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RUSH: Let me ask you a quick question. What do you think Donald Trump’s greatest legacy will be? (interruption) What’s that? (interruption) Supreme Court? Well, here’s my list, and I think I’m gonna have to add that to it, ’cause that’s not on my list. Supreme Court, three conservative justices, right? Giving us a supposed 6-3 majority. Okay. Operation Warp Speed, i.e., the vaccine.

Oh, by the way, Pelosi back in 2018 referred to a $1,000 tax cut as “crumbs.” Remember that? She’s out there calling $600 per citizen for COVID relief significant. Significant? Six hundred bucks today is significant. A thousand dollars two years ago? That’s crumbs, as she attacked Trump. Okay. So, Supreme Court, Operation Warp Speed, highlighting the need for national election reform, identifying the ChiCom problem.

Boy, that is such a big one. Do you realize Trump has been hammering the Chinese since he was opening his campaign in 2015, even before that? Trump is the guy who literally made it be news that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had a relationship with ChiCom business interests. How about identifying the deep state problem? Exposing the fake news media.

How about creating the greatest economy in American history by way of massive reductions in regulations and tax cuts? I think one of the biggest legacies Trump’s gonna have is making us energy independent — and I tell you, I worry that this is gonna be lost. I worry that Biden is gonna reverse this. I think Biden’s gonna come up with a way to reinvigorate the Iran deal, and I think it’s gonna result in the United States losing its energy independence.

But believe me, the United States becoming energy independent, that was not on the drawing board for globalists, the Obama crowd. No, no, no. Not, not… No. We can’t accomplish our goals if the U.S. becomes energy independent. If the United States becomes a net exporter of energy, of oil, that gums up the works like you can’t believe. You watch.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna take, but if we lose our status as energy independent, it will require purposeful strategies to bring that about. And if that happens, you’ll have… (Snort!) If that happens, if the Democrats literally, if Biden and his crew actually succeed in revoking our energy independence? Aw, folks, that would be the biggest indication of what we’re up against.

How about bringing an unheard of level of peace and cooperation in the Middle East? And how did that happen, by the way? Why, I think moving embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Every president had promised to do it; Trump actually did it. And I think finding a way to get all of these Middle Eastern Arab states to unite with Israel because of Iran.

I’ll guarantee you this. The Biden administration, or Obama 2, is gonna do everything they can to reignite the Iran deal which will get Iran nuclear weapons. They’re gonna do everything they can to unwind what Trump did with Iran, including these remarkable relationships with Middle Eastern Arab states and Israel. My point is that only an outsider could have achieved all of that.

There’s nobody that works in the Washington establishment. There’s nobody that is part of the Washington careerist establishment that would have even wanted to accomplish any of that. It would not have even been on their radar. Operation Warp Speed? Like I said earlier, they would accept the notion that you don’t get vaccines for four years, five years. “It takes a long time.” They wouldn’t even have tried.

China was not a problem. They wouldn’t do even anything to upset China. They wouldn’t even think of it. The deep state? Why, nobody was ever supposed to have heard of it. Nobody was ever supposed to have discovered it. They would not have facilitated that. They would not have created the greatest economy in history. They wouldn’t have cut regulations. They wouldn’t have cut taxes if Hillary had won.

Why, we would have a continuation of the Obama economy, which was stagnation and a belief in the theory that, “Well, there’s a new era of decline economically, and the days of kids doing better than their parents are over. The American economy is not gonna be strong enough to be able to do that anymore. We don’t deserve to be strong enough to do things like that, so you better get used to the new America constant state of decline.

“But we’re here to manage it for you.” So they would have never thought to make U.S. energy independent. They would not have thought it possible. My point is — and of course the Supreme Court. I don’t even think a standard Republican president would have stuck in with Kavanaugh. He would have broomed Kavanaugh at the first sign of trouble, for example, and they would not have tried for Amy Coney Barrett before the election.

So right there, two of these three new judges would have never happened, even if there were a traditional Republican in the White House. So my point is only an outsider could have achieved all of this. Fresh set of eyes, indefatigable spirit, relentless work ethic. This is a hell of a lot to get done in essentially 3-1/2 years.

And only a bunch of collectivist socialists would stop at nothing to cheat this incredibly successful, helpful person out of a second term because they are threatened by this very list of things where you seek to identify Trump’s greatest legacies.


RUSH: Pendleton, Oregon. This is Richard. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Yes. It’s an honor to talk to you. I’m so happy I got through.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I’ve been listening for 30 years. My question is if the Socialist Party ends up stealing this election, would President Trump run in 2024?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. He says he’s going to. He’s made that clear on a couple of occasions. But who knows what’s gonna happen in 2024? Who knows what’s gonna happen 2022 or even 2021? We don’t even know. So what is your point? You don’t think he should?

CALLER: I think that he should, and I’m kind of thinking that they might wish that he would have been able to win the election fairly, which is what he should have done. That way they would be done with him in their mind in four years. Now they’re gonna have to listen for the next four years if they get away with this about him running in 2024.

RUSH: Wait. They are gonna have to listen to him for the next four years? Basically, as he continues to constantly campaign for it, you mean?

CALLER: Yes. Yep.

RUSH: Okay. So how could they have prevented that, or is that not your point?

CALLER: Well, they might look back and think they would have been better off had they not stole election from him. They would have been able to, in their minds, get away with… You know, they wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore after 2024, ’cause —

RUSH: Oh, there is no way. The only people who think like that are us. We are the only people who think we win by losing. The Democrats don’t think that way. It would never occur to them to let Trump win for two terms so they could get rid of him once and for all. It would never occur to them. Now, we do this all the time. Back in 1992, I had people calling here, “Rush, we need to let Bill Clinton win. We need to show people how rotten socialism is.

“We need to people to learn how rotten and how destructive the Democrat Party’s become. Therefore, we need to win by losing,” and I have heard this from countless other people through the years about other Democrats. “We need to let that guy win, Rush, so that we can let people know how bad socialism or Democrat Party politics is or what have you.”

I don’t think that the left — I don’t think the Democrat Party — would ever think there’s anything on the upside to letting Trump win in 2020 just so they can be rid of him for good in 2024. I’ll guarantee you this. They were scared to death that if Trump had another four years, that they might not win anything again. There might be such great things happening in this country after four more years of Trump that the American people wouldn’t have wanted any part of the Democrat Party.

That would be a distinct possibility. It’s also possible that the Democrats would have literally pulled out all the stops to defeat, to impugn, to wipe Trump out in these next four years. But they weren’t gonna sit by and even let him win — and had he won, they weren’t gonna sit by and let him govern. We’ve already determined that.

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