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RUSH: So the Republicans want Eric Swalwell thrown off of the House Intelligence Committee because he’s been having an affair with a Chinese babe named Bang Bang. And he… (interruption) I call her Bang Bang. I mean, to convey what’s been going on there between Swalwell and the ChiCom spy. She is Fang Fang, Fing Fang, Bang Bang as far as I’m concerned. Swalwell has been doing the nasty with Bang Bang.

And the Republicans want him thrown off the committee. He’s been compromised by a spy, and the Democrats are going bonkers, saying this is not right, it’s not fair, he can see a Chinese spy, he can bang a Chinese spy and still do his job on the committee. Now, I have a tweet here by a young conservative woman named Kaitlin Bennett. You know, this program’s inspired a lot of young conservatives over the years, and this babe may be one of them. Listen to this tweet. This is so hot.

“If you’re a Democrat, you can get away with anything you want. You can sleep with a Chinese spy, masturbate in front of coworkers,” that’s Jeffery Toobin “cheat an election, get millions from Ukraine,” that’s Hunter Biden “[you can] burn cities,” that’s Portland and Seattle, and you do all that “without consequence. If you’re conservative you can’t even smile at a Native American.” That would be Nick Sandmann.

Is that not a great tweet? Fabulous, fabulous tweet. By the way, speaking of Toobin, the left is trying to save his gig. They got what’s-her-face, Tina Brown, they’re out there trying to say, “Hey, you know what? He didn’t mean to do it.” He didn’t mean to masturbate? “Uh, well, no, he didn’t mean to do it in front of people.” Oh, it was an accident, the camera was on pointed at the pubic area. “Yeah, essentially. It was an accident. Didn’t know he was doing it.”

There’s no reason why public masturbation should destroy a 30-year career at a great liberal publication like The New Yorker. They’re trying to get the guy reinstated.

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