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RUSH: You can find news stories. (Snort!) “News.” There isn’t any news. You can find, quote-unquote, “stories” in the media about the plan to impeach Trump now. I don’t know how widespread it is, but I’m telling you it’s real. There are people, a lot of maybe pundits, but you know as well as I do: It doesn’t matter where you find a leftist, they’re leftists. They’re either disguised as journalists or elected Democrats or what have you.

So pundit, journalist, commentator, pick your poison. They are suggesting that Trump be impeached, that he is such a threat, that yesterday proves what a threat Donald Trump is. We can’t wait two weeks. We can’t wait ’til the 20th. We can’t wait for Trump to be constitutionally disempowered. We can’t wait for the peaceful transfer of power that Trump has now signaled he will participate in. We need to get rid of him now.

Pelosi is being urged to come up with a couple of articles of impeachment that I joked about earlier when I said, “Donald Trump sucks and Donald Trump’s a windbag.” They’ll be more specific. Donald Trump is a danger to America. Donald Trump sponsors riots. Donald Trump sponsors looters. Whatever. And then they want Mitch McConnell… Remember, the Republicans still run the Senate up until the 20th. Well, not ’til the 20th.

But they want McConnell to call the Republicans, call the Senate in, and vote to convict Trump, impeachment. They want the impeachment on the record. They want it in the official history of the United States that Donald John Trump was impeached and removed from office on whatever date. Now, what does that tell you? “Man, Rush, they must really be vindictive.”

Ah, it’s not vindictive. They’re scared to death of the guy, folks! They’re scared to death of the support for him that you exhibit. They are scared to death. They are deathly afraid that they will not succeed in forcing you to abandon Trump. Now, they’ve got a bunch of people in Washington who’ve thrown Trump overboard, but you haven’t, and they are probably calculating that they don’t think they will be able to.

Here’s some news from CNBC: “Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer Calls for Trump’s Immediate Removal From Office — He said that if Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet do not move to invoke the 25th Amendment, Congress should reconvene to impeach Trump.” (interruption) Oh, yeah, you heard the 25th Amendment stuff, right? (interruption) Oh, yeah.

They want Pence, they want the vice president to lead the way on invoking the 25th Amendment, that Trump is unfit — and they think they can get a bunch of people in the cabinet to agree with it. They want Trump forcibly removed. They want that on the record. They want to nullify his election any way they can, and this is the latest gambit: Impeachment or 25th Amendment.


RUSH: There’s another reason, by the way, they want to impeach Trump — and, folks, I am telling you, they’re deathly afraid of him. I mean, that’s what all of this really means.

They’re deathly afraid he’s gonna come back. They think he’s Godzilla. They can shoot him full of radiation from the biggest radiation gun they got in hiding out in Area 51, and he’s still gonna come back from it. So if they impeach him and they remove him from office… Even now, when he’s just 13 days away from being removed from office constitutionally, the Senate could subsequently vote to disqualify Trump from ever holding federal office again.

This is according to Jim Acosta of CNN. Schumer and the Democrats are pushing this, and that’s why they are hopeful they can come up with a way of making sure that Trump can never, ever do this again. This was, again — I’ll not play it, but — my prediction of October 16, 2016. This is exactly… In fact, grab it. Audio sound bite number 1. I want you to hear it again, folks. I’m not gonna give up on this effort I have underway to convince as many people as possible who the American left is.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The establishment, with everything they are invested in the establishment, remaining the establishment and in power, they are just not gonna sit back and trust this to your votes. They’re not gonna trust this to an election, to a campaign. Not gonna trust it at all. They’re gonna do everything they can to destroy whoever it is that wants to take control from them. And, in the process, they’re gonna destroy that person so as to send a message to the next guy, “Don’t even think about it. Don’t even try. Look what we did to Donald Trump.” “Look what we did to whoever,” is the message.

RUSH: That’s exactly right, and it’s underway as we sit here. I got an email I want to share with you from a very eager beaver listener to this program. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: I honestly don’t think that I’m ever gonna bother to vote again, and I don’t think the Republicans are counting on this. But I honestly don’t think I’m ever gonna bother to vote.

“Because, Mr. Limbaugh, even when we do manage to elect conservatives or at least not-socialist Republicans, the left still sues until they find a judge who undoes the law the Republican passed. They find a judge in Hawaii, find a judge in the state of Washington, find a judge in Oshkosh. Wherever they have to find a judge, and whatever presidential executive order, whatever new law the president’s responsible for that his voters wanted, they find a judge to stop it.

“So what does it matter, Mr. Limbaugh? The Republican Party has lost my vote for the foreseeable future. The GOP, the Republican National Committee has depended on people exactly like me to suck it up and give them whatever horrible candidate they throw at us.” Then she lists a bunch of names here, but I’m not gonna… (sigh) Anyway. “No longer. I will never support a candidate with an R behind their name again. I think I agree with Sarah Palin. Third party, anyone?”

Well, you know what I think about third parties, but you can have your thoughts on that as well.


RUSH: Well, I told you. Now it’s official. Nancy Pelosi says that the Congress will impeach if the 25th Amendment is not invoked. It’s right up there on television. It’s right up there on CNN. That makes it real. (Ahem.) Congress will impeach if the 25th Amendment is not invoked. Now, that is throwing down the shield to Mike Pence and anybody else in the Trump cabinet. We’ll see how this manifests itself.


RUSH: Here’s Pelosi threatening to do it. This is Capitol Hill at her press briefing earlier today.

PELOSI: I join the Senate Democratic leader on calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. If the vice president and cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment.

RUSH: Why do they care? He’s gone in 13 days. He’s gone a week from tomorrow. Why do they care? I’ve told you. Because there ain’t gonna be Trump again. Their ain’t gonna be Trump 2024. That’s what these people are aiming for. If he’s impeached, they get subsequent legislation claiming that because he’s been impeached he cannot ever run again and they think they’ve slain Godzilla.

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