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RUSH: Calypso Louie, Minister Farrakhan. Now, headlines don’t tell you what Calypso Louie really said. This was Saturday at the all virtual National African Black Leadership summit, Nation of Islam leader Calypso Louie Farrakhan delivered a closing message, a portion of what he said here.

FARRAKHAN: The biggest slap in the face to Trump was when the man he called Sleepy Joe became the president-elect of the United States of America and called a black woman to his side. She ain’t no lightweight. Kamala Harris is a heavyweight. And look at how white folks are thinking right now. She’s a heartbeat away from being the first black president. If he dies while in office, some white folks are upset, and now we have to survive because the death plan is in motion.

RUSH: What the hell does that mean? “Now we have to survive because the death plan is in motion.” Is Calypso Louie openly speculating about Plugs Biden dying in office, making Kamala the first black president? “If he dies while in office. So white folks are upset. Now we have to survive because the death plan is in motion.” Obama was the first black president. I’m sure Calypso Louie meant the first female black president. (interruption) You don’t think so? Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Calypso Louie did not believe that Obama was genuinely black. Right?

Calypso Louie, my memory is that he had problems with Obama ’cause Obama’s mama was white, if I recall correctly. At any rate, I’m still trying to understand. So white folks are upset, white folks upset, and now we have to survive because the death plan is in motion. Anybody know what he’s talking about? The death plan, he just alluded to it. He’s openly speculating — you fill in the blanks. Here’s one more little sound bite. He continued speaking. We have it here.

FARRAKHAN: Do you believe that Satan — Satan — is concerned about vaccinating you? You trust him after all that he’s done to destroy us, you trust him? How could you allow him to stick a needle into you saying he’s helping you? They give free shots of toxic waste. You on a deathwatch. Well, if you don’t show that you’re vaccinated, you can’t come to school. What a blessing. Tell the cracker, I ain’t coming to your school.

RUSH: All right. So obviously Calypso Louie believes that the coronavirus vaccine is toxic waste. It is the white devil’s revenge for electing Kamala Harris. And he’s trying to talk his followers into not trusting the devil, the white devil, asking them how you could sit by and allow the devil to stick a needle into you, saying he’s helping you. Tell that cracker I ain’t coming to your school. And there you have more wisdom from Calypso Louie, Minister Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam.

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