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RUSH: There is no climate change. Go through this again. There is no man-made climate change. There is no way to stop it. But you know what? I’m gonna ignore it. That’s been my reaction to all this for 30 years.

But I’m gonna go a different way, in an attempt here to once again be persuasive to those of you in this audience. For all of these years I have tried to beat the truth into people. Well, I haven’t beaten anybody. But, I mean, I have consistently attempted to point out that there is no man-made climate change. It’s not possible. We do not have that kind of power.

We don’t have the power to affect the climate of this planet. We just don’t. But that apparently doesn’t permeate. So let’s attack it from another direction. Let us assume that they are right. No, in fact, we can do two things at once. Let’s assume that man-made climate change or any kind is happening, and then what is the second part of that? Here comes Biden making a big deal.

He’s got a huge climate change agenda. It’s one of the first things he mentions every time he gets into his agenda, and the purpose or the reason for that is to create or extend the idea that there’s a crisis. Democrats need crises, and they need demons, and we’re gonna go back to the way things used to be. For four years we had somebody in the White House who was defeating this, this kind of thing, this kind of agenda every day, Donald Trump.

Now we’re gonna go back to the way it was for all of those years prior to Trump, and Biden’s effort here with climate change. I’ll take a break and we’ll come back and we’ll play it. Okay, let’s assume that there is climate change that’s gonna happen, and that they can’t stop it, which is part-and-parcel of their claim. Remember, now, we have the power to affect the climate. We have the ability to change it and make it worse.

But, somehow, there’s nothing we can do to stop it, except spend a lot of government money.

Oh, yeah!

Just sit tight and I’ll explain to you exactly what I mean when we get back.


RUSH: Rich Lowry has a column today on the Biden climate change agenda which, again, like Sharyl Attkisson, I’m glad to see it because it is… (sigh) Look, I don’t mean to sound… Well, it’s great to see a certain way of thinking amplified out there so it’s more than just one place. Here’s the thing about the way the left is going about approaching climate change.

They give us this horrible snapshot of the future. Climate change is gonna raise the temperature. It’s gonna do this, it’s gonna do that, it’s gonna cause hurricanes and volcanoes and all kinds of horrible, rotten things — and what are we gonna do? Why, if you listen to them, we’re just gonna sit there and live through it. We’re just gonna sit there and suffer.

This is how the Democrats never understand the dynamics of a capitalist economy. They pass a massive tax increase. Remember the yacht tax? They came up with a massive tax on the people that make boats — a massive individual tax increase on the people that make boats — and what did people do? They started buying boats in foreign countries where there was no tax, no additional tax.

So who got hurt? The people that actually make the boats. The people that work making boats were laid off because there were no boats being sold because there was a new tax. The Democrats think they raised taxes on… Like California. California’s just… I can’t wait to tell you this. California has just passed a wealth tax on people who are leaving the state because of high taxes already.

Wait ’til you hear how they’re doing it. So they tax and tax and tax. People leave the state. The Democrats think they’re just gonna sit there and pay the punishment. That’s not how people are. Well, the same thing with climate change, ladies and gentlemen. (interruption) Yes, I’m still watching. You don’t have to ask me every 10 minutes.

I’m talking to my TV, not anybody. So I’m not being rude. Don’t worry. I can talk to my TV any way I want to talk to it. Now, to maintain that these rapidly increasing climate temperatures are a threat to human existence entails believing that human beings are gonna be snuffed out. We’re just gonna sit there and die if the planet gets a few degrees hotter.

What are they talking about, ca ouple degrees Celsius? And what are we gonna do? Why, we’re gonna die. Why would we die? ‘Cause we’re gonna sit there and we’re just gonna suffer. We’re gonna sit there and we’re gonna sweat to death. We’re gonna sit there and we’re gonna thirst to death. We’re gonna sit there because climate change is gonna kill us.

But that’s not what happens. Human beings have this marvelous ability called adaptability. Human beings have the ability to adapt to hardship left and right. It’s the name of the game for the human existence. We’re the only species that can do it. Well, we’re not the only ones. We’re the only ones knowingly doing it.

Some species evolve to deal with various challenges to their lives, and they don’t even know it’s happening ’cause they’re stupid animals. But we have the ability to purposefully and with a design structure, adapt. The Democrats believe, for example, if the sea levels rise — which is not gonna happen like they say, but let’s say they do — we’re just gonna stay there in our homes and be flooded.

One day, you will read the story how Rush Limbaugh, famous radio talk show host, died today as the sea level expanded and swallowed his house. “Limbaugh did not have the sense to leave his house before the high water got there.” Is that what we’re gonna do? People that live in the way of oncoming ocean level are just gonna sit there and drown?

If the summers, which is when it gets hot, gets much hotter in places that are unaccustomed to it, do you think we might install air-conditioning? Like let’s say… Let’s take a place. Let’s go to… Pick a favorite place. There’s all kinds of places that even in the summertime don’t get all that hot. But let’s say climate change makes it get two or three degrees hotter.

Well, do you think people that live there might install air-conditioning in their homes, or are they just gonna sit there and sweat to death? It’s not what we do when faced with arduous circumstances. When faced with challenges to our lives, what do we do? Why, we invent a vaccine or we find ways to mitigate the oncoming destructive force, whatever it is.

It’s the name of the human game. Let’s say that there are droughts out there. Let’s say that it gets dry. Let’s say that it gets parched. Do you think we’re just gonna sit there and die of thirst, or are we gonna find a way to deal with it? Will we find a way to divert water to these newly installed, newly created drought areas, or we just gonna sit there and suffer and eventually die?

If some of these areas become unlivable, are we just gonna sit there and die? No. We are wealthier, we are more technologically able than ever we have been, and we are not going to sit there and allow it. If this list of disasters actually were to happen, we’re not gonna sit there and allow ourselves to die or suffer.

We’re going to adapt, which is what we’ve done. We’ve adapted to this point. There have been changes in our climate everywhere. There’ve been changes in all kinds of life circumstances. We’ve had to adapt, but they never calculate that in any of these crisis-extending threats.


RUSH: Heck, my friends, even the polar bear… Polar bears, remember, they were…? We were told that they were dying out. There’s more polar bears today than ever, by the way. Even the polar bears adapt. They find bigger ice things to lay on, and there are plenty of ice things to lay on out there. They’re not melting, as we are told.

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