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RUSH: Now, I said yesterday on this very program that Joe Biden serves at the pleasure of Obama. I want you to listen to this next sound bite, audio sound bite number 4. This is Jeff Zeleny. He’s at CNN Situation Room, and this is what he said about Biden.

BLITZER: The president-elect, he’s back on the campaign trail with his own victory affirmed by the Electoral College now. He’s fighting for the Senate. Give us the latest development.

ZELENY: Well, president-elect Joe-bama — Joe Biden, rather, did finish speaking here.

RUSH: Did you hear that faux pas? President-elect Joe-bama, confirming my assertion that Biden serves at the pleasure of Obama. Make no mistake. And that’s not a lie based on supply or demand. It’s not a lie in any way, shape, manner, or form. Biden knows it, too, by the way. He knows he’s serving at the pleasure of Barack Obama. Obama’s the guy that made all of this happen.

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