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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Dec 14, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • FOXNews: Guide to Monday’s Electoral College votes: How they work, how to watch and what comes next
  • The Hill: Electors convene amid Trump storm
  • The Hill: Five things to watch when the Electoral College votes
  • The Hill: Wall Street Journal urges Trump to concede
  • Politico: Trump unleashes an army of sore losers
  • Politico: Lamar Alexander: Trump needs to ‘put the country first’ and accept election results
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Republicans find themselves speechless following a Supreme Court defeat
  • Washington Post: It’s over. When the electoral college announces Biden’s win, Republicans must move on
  • BizPacReview: Feds slap Hunter Biden with subpoena for foreign business records: Report
  • The Hill: Jill Biden urges celebrating women’s accomplishments after critical op-ed
  • FOXNews: Liz Peek: Biden disses Black Lives Matter and he’ll fail Black voters. Here’s how
  • FOXNews: First coronavirus vaccine deliveries out to all 50 states in US
  • BizPacReview: Ayanna Pressley: ‘Structural racism’ and ‘food apartheid’ causes more blacks to die from COVID
  • FOXBusiness: New York City business owners haunted by Amazon loss amid pandemic
  • FOXNews: Gates says coronavirus could still be risk through early 2022
  • CNN: 11 times VP Biden was interrupted during Trump’s electoral vote certification
  • The Hill: Americans far less likely to wear masks indoors with non-household members than in public: poll
  • San Francisco Chronicle: Did we really need to shut down outdoor dining in the Bay Area? Scientists weigh in
  • Washington Post: How the ‘deep state’ scientists vilified by Trump helped him deliver an unprecedented achievement
  • FOXNews: Georgia early voting begins in pivotal Senate runoffs
  • BizPacReview: Lawmaker who threatened Trump supporters has been disciplined. Is it enough?
  • FOXNews: Kevin McCarthy calls Nancy Pelosi out over House voting inconsistency: ‘Her power is more important’
  • BizPacReview: Pelosi called on to refuse seating of GOP reps who backed Trump and Texas lawsuit
  • FOXNews: Former aide says Cuomo sexually harassed her ‘for years’
  • Washington Post: Russian government hackers are behind a broad espionage campaign that has compromised U.S. agencies, including Treasury and Commerce
  • Politico: Sprawling hack of federal agencies spurs alarm in White House
  • FOXNews: Leaked Chinese Communist Party records show CCP members employed in senior, specialist and advisory positions
  • FOXNews: $2,000 for a Christmas tree? Customers paying a higher price: WSJ
  • The Hill: The governor who stole Christmas — and the California businesses fighting back
  • The Hill: Germans urged to skip Christmas shopping
  • Washington Post: Facing a First Amendment fight, a small Minnesota town allows a White supremacist church
  • Undocumented anchorman Mark Steyn filled in for Rush. Check out Mark’s Stack of Stuff — and remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any broadcast via audio streaming or as a podcast.
  • Townhall: Jill Biden Is Not A Doctor, Probably Isn’t A Good Person Either – Derek Hunter
  • Townhall: The Democrats Are in Bed with China, Literally – Kurt Schlichter
  • ZeroHedge: Stocks Slide As NYC Mayor Warns ‘Prepare For Possibility Of Full Shutdown’
  • ZeroHedge: The Weirdest, Most Distorted Economy Ever
  • Daily Wire: Disney World To Stop Digitally Adding Masks To Maskless Guests In Ride Photos
  • Daily Wire: Seattle Considering ‘Poverty Defense’ Exempting Criminals Based On Their Needs
  • Daily Wire: Gates On CNN: ‘Appropriate’ To Close Bars And Restaurants. Cruz: Halt CNN, Microsoft, Dems’ Salaries. Then Let’s Hear You On Lockdowns
  • Gateway Pundit: MI Judge Grants Attorney Matt DePerno Permission To RELEASE Results Of Forensic Examination On 16 Dominion Voting Machines In Antrim Co.
  • Gateway Pundit: 2020 Election Fraud Benefiting Biden Occurred Everywhere – Even Hamilton County Indiana Reported Impossible Results
  • Gateway Pundit: Dominion Voting Systems Uses SolarWinds — Same Company CISA in Rare Warning Reported Was Breached, Compromised and Should Be Disconnected!!
  • Breitbart: ‘Totally Unacceptable’: Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue Torch Brad Raffensperger’s Failure to Enact Voter Transparency Measure
  • National Review: Will Biden Give In to the Hydroxy Effect? – Victor Davis Hanson
  • PJ Media: Facebook Fact-Checker Busted for Trashing Trump, Conservatives on Russian Propaganda Site
  • PJ Media: How NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story
  • PJ Media: Portland MSM Shocked When Antifa Attacks Them for Covering Armed Takeover. Mike Strickland and Andy Ngo Say Told Ya So
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