Involved in Electoral Objections.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, before I finish, let me find something I know is really near the top of the Stack of Stuff here that I have, because it is really classic what is on tap.

This is from Jim Cramer. So before I finish that Axios story, this is Jim Cramer from yesterday. It’s his take on the stock market yesterday, and somebody sent me a note saying that they were really stunned that the stock market went up after the Democrat win in Georgia Tuesday, and the reason that they were surprised is that most people figured that that would cause some selling off since Democrats usually mean higher taxes and higher regulations.

I have tried to explain to people that that old relationship that Democrats are for the little guy and the Republicans are for the rich, that’s out the window. That’s gone. That’s not applicable anymore. It’s the Democrats that are the party of the rich, and they’ve been the party of the rich for I don’t know how long now, but it’s not a short period of time. They’ve been the party of the rich for a long time. The Republicans don’t know what’s happened to ’em.

That’s why the headline here: “Business Leaders Weigh,” w-e-i-g-h, putting on the scales. “Business Leaders Cutting off Funds to Republicans Involved in Electoral Objections — Many of America’s top businesspeople have had enough of political pandering to the mob, and plan to deny future contributions to those who egged it on.” The reason “it matters” is “Senators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz may have been auditioning for 2024 presidential runs, but have alienated some of those who could have helped fund those campaigns.”

So there is a move on — if you’re a Republican businessman, if you’re a rich Republican, if you’re one of these Republicans that doesn’t care about the little guy (this is the phony cliche) — that you’re not gonna get any money. You’re gonna be ignored. You’re gonna have no political power. It doesn’t matter how much money you give to people, they’re not gonna accept it.

Politicians, Democrat politicians are not gonna accept your money because you stand for Donald Trump and you stand for evil. “Business Leaders Weigh Cutting off Funds to Republicans…” We’re in full imposition of leftist ideals now. “Business leaders,” i.e., take your pick of the phantom Republican Wall Street person, ’cause most of them are now right aligned with Democrats. But any business leaders remaining aligned with Republicans are being threatened.

They’re gonna cut off any kind of federal money, federal funding, whatever, to you. So back to Jim Cramer and his take on the market. Now, somebody thinking that the market would go down with Democrats winning the Senate? That… Who runs the market? Democrats! The stock market has been the lone respite for wealth in America, not the little guy, not Main Street, and who’s in the stock market? The Democrat Party.

This whole idea that the Democrats are the enemies of the rich? That hasn’t been the case for 20 years. So here’s Jim Cramer’s take. “The market sees that higher taxes will now go on corporations, meaning middle income are gonna get that tax passed on down to them.” In other words, the Trump tax cuts are gonna be repealed as quickly as possible.

Corporations don’t pay taxes. They pass them on. They pass them down. It means middle-income people. Customers are going to pay higher taxes in the form of more expensive consumer costs. “Higher-income people will be getting a big tax break in the repeal of the limit on deductions of state and local taxes.”

Remember when Trump came along, limited the deductibility of state income taxes in certain wealthy blue states. Remember how that ticked ’em off? Oh, they were fit to be tied. You don’t raise their taxes. You raise taxes on the little guy. So those blue states are gonna see an immediate repeal of the SALT tax, meaning they’re gonna get richer. Who’s gonna make them richer? The Democrat Party. Higher income people are gonna likewise keep their inheritance tax break due to fancy lawyering in the Senate committees.

You may not know it, but favorable inheritance tax breaks have been part of recent tax policy. They’re not gonna change. Who benefits? The wealthy and the rich. And who’s gonna make them richer? The Democrats. Middle-income people, on the other hand, are gonna get hit hard by the soon-to-come non-step-up in inherited assets. So if you’re middle income — and that’s we’ll say up to, say, a hundred, 120 grand max, you’re gonna get hit very hard. They’re going to inflate inherited assets, and they’re gonna eliminate that which is making inherited assets advantageous.

So the middle class is gonna get poorer. And who is making them poorer? The Democrats are. And then Cramer says the list could go on, but the rich, who are now the biggest contributors and the best supporters of Democrats, why, they’re gonna be protected. The rest of us get higher taxes, higher costs of living. Who is going to bring higher taxes and higher costs of living to the little guy? The Democrats. How many people do you think voted for the Democrats back in November thinking they are voting against the rich?

Yeah, a lot of them did. A lot of them think by voting for Biden, that they were voting to get even with these ugly rich people. Just the exact opposite is going to happen. Now, the poor, the downtrodden, the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty, illegal immigrants, they’re gonna get additional government benefits. They’re gonna get some stimulus checks. They’re gonna be kept happy on the government plantation for voting Democrat in 2020, make sure they vote in 2022 for Democrats.

That’s how it’s done. You always play forward. You always protect your supporters, i.e., the rich. You punish your opponents, i.e., the middle class, as it has evolved. And you get more and more people, you need a permanent underclass. Remember, the Democrats need a permanent underclass of people that are totally dependent on government, on them.

So, summation. Jim Cramer. If you have a job, if you are a small business, if you have some few built-up retirement assets, the Democrats are gonna hit you. Democrats are gonna come for you. They’re going to take some more of what have you, while telling you they’re taking it from the rich. And you’re gonna applaud it. “Yeah, it’s about time the rich started paying their fair share.” How often you still hear that. You still hear this. The rich haven’t been paying their, quote, unquote, fair share in who knows how long, but the whole notion of a fair share is bogus anyway if you ask me, and if you care I’ll explain why later on in the program. But that doesn’t matter. They’ve got it slogan that works for ’em. Why should they give it up? The rich aren’t paying their fair share, and the Democrats are gonna keep whittling away at it.

So bottom line is the stock market is now in the total control of the rich, elite socialists. It is the reservoir of their wealth. Now, there are some Republicans in there whose wealth is in the stock market. They’re gonna be very quiet. They’re not gonna want to call attention to themselves. They’re not gonna want the rich elite socialists who run the stock market to kick ’em out of it.

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