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RUSH: Here’s Regine in Ft. Lauderdale. I’m glad you called. You’re up first today. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Let’s bottom line what’s going on. The bottom line is the American people have been betrayed and abused. Let’s look at this. The election happened. The people wanted Donald J. Trump, that was the popular vote. You know what? That didn’t happen, and that was right hook number one. Then we find out there’s election fraud, Dominion and all the nonsense at the polling, that was the right hook number two.

The next punch in the gut was all this corruption, the Bang Bang, the RINOs. We have been failed, and we know it. We’re not stupid. And, you know what? If the Supreme Court doesn’t uphold the law of the land and take the Texas case and rule as it should, you know what? The people are not happy. And you know what? This is not Republican versus liberals and 50-50 or 51-49. That is total crap. The majority of this was country are conservatives, and they love what Donald Trump has been doing. And we don’t want it to go any further than that.

I don’t want to talk about liberals and how they have a say in this and they have a say in that. The mainstream media with this propaganda makes it seem like the liberals are this mighty force. It’s total crap. So the best thing about this election was, A, these things slithered out from under the rocks. Okay, the demon cast, we know who they were. Now we got the RINOs, the turncoats, people that we’ve elected to represent us as Republicans, we know who they are now. That’s beautiful. The corruption’s coming out.

And, you know what? It’s about time that the veil was lifted and we know who all the scumbags are. So my question is, sir, you were talking about secession, what do you think the American people are gonna do when you have the majority of the country and now everything’s leaking out, what do you think the people are gonna do or should we do?

RUSH: Well, I didn’t know that we were gonna get to a question because you were being very comprehensive in what you think.

CALLER: I mean, you’re the expert but, I mean, I just wanted to say that I just feel like it’s —

RUSH: Well, I know. I am the expert. But you all are treated to my opinions here countless times a day. You’ve just had a good riff here on what you think the American people wanted, what they did, what their express desires are, and you think that they’ve had an election stolen from them. So, given everything you said, what do you think people are gonna do?

CALLER: Well, you know what? I’m in Fort Lauderdale now, but I live in northwest Florida. And it’s Trump country. It’s conservative. And guess what? We go to the church. And we’re nice to one another, and you know what we’re respectful, it doesn’t matter your race, it doesn’t matter your color, and it doesn’t matter your religion. We treat people like human beings.

But, you know, I don’t know what people are supposed to do. You know, you hear people, oh, we’re gonna take up arms, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that. But it’s gonna be a problem. And I’ll tell you something else, if the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land, does not uphold constitutional law, which is the highest law in the land, then what the hell’s gonna happen in the lower courts? Why the hell should I be a law-abiding citizen?

RUSH: Yeah, these are all valid questions. But you’re not answering the question and time is dwindling. What do you think people are gonna do? If everybody agreed with you, if a majority, anyway, not represented by the election results because everybody sitting here today we’re being told that Biden won, it’s only a matter of time, Trump’s got no choice, Texas case going nowhere, no case going anywhere, Biden’s gonna be the next president for a couple minutes before they get Kommie in there, what do you think people are gonna do?

CALLER: You know what? I wish I could answer that question. I wish I had better answer. Not gonna say something stupid on national radio. But I wish I knew. I wish I knew there was something we could do. What we gonna boycott — first of all, the mainstream media —

RUSH: No, but see, you started out, you started out, the American people have had it, we’ve had it, we’ve been robbed, we know it. We’ve had election taken away from us. We know it. We wanted Trump. We love Trump. Trump loves us, blah, blah, blah. The odds are, using intelligence guided by experience, the odds are nobody’s gonna do anything. You say I’m the expert. Now I’m up against it on time.


RUSH: You know, we ought to turn this into a game. What are you gonna do if Trump does not win this election? If the Supreme Court does not take the case, if whatever you’re expecting to happen does not happen, what are you going to do? ‘Cause that’s what every call I’ve had the last two days is adding up to. What’s gonna happen? What are we gonna do? What are the American people gonna do?


RUSH: Frank in Long Valley, New Jersey, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. And I pray for you every day.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: In your opening monologue — well, not really opening, but earlier in the program you were talking about the difference between the left and the right and the way they act. There’s only two things in politics that win — tactics and policies. The left does not have policies that will win. Not in our country yet. Not if they stand up there and truly, you know, express their policies. They use tactics to win. The right is always been out there talking about policies, what they’re gonna do after they get elected, they get into the minutia and basically that’s why Romney and McCain lost.

Trump came along, took normal conservative policies, put them out there but he implemented tactics with those and that’s why they hate him so much. Because he exposed, really, the way to win in politics. You need tactics. I sat with Romney four months before the election at a private breakfast and I sat —

RUSH: Wait a second. Whoa, whoa. Would you define what you mean by tactics? ‘Cause as I hear you you’re saying that the right simply articulates policy and hopes that the policy prevails because it reaches a majority of America, it resonates, but the left, they can’t do that because their policies are not agreed with by a majority so they have to use tactics. What do you mean by tactics?

CALLER: I’ll give you a very simple example. At 2:30 in the morning 2016 when Trump walks out with his family and stood there before the microphones and I’m sitting there next to my wife who is basically a novice in politics, and Trump said, “I just received a call from Secretary Clinton and she conceded the election.” And my wife who’s a novice, who don’t listen intensely like I do, said, “Oh, my gosh. He called her Secretary Clinton.” And I said, “Yeah, you know why? The election’s over. The day before it’s Crooked Hillary.”

Those are tactics. Those are very specific, subliminal tactics that work. And if my wife would understand that and pick that up, because she’s not a political, you know, into politics as much, the majority of the American people see it. And that’s the difference. Trump was the first person on the right to separate the election from governing, okay? I said this to Romney. I said, “You gotta separate the election from governing. You’re gonna give a great concession speech, but there’s never been one policy enacted with a concession speech.” And he looked at me confused.

And your question that you’re gonna pose to everybody now, what should we do. What we need to do is we need to sit down and we need to get the high level Republican Party and the big donors to sit down and understand that we need to tactically beat these people into the ground. We need to find a blue seat that is not radically left, but a blue seat, and instill a Republican to primary that blue seat Democrat, that then once he wins or she wins is gonna vote towards conservative policy.

We need to really tactically attack the legislative branch. We need to tactically attack and use propaganda, which is not a dirty word. I said this to Romney. I said, “Look, the left uses propaganda and enacts policies that affect millions of people’s lives negatively. What’s wrong with using propaganda and winning and enacting policies that affect millions of people’s lives positively? There’s nothing morally wrong with that. Okay?” You need to use tactics, and that’s what Trump understood. He’s the first Republican to combine policies and tactics. And that’s what wins. It wins every time unless obviously you fix voting machines and everything else.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But now we need to go after that. We need to be more aggressive in election — not fixing, but in election setup than they do. We have to be more aggressive than them, and we have to let them understand that. We have to expose — if you know that this idiot is sleeping with a Chinese spy and you find it out, get it out there. And the one thing they should be doing today, someone in Congress should be standing up there every single day, if Biden gets sworn into office, every single day and substitute Russia with China and substitute Trump with Biden.
And every day say, “We have undisputed evidence that Joe Biden is an agent of China.”

“Well, how do you know that, congressman?”

“Well, every intel agency is telling me that.”

“Where’s the evidence?”

“I can’t tell you that. It’s classified.” And say it. Say it every single day. Every single day, someone needs to go out there and say it. Those are tactics. And we need to do it. We are smarter than them. We are better than them. And the big problem is, conservatives, we care about the next 50 and hundred years. We are care about our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. That’s why we get so upset and that’s why we’re so passionate about this. Marxist Democrats —

RUSH: Well, it’s also why conservatives are so passive. They don’t want to rock the boat for fear it’ll hurt their kids. My God. Do you realize that’s the sole reason we’ve allowed the education system to be taken away from us, because parents have been afraid to go in there and rock the boat and demand that these foul teachers be fired.

They’re afraid of it. They’re frayed the administration’s gonna say, “No, we’re not firing the teacher, what’s your kid’s last name?” And they’re afraid the kid’s gonna be flunked or given bad grades, not be allowed to enter college. This is how they do it. You would call that tactics. And this is what they do. Anyway, I’m way long. I gotta go. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: Here’s Roger in Osage Beach, Missouri. I’m glad you waited, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Hey, thanks for taking my call, and, first of all, I want to say God bless you and Kathryn and he watch over you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. We really appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, Rush, my call has been a bit of a taboo subject on your program over the last 20 years, but I think it’s time to reconsider a new party. We’ve never been in a scenario, at least in the last 25 or 30 years, where one man can take 70 million people to a new party. And it’s time that these politicians understood who they work for. They have created the party that they want, not the party that we want. And I think it’s time for us to start being a little more demanding and be in charge as we were meant to be.

RUSH: And you think Trump is interested in doing that?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know. But I don’t think anybody else can do it. I think he could.

RUSH: I’m sitting here thinking. There has been talk of this, you know, off and on for years. And even now, if you pick the right places to listen in the media scuttlebutt, they are fascinated by the possibility that somebody might try this even if it isn’t Trump because about they are aware of the level of disassociation there is between regular Republican Party voters and the people that run the party. And Trump really has remade the Republican Party. It’s a different party. Trump and his voters are a different party altogether, starting in 2016 — 2015, actually. And I think Trump is aware of this. And I think he wants to hold on to these people with whatever his future plans are.

CALLER: I agree with you a hundred percent, but the problem is, there’s too many RINOs out there that will not —

RUSH: But wait a minute. The question, why do you want to change the party when Trump — you just said it — he already has 70 million people in it. Why should we abandon it and start fresh? Why shouldn’t the RINOs be told to go form their own party somewhere? There’s only like 25 of ’em.

CALLER: Well, that would be —

RUSH: I mean, there’s more than that, but why shouldn’t they be the ones to be told, “Hey, you’re not wanted here anymore. Sayonara”?

CALLER: Well, even better yet, it would be nice for either one of those —

RUSH: Well, there you go. That’s all I’m saying. If you’re gonna do this, you don’t need to make work for yourself. You’ve already done the organizing. You got 70 million people ready to support your party and Trump. They’re the ones that have the problem.


RUSH: Yeah, why should we abandon the party that essentially has already been built? It’s the Trump Republican Party. Why would she abandon — the RINOs, they’re not gonna stay anyway if we hold onto this. They’re gonna go find their own place. They’re the ones that wanted to anyway. They wanted to start off as losers, let them.


RUSH: Now, let’s go back to this Republican Party, new party, third-party business. Because you know something? I was thinking about this during the break. Remember when the Tea Party hit. The Tea Party sprung up in 2010. And we just had a caller who said that we need a third party, we need to form a third party, Trump needs to form a new party.

And I finally, after listening to the guy, said, “Why should we form the party? We’ve already done it. It’s already the Trump party. You can call it the Trump Republican Party, the Trump party, whatever you want to call it, but there’s already however many people voted for the guy, 70 million, whatever it is, there’s already that number of millions of people. Why should we abandon that party and form a new one?” The Tea Party think sprung up.

And I got a note, somebody said, “You said this exact same thing when the Tea Party came up. You said it’s our party. If you want to do it like it’s 1984 again, go out and find your own party.” Now, you ever wonder what happened to the Tea Party? Do you think it’s still out there? You think the Tea Party is still there? Some people do. I think the Republican Party, one thing that’s always amazed me, was not thrilled with the Tea Party. You remember this?

Now, even though I’d been doing this a long time, I still am relatively naive about a lot of things. I was admittedly surprised when I saw the Republican Party not care about the Tea Party, did not have any great interest in it. It wasn’t natural. They were just waiting to be brought into the fold, but the Republican Party, in Washington, the establishment Republican Party wanted no part of it. And I figured why. It’s because it was organic. It was because it was au natural.

It was not the product of one person who led a bunch of people to the Promised Land. It just evolved. And it evolved out of Obamacare. People were scared to death of the spending and the government control, you name it. And it just sprung up right out of the ground. And I learned that movements like that threaten establishment Washington. It’s hard to control ’em when there’s not a single or singular leader.

So the Republican Party, establishment Republican Party worked with the Democrats in Washington to do great damage to the Tea Party. And, folks, I think you had better keep a sharp eye, ’cause I think the same thing is going to be tried with the Trump movement. I can give you the examples over the years that I’ve done. The Republican Party was not big on Reagan. They were happy as hell when Reagan’s two terms ended. They couldn’t wait to get themselves back in charge of the party. What did they proceed to do but lose and throw it all away.

And they’re gonna try to co-opt what Trump has built, because it represents a threat. It depends on what Trump does. Whatever he decides to do in the future, does it involve this group of people? Does it involve the MAGA party, the MAGA group? And if it does, then the swamp GOP’s are gonna have a tough time taking control of it. But make no mistake, they’re going to try.


RUSH: This is Stephanie in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Glad you waited. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First-time caller, longtime listener. Love your show.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: First I have to thank you for everything you do and let you know we’re praying for you and your family.

RUSH: I appreciate it very much.

CALLER: And I would be remiss if I did not tell you that my 6-year-old son loves listening to your show. Okay. I’m calling to tell you that I believe California and many other areas are redder than we think or are led to believe. I have a very strong feeling that elections have been rigged for some time. There is no way to know the pulse of this country, given the fact that elections are clearly rigged. And like I said before, most likely having rigged for some time.

RUSH: I don’t know what to say about that. You think elections have been rigged for a long time and that California is not really blue, it’s red?

CALLER: I do believe that. I actually do. I believe that. I mean, this is clearly not the first time. I mean, I just saw today something that was on CNN from I think 2017 talking about they knew that Dominion or various systems, software systems that could change these elections, would change the way that the votes are being tabulated. So, come on. It’s California, right? Pelosi. Come on. I’m just wondering, did everybody really vote for her or — I think you know where I’m going with this, right?

RUSH: No, I don’t. Go ahead and finish it up.

CALLER: All right. So basically what I’m trying to say is I feel that the reason that the fraud has been exposed to this degree is because Trump won by a landslide. He won by a landslide. The pulse of the country, what I mean by that is somebody said to me, “Oh, Trump did this to himself,” you know, with his tweets and his comments. And, you know, I’m sitting there, you know, he didn’t do it to himself. Obviously everything was doing worked. Because he won. We all know he won this election.

Same with when people say things about the liberals, “Oh, they do a really good job on their messaging.” Well, do we really know that? Or did we really take a good, solid look at the election processes that we are using to determine who won said election?

RUSH: So essentially you are saying that everything that is being reported about politics is a lie?

CALLER: Not everything. I’m saying that, just like we saw with the Dominion, they are in these cities, I think that they’re in certain areas. I definitely think there are areas that use different voting — I think that we saw like every county or state has their own way of tabulating votes. Some actually still have paper ballots. I’m just saying that there are certain areas, and I think that there is definitely some corruption going on in the country and that until we take a look at each and every election, we’re never really truly gonna know the pulse of this country. It’s really hard to say. I really just don’t think that what we saw with this election is the true pulse of the country, that the country wants Biden.

RUSH: Okay.

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