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Guest Host Todd Herman

Dec 11, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • BizPacReview: Geraldo echoes left’s knee-jerk hysteria, slams Rush Limbaugh for ‘reckless’ comments on ‘secession’
  • Post Millennial: Proposal to legalize crime in Seattle begins the legislative process
  • Pacific Legal Foundation: Lawmakers threaten future of CA homeschooling
  • Washington Times: Seattle Public Health suggests ‘glory holes’ for safer sex during pandemic
  • YahooNews: YouTube will remove videos disputing the 2020 presidential election
  • Axios: Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians
  • The Blaze: National Democratic Party official suggests re-education for Trump supporters: ‘How do you deprogram 75 million people?’
  • BizPacReview: ‘Stunned’ Tapper rages against ‘garbage’, ‘insane’ and ‘seditious’ Texas lawsuit as momentum grows
  • KDFW: Time magazine names Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Person of the Year
  • Wall Street Journal: Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election
  • Legal Insurrection: Dictionary.com Changes Primary Definition of ‘Court-Packing’ To Dem, Media Version
  • Legal Insurrection: Nation Divided: At Least 24 States Oppose Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit, 17 Support
  • FOXNews: Pennsylvania accuses Texas of seeking ‘to decimate the electorate’ in fiery Supreme Court brief
  • Epoch Times: Pennsylvania House Leaders File Brief to Support Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania
  • BizPacReview: 106 GOP lawmakers sign amicus brief in support of Texas lawsuit; Schiff, Tapper lead seismic meltdown
  • Statesmen: ‘An affront to principles of constitutional democracy’: Battleground states respond to Texas election challenge
  • The Hill: GOP divided by pro-Trump Texas election suit
  • BizPacReview: ‘Stunned’ Tapper rages at against ‘garbage’, ‘insane’ and ‘seditious’ Texas lawsuit as momentum grows
  • Politico: Biden’s electors prepare to seal his victory, as Trump and coronavirus rage
  • The Hill: FBI issues subpoena for Texas AG records after whistleblower allegations: report
  • FOXNews: Pennsylvania accuses Texas of seeking ‘to decimate the electorate’ in fiery Supreme Court brief
  • FOXNews: Whitmer says Michigan GOP went ‘too far’ against anti-Trump state Democrat
  • The Hill: Barr knew about federal probes into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings in spring: WSJ
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