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RUSH: On the same day Americans started getting coronavirus vaccinations, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio warned city residents to prepare themselves for a “full shutdown.”

At a press conference, De Blasio shifted responsibility to the governor. Andrew Cuomo had told the New York Times over the weekend that the state might have to completely shut down. The mayor said he agreed with Cuomo, because New York’s government cannot let the coronavirus keep spreading. So, they have to shut down — even though they are finally getting the vaccine.

New York City restaurants were operating at 25% capacity, but that is over. Indoor dining is completely shut down again. So, even more restaurants are gonna be forced to close forever.

Now, think about it. How many stories about restaurants and businesses being forced to shut down have you seen in the news? Not many — and you haven’t seen the stories about people thrown out of their houses because they can’t pay their rent, or about landlords losing their properties because they can’t pay their mortgages.

I can guarantee you: If Republicans ran these cities and states, all you would see would be the hard-luck stories caused by shutdowns — especially so close to Christmas. But, it’s Cuomo. It’s De Blasio. It’s Democrats. So, hard-luck stories are not on the menu.

They’ve been shut down, too.

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