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RUSH: At any rate, Elon “Musk: Electric Cars Will Require a Lot More Electric Power Than We Currently Have.” Now, wait a minute. I thought we were gonna have all the electric power we needed with the Green New Deal. We’re gonna have brand-new windmills and we’re gonna have solar panels all over the place. Except, no, those keep getting shut down. That’s right.


RUSH: “Tesla CEO Elon Musk says we’ll need more electricity to power cars like his. A lot more. ‘[He] said on Tuesday that electricity consumption will double if the world’s car fleets are electrified, increasing the need to expand nuclear, solar, geothermal and wind energy-generating sources.” Uh, Elon? You have to know that we can’t cover the needed electricity with wind and solar. It’s not possible!

“Increasing the availability of sustainable energy is a major challenge as cars move from combustion engines to battery-driven electric motors, a shift which will take two decades, Musk said in a talk hosted by Berlin-based publisher Axel Springer.'” This has always amazed me. Where do you people that drive electric cars think the power is coming from when you plug ’em in to charge?

It boggles my mind. These people think that they are saving the planet — engaging in clean, renewable energy — when in fact, it is coal that is charging the battery in your car. It is coal that’s charging battery in your iPhone, in your iPad, in whatever lithium ion battery device you have.

It is coal — evil, dirty, rotten coal — and now Elon Musk is saying that there will not be enough electricity to charge all the electric cars we are on tap to manufacture. Well, why? Well, because these newfound sources — geothermal, wind, solar — ain’t gonna get it done. They simply do not produce enough electricity. There is no free lunch when it comes to renewable energy sources because they’re not even renewable.

Do you know what the closest we have to renewable energy is? Nuclear. But even that, not quite. “Well, what — what about the wind and what about solar?” Well, yeah, they’re free, but they’re not very efficient, and if there’s no wind, you don’t get any power — and if there are clouds, you don’t get any power from solar. “But mining! Oh, my God. Rush, it’s so filthy. It’s so dirty.” Yeah, but without it you’re not gonna be able to drive your electric car.

So much of the radical environmental movement just perplexes me from the standpoint of common sense and how there isn’t any. You take a look at your electric car, you go in and charge it up, wherever you do that, the charging stations and you think somehow you’re saving the planet, when all you are doing is upping the demand for more coal. And guess where a lot of the coal in the United States power plants comes from.

Guess where it comes from, folks? The ChiComs. That’s exactly right. You wouldn’t believe how much coal we import from the ChiComs. They’ve got it out the wazoo, and we need it, and so we buy it from them. It’s undeniable. Anything that requires batteries is going to require coal to power it. I don’t care how clean you think that you are making the environment.

Hey, try this. This is from the BBC. Here’s the headline: “The Heat Gap Dividing A Major U.S. City.” The heat gap. Yes, my friends, there is a heat gap out there. It’s in Los Angeles, and it’s rooted in primary unfairness. “As in many US towns, historic disinvestment in certain areas of Los Angeles have created a ‘heat gap’ within the city.” You know what the heat gap is? Let me tell you. “Poorer neighborhoods experience higher temperatures due to a lack of tree cover, vegetation and shade.”

That’s right. In poorer neighborhoods for some reason, environmentalists are going in there and cut down all the trees. There isn’t any shade. There’s the no tree cover. Vegetation and shade are gone. And so it is hotter in poor neighborhoods. It’s unfair. In this case, poor and minorities hardest hit because of the absence of shade. “The city and several nonprofits are now trying to close the gap through a variety of urban programs.”

This is just more left-wing victimization. That’s all this is, creating a new group of victims based on the fact that there’s not enough shade where they live. And we’re gonna blame it on the rich. The rich are going in there and shutting down their shade by cutting down their shade. And so the poor have no hope. They’re sweltering, and as they sweat, they stink. And the stink rises and spreads throughout the city. And all because the rich have gone in and cut down their trees, eliminating their shade.

Something new to blame on global warming. Rich people are cooler. Rich people can afford shade. Rich people don’t have to cut down their trees. And so it’s just another way to make people think that they’re being mistreated, unfairly, unequitably because of a new discovered heat gap in Los Angeles.

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