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RUSH: Here’s Kim in Kennesaw, Georgia. Glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for having me. I’m a Georgia voter here. I was proud to attend Trump’s rally on November the 1st waiting in line for 11 hours. It was worth every minute. My question is, without Trump, why would I bother to give these Republican Senate seats another vote? I voted for Loeffler and Perdue when I voted for President Trump, and due to the overwhelming fraud in our Georgia election system, my vote did not count. It’s the same people running the runoff election. Why would I think it would matter then?

RUSH: Well, let me ask you, does it matter to you that the Senate be able to stop the Biden-Obama agenda? Are you of the opinion you don’t care anymore?

CALLER: No, I do care. But my thing is, too, even if we have 52-48, we can’t trust all our Republican senators. Kamala would be the tie breaker for a 50-50 vote then if Romney and Collins, for instance, voted for the Democrats.

RUSH: I understand that. But if you lose these two seats, then it’s academic. There’s no way, you have no chance of stopping the Biden-Obama agenda. At least with these two, if they win, there is numerically a chance, you know, require that the Republicans stay unified and so forth. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no wrong or right answer here so don’t misinterpret my tone. I’m not trying to be critical in the way I ask the questions of you. To me that’s what this is about. If you want to be able to stop the Democrat agenda, by that do you want to stop the Green New Deal, do you want to stop the way they’re planning on dealing with the coronavirus? Do you want to stop the virtual takeover of this country by radical leftists?


RUSH: The only chance you’ve got is those two Senate seats. I know they’re not a guarantee because, you know, you said they could cave anytime they wanted, depending on the pressures that are mounted against them, but at least there is the possibility of stopping it if they are elected. And has Trump changed his mind? Has Trump said that he doesn’t care whether they win or not since that rally?

CALLER: Not that I know of. I just feel it just seems more hopeless each day. I have never not voted in any election since 1988, not even small municipal elections. But I’m sure I’m not the only one especially here in Georgia that feels like, you know, the Republicans are basically using us the way the Democrats use an underclass to keep them in power and they’re not doing anything to help us. They’re selling out left and right. Our governor ran on a platform that he was like Trump. He is not. None of his administration is. I don’t feel that the Republicans are fighting for us. Vernon Jones, a Democrat, goes to the capital on the weekend and fights for us. But Perdue and Loeffler are not.

RUSH: Well, I understand how you feel. And I hear this from people constantly that they care about you when it’s election time and then after that you may as well not even exist. But look. It’s up to you. I’m not gonna try to talk you into or out of anything. I respect your independent thinking enough as it is. But I did want to put the option in front of you because that’s really what we’re facing. I gotta run. I’m out of time.


RUSH: Here is Ed. Venice, Florida. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Glad to be on, Rush. Been a 30 here-year listener.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’ll get right to my point. Right to my point. With all due respect, I’m a 61-year-old Republican, and I’ve listened to mainstream conservative media such as yourself and Fox News, and I’m fed up with all of you. I’m fed up with Republicans, and I’m fed up with the media that supposedly backs Republicans. Why in the world would someone like you give a forum during the summer to disc jockeys in New York City that dislike white people?

And why in the world would Sean Hannity have Cuomo on his show talking about how let’s all get along and go to Yankee Stadium and wear masks during this supposed pandemic? And not one Republican have I heard stand up anywhere on national TV, on Fox News, anywhere, and say, “Look. This election was a fraud.” The Republican legislature in Michigan could have stopped all this. There’s Republican legislatures all over the country that could have put an end to all this, and all we were doing was worried about rioting in the summer and COVID while behind the scenes what were they doing? They were figuring out how to win.

Every time the Republicans will bring a knife to a gunfight. And I am fed up with it. I hope Georgia they lose. I want Democrats to run it all for a while and give these RINOs and everyone else, the conservative media and the whole show, give ’em what they deserve ’cause they won’t fight hard enough for the rest of us that Trump was willing to do. He was a man all alone, and nobody helped him.

RUSH: Nobody?

CALLER: Nobody helped him. Not to the extent that they could have. They wasted their time worrying about these riots in the streets, which were all a diversion, COVID, all this other stuff, and what were these states doing in the background? They were going, “Good, we’ll do the old rope-a-dope. Let ’em worry about all this. We’re gonna figure out how to win this election.”

RUSH: You mean steal it, don’t you?

CALLER: And that is exactly what they did. Steal it, win it, whatever. The Republicans should have been smart enough and had guts enough to stop this. The commentators like yourself, with all due respect, you didn’t see the stitches on the fastball on this one, Rush. You got diverted just like everybody else. Oh, let’s worry about rioting and whether blacks like whites and whites like blacks and buy into all this defund the police garbage. It was all a diversion. The whole time they were accomplishing what their goal was, divert everybody away and get Trump out of there —

RUSH: Well, why didn’t you call me this past summer and tell me this stuff then so I could have done something about it?

CALLER: Believe me, I tried. I’ve been listening to you every day for the past 30 years. And I was so disappointed in you and the others. Fox News, I’m fed up with them. Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, the whole spiel, Hannity. I mean, you talk about how gutless it is to be a Democrat. Well, look at our party. If I hear one more Republican, one more Republican, “Oh, abortion, abortion, abortion, support the military.” Guess what? Abortion’s a personal matter. It doesn’t matter what the law is. And everybody knows you should support the military. What, what we supposed to feel better about ourselves because we believe in this? That doesn’t win elections! It doesn’t win!

RUSH: Well, yeah, but I have my own theory about that, which I have shared with you numerous times today. And I’ll have to delay reminding you of it because I’m out of busy broadcast time since I stood aside and let you have your rant, because we believe in fairness here at the EIB Network.

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