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Guest Host Todd Herman

Dec 17, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • The Hill: No, Biden hasn’t won yet — one more nightmare scenario
  • CNN: 11 times VP Biden was interrupted during Trump’s electoral vote certification
  • Politico: Never-Trump movement splinters as its villain heads for the exit
  • Stars and Stripes: Sen. Peters says hearing on claims of election fraud ‘gives a platform to conspiracy theories’
  • The Hill: Republicans hold slight edge in Georgia Senate runoffs: poll
  • Politico: GOP launches legal war on absentee voting ahead of Georgia runoffs
  • Politico: ‘It is madness’: Governors rage over stimulus snub
  • The Hill: Ocasio-Cortez: I’m ‘not ready’ to be Speaker but Pelosi and Schumer need to go
  • The Hill: Ex-teachers union leader seen as leading candidate for Biden’s Education secretary
  • FOXNews: Dems fret about possible Merrick Garland AG pick, opening circuit court spot
  • FOXNews: Media outlets called out for touting Buttigieg as first openly gay Cabinet member, ‘whitewashing’ Ric Grenell
  • Washington Post: Here’s who should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom (but won’t get it from Trump)
  • Washington Post: The fight against Trumpism is only beginning
  • Epoch Times: Multiple witnesses testify at Senate hearings on election irregularities
  • Epoch Times: 2020 Election Fraud is CCP ‘Assassin’s Mace’: Patrick Byrne
  • Epoch Times: Arizona Senate Chairman to Subpoena Audit of Dominion Machines, Software
  • OANN: Senate Homeland Security Committee Hears Testimony On Election Irregularities
  • OANN: President Trump: Senate Hearing Shows Krebs Was Wrong, Senators Found Rampant Election Fraud, Which Krebs Falsely Denied
  • Legal Insurrection: Border Official Warns of ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ as Illegal Crossings Into U.S. Rise Dramatically
  • KTTH: Seattle CM called police she defunded to report crime she is effectively legalizing
  • UK Independent: What is Brexit and why is it still happening?
  • France24: In appointing John Kerry to top role, Biden shows he’s serious about climate
  • Rational Ground: Scientific American Unintentionally Argues Against Lockdowns
  • Research Square: The potential impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on maternal and child undernutrition in low and middle income countries
  • Freedom Foundation: WA reduces COVID-19 deaths by 200; investigation suggests it’s still too high
  • Grabien: Sen. Gary Peters: This Hearing Gives a Platform to Conspiracy Theories and Lies
  • Government of South Australia: COVID SAfe Check-In
  • Townhall: Even with COVID Vaccines, the Media Can’t Help But Fuel American Panic
  • Mediaite: Bill de Blasio Warns ‘Full Shutdown’ of New York City Could Happen Within Weeks
  • The Blaze: Transgender activist says all children should be put on puberty blockers until they can decide their gender
  • The Federalist: Mike Rowe: I Don’t Want To Pay For Your Useless College Degree
  • Todd Herman filled in for Rush. Check out Todd’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • Gateway Pundit: US Department of State Issues New Warnings: “The Chinese Communist Party Poses a Real Threat”
  • Gateway Pundit: FBI, CISA and Office of DNI Release Statement — Are Pursuing Significant Cybersecurity Incident with SolarWinds Orion Products
  • PJ Media: Biden Should Beware of Nemesis – Victor Davis Hanson
  • PJ Media: Trump Can Be a Social Media Kingmaker if Twitter Bans Him
  • Federalist: This Series Of Fact-Checks On America’s Mission To Defeat COVID Exposes Media Hatred
  • Federalist: With Election Over, Facebook and Twitter Pause Some Efforts To Crush Conservatives
  • Breitbart: Southern Poverty Law Center Provided Funding to Fulton County, Georgia for 25 Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes
  • Breitbart: Rand Paul: ‘Put People in Jail for Stuffing the Ballot Box’ if You Want Legitimate Elections
  • Breitbart: Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘Independent Spirit’ in U.S. Has ‘Hurt Us’ During Pandemic
  • JustTheNews: Ken Starr to Senate: Pennsylvania ‘flagrantly violated’ laws ahead of presidential election
  • JustTheNews: Majority of Americans worried that governments will retain expansive new powers after pandemic ends
  • BizPacReview: Tucker slams Jill Biden as ‘borderline illiterate’ after reading dissertation riddled with typos, math errors
  • BizPacReview: Another Democratic governor tells people to stay home; caught sipping at wine bar, sans mask
  • Daily Wire: Hunter Biden Was Due ‘Significant’ Pay From China Firm Starting In 2019; Requested $10 Million In 2017: Reports
  • New York Post: Andrew Cuomo callously tells restaurants to be grateful
  • ZeroHedge: California Is Now The Top US Net Importer Of Electricity
  • ZeroHedge: Here’s Why Covid Hospitalizations And Deaths Are About To Plunge
  • Townhall: Only Money and Power Matter to Black Lives Matter – Derek Hunter
  • HotAir: Leaving California: 135,000 More People Left The State Than Moved Here In The Past Year
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